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Stylish short hairstyles-2020: from pixie to hedgehog
Stylish short hairstyles-2020: from pixie to hedgehog

What short haircuts are the most fashionable in 2020, how to style short hair and what to do if you want to look stunning in the office or on a holiday - we will tell you in detail!

Stylish short hairstyles-2020: from pixie to hedgehog

In 2020, short hairstyles are back in fashion: daring pixie, stylish bob, breathtaking short hairstyles … Which one will you choose? Add thoughtful negligence to your choice, and now you are at the top of the style! Contents of the article 1. Short hairstyles for every day 1.1 Short curly hairstyles1.2 Hairstyles for straight hair1.3 Hairstyles for short hair with bangs1.4 Short hairstyles for a round face1.5 Hairstyles for every day: video2. Evening short hairstyles 3. Holiday hairstyles for short hair 3.1 Prom hairstyles for short hair 3.2 Wedding hairstyles for short hair Hide

Short haircuts suit almost everyone - you just need to find your own style and not be afraid to experiment. Maybe you've wanted a haircut for a long time? Or have you already cut your hair, but want something new? We have collected information on the latest trends for you: we will tell you what hairstyles for short hair are relevant this year, we are sure that you will definitely find something interesting for yourself!

Perhaps the main trend this year is naturalness. Complicated short hairstyles, as well as neat styling, are not at all in fashion today. Thoughtful negligence, orchestrated disheveledness, asymmetry, lightness and enthusiasm - these are the friends of your hair this year, and, you must admit, it is much more interesting than dull slickness. However, if you want, you can do styling with a lot of gel or do nothing at all, cut your hair as short as possible and walk with a micro-footer is also a great idea, because 2020 loves extremes! And this is the second trend of the year. But not the last one, because we haven’t said anything about accessories yet (we will definitely do it a little later).

However, the main short hair hairstyles for women in 2020 are more traditional. Haircuts such as bob, pixie, gavroche, bob, undercut and, imagine, a pot are in vogue today. Yes, yes, the one when the hair on the head resembles a neat hat, which is also called a bowl. At the top of the style, the bangs, especially the long ones that are split in two, look really cute! Here are some examples of trendy short hairstyles.

Asymmetrical bob. Of course, both you and we know that the bob is asymmetrical in itself, the strands of the face are longer than those on the back of the head, but if they are a little uneven, torn, it looks even more stylish. By the way, you can add an undercut at the back and shave something beautiful, but this, of course, is for the most daring girls. Or you can just make one side a little shorter than the other, like Mila Kunis

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  • Ultra short haircuts. Don't want to bother with styling at all and have a good head shape? Feel free to cut your hair at the root! Short hairstyles for women in this format look surprisingly attractive, especially if you experiment with color further. This is how actress Kristen Stewart, singer Cynthia Erivo, model Maria Borges cut their hair.
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    As you can see, there are a lot of options for what kind of hairstyle to do on short hair. Only you decide - how short you are ready to cut your hair and how much time you can devote to styling, what you prefer and what suits you, where exactly you plan to go with this or that hairstyle. Short women's hairstyles in 2020 are so diverse that you can easily find the perfect one for yourself.

    Oh yeah, we forgot about the accessories! In 2020, they are very relevant: interesting elastic bands, bright or, on the contrary, barely noticeable hairpins, bows and headbands - everything that your imagination tells you, except, perhaps, the flowers in your hair (although who knows, who knows).As a child, did you have few ribbons and rubber bands? Have a full blast, now is the time!

    Short hairstyles for every day

    It's no secret that the stars who go out on the red carpet with their stunning styling spend a ton of time shaping their hair, including the stylists' working time. But what are mere mortals to do? We want to look beautiful every day, and not a couple of times a year when there is an opportunity (not so much it, but a reason) to spend money on the services of a specialist. We have selected for you some simple hairstyles for short hair that do not require many hours of sitting in front of a mirror and a lot of styling products.

    Short curly hairstyles


    On curls, perhaps any hairstyle looks great without styling. Don't forget that negligence is in fashion! As a basic haircut, you can choose the same bob or bob. To prevent the hair from getting into your eyes, you can remove part of it in a high ponytail at the back of the head, if the length allows, or make two thin braids on the sides. It's also a great option to use hairpins: just use them to secure your hair on both sides - and you are amazing. Pixie looks great with a shaved head or long bangs, or both.

    Hairstyles for straight hair


    With straight hair, everything is a little more complicated, they may still require styling products - to give a little volume and shape. Basic haircut - absolutely any. For a pixie, you may need to simulate sloppiness with mousse or foam, and the pot just needs to be combed correctly. Electric heating and curls - an option for the exit.

    Hairstyle for short hair with bangs


    Bangs allow you to realize a lot of different ideas. For example, you can use it to make a headband of hair - just braid a braid, starting from one temple and gradually weaving bangs into it with a spikelet, and then secure this braid with invisible ones at the other temple. Another option is bangs that are combed back. This will require a strong hold: treat the bangs with it and gently comb it back with a beautiful wave. You can do without any styling products at all - divide the bangs in two and comb each part towards the nearest temple. It looks a little sloppy, but we remember that it is in vogue? In addition, this is a hairstyle for a day - it is very easy to renew, during the day you can not remove or style your hair again, just run a comb over it a couple of times.

    Short hairstyles for round faces


    Girls with triangular and oval faces usually have no problems with the choice of styling, but there are secret tricks for a round face. First, try to keep your hair growing in volume in height and not in width. Secondly, when choosing a haircut, give preference to asymmetry, especially with long bangs. Bob, pixie, garcon - you can add asymmetry everywhere, and you can also go for shaved whiskey. Light hairstyles for short hair in your case are, for example, oblique bangs (comb it towards the ear) or additional volume from the forehead to the back of the head.

    Hairstyles for every day: video

    Evening short hairstyles

    Sometimes, nevertheless, there are cases when beautiful hairstyles for short hair for girls are simply necessary (for men it is easier - smoothed and went). For example, it could be a date at a restaurant or a birthday banquet for the CEO. And there, and there, you will not get by with a minute installation, you will have to spend more time. If you have no time to go to a stylist or are reluctant, here are some ideas on what hairstyles for short hair can be done in this case.

    If you have straight hair, try brushing it back smoothly and then securing the result with hairspray. You will get some "slickness", but not excessive, it will look stylish and appropriate, especially with an evening dress.

    Curls are a safe bet. After processing with a curling iron, you can leave it as it is, adding a little styling products, or make a low bundle if the length allows.

    If you have an ultra-short haircut - down with standards, arrange a complete asymmetry on your head, it's an artistic mess. Use foam or mousse for styling and varnish for final fixing.

    On regrown hair, a crown of braids will look very beautiful, especially in combination with a light curl. Make two braids from the temples and secure them together at the back of your head.

    And of course, don't forget the accessories. Hairpins or hairpins are quite capable of complementing your evening look.

    Holiday hairstyles for short hair

    Festive hairstyles and styles usually look even more pretentious than evening ones. Short hairstyles for girls in these cases almost necessarily involve accessories: for example, tiaras with a veil for a wedding. Perhaps, it is the wedding that is the event where you can come off your hair to the fullest, without fear that you will overdo it. Yes, and for the solemn part of the graduation "just" evening may not be enough, and why not do something really beautiful and unusual, if you want? There are not many reasons for this.

    Prom hairstyles for short hair


    The main distinguishing feature of prom hairstyles is lightness. They are created for very young girls, so massive puffs and a large volume are what should be avoided, such hairstyles will look unnatural. If the graduation is not themed, perhaps it is better not to make the licked versions, otherwise the graduation will look more like a reporting concert in an ensemble. Tufts, interesting weaving, not conspicuous accessories - this is quite enough. For example, a Greek hairstyle, a high ponytail and, conversely, a low bun, a crown of braids look very gentle.

    Wedding hairstyles for short hair


    In wedding hairstyles, weaving is actively used: various braids and plaits, laid in a bun or supplemented with curls - the bulk of such hairstyles. But if you have nothing to weave your braids with, you shouldn't be upset about this: a beautiful diadem, a headband with rhinestones or flowers, a wreath, maybe even a headband, if you like the retro style - and you will be charming. If you prefer minimalism, a short wedding hairstyle can be the same as your everyday one, but with a small thematic element. Hair allows you to make a braid, but you don't want to? Do an asymmetrical styling, and on the side where you get less hair, attach an adornment to match the dress - a hairpin or a flower. Curls decorated with small flowers also look very beautiful. Hairstyles for a wedding for short hair are almost more varied than for long ones.

    So, what hairstyle can you do in case of (substitute what you want)? The answer is very simple: any. Any of the haircuts described above allows you to create on its basis both a simple hairstyle, so that the hair simply does not interfere, and a chic one, worthy of Miss Universe. If you have a means for fixing (mousse, gel, wax, powder, varnish), a comb, hairdryer, iron or curling iron (depending on whether you have curly or straight hair) - this is enough to make a hairstyle for short hair in home conditions. We hope our small review will help you with this!

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