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Body shaping
Body shaping

Modern cosmetology and hardware techniques allow you to get a dream figure in a short time. What methods of body shaping are effective?

Body shaping

What is body shaping?

Body shaping: liposuction

Liposuction has several nuances. First of all, many people who want to lose weight have illusions about the liposuction procedure. For many people, liposuction seems like a panacea and a magic procedure. However, it has already been said above how the body shaping procedures should be understood. Liposuction is one of the types of body shaping… And it is impossible to get rid of the entire volume of excess weight in a half-hour procedure.

In one liposuction session, the surgeon is able to remove up to 2-3 kg of fat (depending on the patient's weight). Otherwise, the patient's life will be at risk due to the loss of blood, which is also sucked out along with the fat. Thus, liposuction can tidy up the neck with a double chin or the inner thighs, which brings discomfort.

Liposuction methods

The now popular non-surgical liposuction technique actually has little in common with the classical liposuction procedure, but it is named so only by analogy with the purpose of the procedure: fat splitting.

Non-surgical, or ultrasonic, liposuction gives more modest results in comparison with conventional, vacuum, liposuction.

Body shaping: wraps

Wraps are useful even for those who are not struggling with excess weight.… Mud, salt, chocolate wraps help to eliminate skin imperfections. For example, seaweed wraps help to reduce the appearance of cellulite so hated by everyone, which, unfortunately, worries not only puffy young ladies. In addition, certain types of wraps are beneficial for the health of the body as a whole.

Types of wraps

Hot wraps will benefit all of us. A hot wrap improves blood circulation, and toxins are flushed out of the skin through the enlarged pores. Unfortunately, hot wrap has a serious contraindication: varicose veins.

A cold wrap will also rid the skin of toxins, but with the help of internal cleansing organs. Cold wrap saves from edema, feeling of heaviness in the legs, improves skin tone and speeds up the process of losing weight.

Types of wraps

According to their composition and action, wraps are divided into many types. Here are the most popular types of wraps:

Seaweed wraps

Kelp algae are commonly used for algae wrapping. The algae contains iodine, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, silicon, which improve the appearance of the skin (increase tone, elasticity), stimulate metabolism.

The seaweed wrap can be either cold or hot.

Algae wrapping gives a better result if wrapping is carried out after a bath or sauna, when blood circulation is most active.

Chocolate wrap

A chocolate wrap is more than just a way to relax and have fun. Cocoa butter has excellent cosmetic properties, and caffeine, also contained in chocolate, speeds up metabolism.

Chocolate wrap cleanses the skin and makes it smooth. In addition, chocolate contributes to the production of hormones of joy and pleasure. After the chocolate wrap, not only your skin will improve, but also your mood!

Mud wrap

For mud wrapping, the Dead Sea mud is most often used, rich in healing minerals, iodine, bromine. Mud wrap perfectly cleanses the skin, tightens it, helping to fight cellulite. Mud wrap is the most popular type of wrap. Mud for home wrap is sold in almost all cosmetic stores.You do not need to have special skills to make a mud wrap yourself. Mud wrap after sports is especially effective.

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