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Fashion guide: what kind of hat to wear with a down jacket, sheepskin coat, coat and fur coat
Fashion guide: what kind of hat to wear with a down jacket, sheepskin coat, coat and fur coat

A hat is a key accessory in autumn-winter looks, and its choice should be approached carefully. When buying, first of all, you should focus on outerwear: a hat that looks stylish with a down jacket may not be combined with a fur coat at all. In our material, we will tell you which models of this headdress are ideal for a particular type of outerwear. Take note!

Fashion guide: what kind of hat to wear with a down jacket, sheepskin coat, coat and fur coat

We analyze the options and provide examples. Contents of the article 1. What hat can be worn with a coat 2. What hat can be worn with a down jacket 3. What hat to wear with a cropped puffed jacket 4. With what hat is it recommended to wear a fur coat 5. With what hat to wear a sheepskin coat 6. What hat to choose depending on the type faces Hide

The headpiece not only warms and creates additional comfort. Each girl decides for herself at what temperature to wear a hat in order to feel comfortable and look stylish. As a rule, this part of the wardrobe is a fashionable attribute that accompanies women from mid-autumn to the first half of spring. In an effort to create a harmonious image, it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of accessory, because the choice is huge.

What kind of hat can be worn with a coat

With a coat, it is best to wear the most laconic and minimalistic hats without unnecessary decor. It is definitely worth forgetting about "smart" hats with rhinestones (the top of bad taste), as well as models made of thin jersey. They fit the head too much and make it disproportionate against the background of voluminous clothing.

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The most ordinary women's beanie hat with a tight knit lapel is ideal for any style of coat. Choose a model that matches the tone of the coat or a tone lighter or darker - you get an organic monochrome combination. If you want to add color to the image, then give preference to hats in pure bright colors that are in good harmony with the color of outerwear. By the way, depending on its shade, different types of hats are suitable.

A beige coat is considered a classic, it is popular for many seasons, so it is important to think about which hat to wear it with. The choice may fall on a black knitted voluminous cap. It will look no less ideal with a black hat with borders. Or choose a hat a couple of shades darker.

With what hat to wear a gray coat? If it lacks decorative details, it can go with almost any style of clothing. A dark, voluminous hat with a noticeable pompom is in harmony with it. Or the same large knitted hat, or a leather baseball cap.

It is quite simple to choose a hat that does not stand out in style and color with a blue tint of outerwear. So, what kind of hat to wear with a blue coat so that people with good taste look at you? A knitted beanie hat, a large-knit beret, a perky cap, a trumpet hat will be appropriate. Their colors can be black, white, gray, brown, blue, beige. When you settle for a monochrome look, add interesting elements to the black hat - embroidery or a brooch.

If you are trying out the latest in the fashion industry without fear, try to combine a blue coat with a fur hat-helmet, bright colors or calm colors.

A black coat gives a lot of room for what kind of hat to wear. Without attracting attention to yourself with this thing from your wardrobe, you can shift the emphasis to the headpiece. There is a fur collar - a fur hat over a shawl is great. Only the fur should be in a single shade.

A traditional wide-brimmed hat of any color with a matching scarf goes to the classic cut. By the way, you can also choose it to solve the problem of what hat to wear a raincoat with. Also, a bowler hat, beret, felt hat with small brim will suit a black coat - for every taste.


For those who have doubts about what kind of hat to wear with a coat, another interesting model has appeared. This is a hood. What does such a headdress look like? This is a knitted hat that resembles a knitted hood. She will add femininity and elegance to the bow. So don't hesitate too long which hat to wear a coat in 2021, this season all fashionistas wear it. The hood can be worn with both classic double-breasted coats and oversized models.


If you wear a coat in winter, we also recommend paying attention to this model of a hood with a scarf. This is not only stylish, but also very comfortable and practical headpiece.

A women's coat is such a versatile wardrobe item that the question of which hat to wear with it is very easy to solve. And bold shades will help you stand out from the bad weather and create a mood.

What hat to wear with a down jacket

Since any down jacket adds volume to the silhouette, the size of the headdress should be directly proportional to it so that the proportions of the figures are not disturbed. So what kind of hats can you wear with an insulated coat? Double beanie hats, chunky knit models with "braids", earflaps, hats with pom-poms and insulated panamas will look good.

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This beautiful blue knit beanie is a great addition to both dark and light down jackets. Pair her with a laconic pastel wool scarf and accent gloves.


A hat with a fur pompom should not be worn with down jackets, which also have fur trim - this is too much. With all other models, it will look quite organic. Choose a hat with a medium-sized pompom: small ones look scanty, and too large ones look ridiculous.

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Panama is a real hit this season. The favorites of fashionistas are models made of faux fur, plush and leather. Panama looks great with a leather down jacket, quilted models, and oversized street style down jackets.

Which Beanie To Wear With a Cropped Puffer Jacket

A cropped puffed jacket rhymes well with voluminous knitted hats, fur earflaps, plush panamas. We do not recommend wearing thin knitted stocking hats with her, "bowler hats" made of fur with a rigid frame, as well as ridiculous hats with "ears".

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A bright knitted hat made of dense corrugated knitwear will become a colorful spot in any winter bow. You can wear such a headdress with voluminous cropped jackets and wrap-around models up to mid-thigh length. If you are a fan of a relaxed casual style, then a bright beanie hat should definitely fall into your wish list.


Ready for some fashion experiments? Then try to wear a fur hat with earflaps with a puffed jacket. Firstly, it is an ultra-fashionable accessory, and secondly, it is super warm. Putting on a fur hat with a jacket, you simultaneously combine two contrasting textures, and you get an ultra-fashionable outfit.

What hat is it recommended to wear a fur coat

A fur coat is in itself quite an extravagant thing that does not need to be complicated with elaborate accessories. The hat and scarf should be an organic addition. Forget the stiff-framed fur bowler hats your grandmother used to wear. In combination with a fur coat, such a headdress will turn you into a real formidable "aunt". Too simple hats made of thin knitwear will not work either - they will reduce the cost and simplify the image too much.

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A chunky knit beanie hat is suitable for a mink fur coat - it is quite neutral and versatile. It can also be worn with fashionable bright eco-fur coats, the main thing is to choose the right color.


If you are the owner of a fashionable fur coat of modern cut, try to wear a pair of earflaps from a raincoat jacket with her. The combination of contrasting textures makes the image interesting, dynamic, and, in addition, in such a headdress you will definitely not freeze.

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For admirers of feminine and elegant looks, we suggest complementing a fur coat with a beret. It can be either a bright model made of wool or cashmere, or trendy leather berets this season. The beret will perfectly match the shortened versions of natural and artificial fur, and will organically complement free-cut fur coats up to the knee.

What hat to wear a sheepskin coat


A delicate hat made of mink or mohair down can be a suitable headdress for a coarse sheepskin coat. If you do not want to lag behind the world street style stars in terms of style, then try to complement the sheepskin coat with a plush or leather panama or a short beanie hat.


A cropped beanie for women paired with a cropped sheepskin coat will create a stylish bow that perfectly complements leather trousers and coarse lace-up thigh boots.

Which hat to choose depending on the type of person

If we figured it out in the combination of hats with a jacket and other wardrobe items, it remains to choose a headdress that suits you. The expression that hats are not for everyone is just a stereotype. You just haven't found your ideal one yet. And in this, facial features play an important role.

Large - impressive knitted hats.

Small - smooth with a small volume.

Angular - a fluffy earflap with big ears.

Heavy chin - massive lapel.

High forehead and long face - knitted over the eyebrows.

Full cheeks and round face - voluminous beret.

Lack of cosmetics - knitted headdress with a pompom.

From here it is easy to deduce advice on which models are best to avoid. So, chubby people do not need to purchase tight-fitting hats that cover their foreheads. For girls with an oval face type, we advise you not to pay attention to the elongated shape of the hats. The triangular type implies the choice of those hats that emphasize the cheekbones. And with a square one fits a beanie hat.

As for the question of what color to wear a hat for light and dark-haired girls, there are also nuances.

Blondes with light eyes look better in blue and green hats, but not in beige ones.

Brown-eyed brunettes and brown-haired women can combine coral, scarlet and burgundy hats. It is advisable to refrain from pastel colors.

Red-haired and green-eyed women are given the opportunity to combine pastel orange and green, right up to swamp. Hats in beige and chocolate colors will suit them.

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