What sneakers are the top fashionistas of the world: 10 most popular models of 2021
What sneakers are the top fashionistas of the world: 10 most popular models of 2021

It's time to update your wardrobe and get stylish and trendy sneakers. In the selection that we have compiled, you can find for yourself the most relevant pair of sneakers for this season, which all fashionistas are hunting for today.

What sneakers are the top fashionistas of the world: 10 most popular models of 2021

Popular looks of this season are made up of stylish pantsuits, jeans, loose, baggy jersey coats in bright colors, while stylish accessories and trendy sneakers are a must.

White and beige shoes can be worn all year round regardless of the weather. In the new season, such shoes should definitely not be neglected. Sneakers, platform sneakers - stylish shoes will emphasize your fashionable look. And the beginning of autumn is the time for new beginnings, where white is considered the main sign of renewal. If you considered fashion sneakers only as sports shoes, now you have to reconsider your mind if you follow fashion.

Maximum white and light in stylish sneakers - this is the motto of this season.


Laconic leather sneakers with drawings in pastel colors are the perfect complement to jeans, feminine dresses, and casual trousers. Fashion trends of sneakers are an unusual bright and memorable design and this model demonstrates all the features of the new season.


Sneakers with a massive sole will visually lengthen the legs and stretch the silhouette. You can wear them with strict trouser suits, and with flying dresses, and with knitted suits. Fashionable women's sneakers for the fall will delight you - they are not only stylish, but also very comfortable.


A pair of black is perfect for monochrome minimalistic bows. Trendy black sneakers are a must have on your shoe shelf.


For smart casual outfits, choose white and beige sneakers. They fit classic trousers, basic jeans, midi and maxi dresses and skirts. These are trendy sneakers for girls, for teens and are ideal for older women.


Do you want bright accents? Then pay attention to the sneakers of the most fashionable color of the year - yellow. Stylish sneakers will successfully fit into your wardrobe, do not forget to choose the most fashionable accessories for them, for example, a baguette bag.


A versatile pair of white sneakers is a must-have for any outfit. Stylish sneakers are so comfortable that you can walk in them every day.


Color-block sneakers in pastel colors will be an interesting accent in your everyday ensemble. Fashionable women's sneakers at a budget price are ideal for the new season.


A brighter model is sneakers with a chunky sole with an emerald insert.


This pair of stylish sneakers is a cool pairing with a relaxed beige coat, rough leather jacket, denim jacket, sport bomber jacket, and a uniform-style jacket.


If you want to be the center of attention, choose sneakers with a combination of trendy colors of the season - pink, lavender, beige. These stylish sneakers will complement your look for the new season.

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