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How to dye your hair blonde and not be left without hair - says the expert
How to dye your hair blonde and not be left without hair - says the expert

Only 2% of the world's population are naturally blondes, for the rest, blond hair means long hours in a hairdresser's chair, difficult care and a gap in the budget. Why is the world crazy about blond, how much is a ticket to the caste and what does the kiss of the sun have to do with it?

How to dye your hair blonde and not be left without hair - says the expert Alex Contier

Alex Kontier Hair stylist, owner of Kontier Moscow salon

Instincts are calling

Historically, all people were brunettes. But as a result of a genetic mutation 10 thousand years ago in Eastern and Northern Europe, some have blond hair. The blondes got the best caves, the largest skins and the strongest males: golden curls were unconsciously read as a sign of youth and attracted attention. Modern men have inherited instincts. Psychologist Richard Lynn reports that blondes get more tips, The Huffington Post writes that blonde women are more likely to occupy leadership positions, British dating site reports that they get more likes … But it's not just the call of genes. Having become a blonde, a girl feels more attractive and confident - and boldly goes to her goal, psychologists say. However, you can't just grab a paint box at the supermarket, smear it in the bathroom, hold one episode of Sex and the City and turn into Carrie Bradshaw. Blond is a lifestyle and philosophy. Now he manages your schedule, style and wallet, unless, of course, you want your blonde curls to become a washcloth in a couple of weeks.


Step 1: choosing a shade

Which blonde is trending right now? Anyone. Gold and steel, pure white and stretching from dark roots to light ends. The main thing is no "watermelon" of clear stripes, as in the 2000s. “There is a trend towards more subtle, natural coloring,” says hair stylist Alex Contier. It was he who invented the "Kiss of the Sun" technique, among whose fans Vera Brezhneva, Svetlana Loboda, Rita Dakota. - I'm tired of the cold color, and it doesn't suit everyone. I am very happy when the girls say: “Oh, just not gray!” When going to the master, grab a photo of the blonde of your dreams. Here are the formulas used by colorists:

  • cold skin tone + blue, blue, gray eyes = cold blond;
  • neutral skin tone + green eyes = neutral blond (not gray or yellow);
  • warm skin tone + freckles + brown eyes = warm blond.

Step 2: staining

Can you get the perfect shade at home? “I’ll say right away - no. There are expectations, but the reality will turn out, as with goods from "Aliexpress", - says Alex Contier. You need to understand to what tone we lighten the hair, choose an oxidizing agent, and paint for it. It is unrealistic to do this at home. But it’s easy to ruin everything, and there will be no way back.” Resolved - go to the salon. How many times? Depends on the original data. Even dark hair can be blonded in one go, but the quality will inevitably suffer. A good master does not work without prior consultation. If you haven't been asked about all the stains in at least the last five years - run!

The second sign of a colorist you can trust: he insists on a test strand. She will show what shade and quality the hair will be, how many tones they will withstand lightening and how long the path to the color of your dreams will last. The master should not leave you for a minute. It is important to note the holding time of each strand and immediately wash off the composition. In the professional community, there are stories about cases like: "I went out for a smoke, came back - and the client's hair fell off / turned green." If you do not want to become the heroine of such stories - find a proven master, be patient, have snacks and a good book.You might be in the salon all day.


Step 3: leaving

Bleached hair is a priori damaged. A chemical reaction destroys the protein bonds inside the rod, and after such an intervention, the curls will never be elastic, moisturized and shiny on their own. Only care can support them in their normal form. “We always warn about this. Some girls say: "Yes, yes, yes, I will come to the procedure later." And they come back two months later when problems begin. They blame us for ruining, drying out and burning our hair. It is important to listen to the master and remember that blond is not a medical procedure,”says the expert. Blond is like buying a luxury car. Get ready for expensive official parts and monthly maintenance. Now you need a complete professional care system (shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in), regular salon treatments and toning. If you live in a region with hard water, take a closer look at products with pigments: for a cold blond - purple, for a warm one - golden, copper or beige. It is better to choose products together with a master: from the wrong pigment there is a risk of getting a noble shade of swamp mud or sea turquoise.


Step 4: fight for color

Living with a blond is like a tough diet. A step to the left, a step to the right - and expensive staining down the drain.

It is forbidden:

  • Change the dye frequently. Hair can become stained if you constantly go from warm to cold or do color from different experts.
  • Forget about leaving. Conditioner, mask, thermal protection and end-care are your bare minimum.
  • Rarely go to the salon. Once a month and a half, you need to lighten the roots. If they grow back more than 2 centimeters, you will have to dye your hair completely.
  • To paint at home. Resist the temptation to save and freshen up the color yourself. You will apply one shade along the entire length - which means, goodbye to the glare and play, on which you worked in the salon for more than one hour.
  • Wet your hair in the pool. Reagents and dyes in chlorinated water can make hair look green. If you really want to, apply a generous amount of oil before bathing, and then use shampoo.
  • Do curling or keratin straightening. Blond in itself is a huge stress on hair, and long-term styling can finish it off.
  • Wash with hot water. Use only cool water: boiling water opens the cuticle and helps wash out the color.
  • Lean on hot styling. For the same reason, leave your iron and curling iron for special occasions, while using thermal protection.

Step 5: new life

Being a blonde isn't easy, but it's worth it. Perhaps you will return from the salon and realize that it is time to change everything: shades of lipstick, clothes, jewelry. Uncomfortable interior. A boyfriend who doesn't appreciate you. A boring job. Blond helps to attract attention. What to do with it, only you decide! Alex Contier believes: “The vision of life, behavior, manner of speaking, clothes, makeup, eyebrows will change. Of course, blond is a state of mind. You don't just become blondes. It is always a deliberate decision."

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