Breast augmentation: what you need to know before deciding on surgery
Breast augmentation: what you need to know before deciding on surgery

Mammoplasty is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries for women of any age. We'll tell you what to consider if you are seriously considering changing the shape or size of your breasts.

Breast augmentation: what you need to know before deciding on surgery

Before deciding on mammoplasty, it is important to properly study the issue. We talked about the choice of a doctor, the size of implants and the possible consequences of the operation with the plastic surgeon of the Osnova clinic, Kirill Nazoev.

Choose your doctor carefully

It happens, as soon as you go into the doctor's office, and you immediately understand: no, never and for nothing. Even if it's a star doctor, even if you are offered special conditions, turn around and leave. Mammoplasty is, first of all, an operation, albeit an aesthetic one. It differs only in that it is exclusively your desire, which means that the doctor must be chosen with special preference. He should be not only a professional, but also a pleasant person to you. Yes, yes, the question of new breasts is very delicate. It is much easier to discuss it with a doctor, in communication with whom you feel relaxed and calm. Incidentally, this attitude largely determines the success of the operation.

Assess your physique

Agree, a slender girl with a fourth size breast is still too much … It is better to choose the size of a new bust together with a doctor: at the first appointment, he will show you his work so that you can evaluate how a breast of a certain shape and size looks for girls of your complexion. By the way, in pursuit of naturalness, many young ladies tend to drop-shaped implants. But, perhaps, based on the anatomical shape of the breast, you will look more organic with round implants. Make a start from your preferences, but at the same time listen to the opinion of the surgeon. Choosing implants, the doctor will start not only from your wishes, but also from many other factors - the structure of your chest, your usual posture and, of course, the original bust.


You may need a skin tightening

Alas, this is the lot not only of girls who have given birth and breast-fed. Sometimes such a correction is needed for girls with a tapered breast or with pronounced asymmetry of the mammary glands. Without this manipulation, it will not be possible to achieve an ideal result in all of the above cases. If you decide to have an operation after childbirth, then you can correct a large excess of skin using two options: either by placing a large implant in volume, which sometimes looks extremely unaesthetic (and it is hard to wear such wealth), or by combining breast shape correction with a lift.

Decide if you will give birth and feed

Despite the fact that with any technique for performing the operation, breastfeeding is preserved, the installation of the implant through an incision in the areola of the nipple (periareolar method) violates the integrity of part of the milk ducts. This can make it difficult to feed your baby in the future. If the doctor decides to perform the operation through an incision under the breast (submammary method) or through an incision in the armpit (axillary method), then you have nothing to worry about!


Get ready for two operations

Perhaps it is worth waiting for breast augmentation for owners of a boy's bust. If with such forms you dream of a complete third, then you will have to go to it in two stages. First, you will receive small implants, and then, when the skin is slightly stretched, they will be replaced with large ones. After the birth of the baby, the breast increases in volume in a natural way, which means that such a multi-walker will not be needed to correct its shape afterwards.

Don't be fooled at too low a price

"Breast augmentation for 80 thousand rubles …" Such ads are littered with the entire Internet.Of course, the option is not excluded that for this money you will get an excellent result, but…. Before signing an agreement with the clinic, make sure of the surgeon's qualifications, and also ask which implants will be used. It happens that when new models are released, manufacturers sell them at very low prices due to the lack of clinical trials. In fact, you will be a member of the experimental group … It is very difficult to predict how such an experiment will end.


The activity of your life will decrease

For a while, of course … In the first week after the operation, even the usual movements can be given to you with some difficulty. It will be difficult to carry out household chores associated with the tension of the muscles of the arms and chest. And the effect of general anesthesia will affect for several days: drowsiness, apathy, weakness … You will have to forget about sports for at least a couple of months. Fitness lovers will be able to be content with swimming, flexing or walking.

A rehabilitation period awaits you

You will be wearing special underwear for a month. By the way, it is quite comfortable and even quite sexy. For a week you will have to sleep only on your back: if you roll over on your side, you will wake up in the morning with an asymmetrical bust. For two weeks, you cannot raise your arms above shoulder level - until the implants have at least partially taken root, they can simply move. You will have to forget about the bath, sauna and other warming procedures for six months. All of the above restrictions are necessary in order for a connective tissue capsule to form around the implant, and you could feel the artificial breast as your own.

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