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It's all about: 12 old things you shouldn't throw away
It's all about: 12 old things you shouldn't throw away

No, we do not call for keeping all the trash at home. But we do not recommend throwing these things away. Here's why.

It's all about: 12 old things you shouldn't throw away

Do not throw these things away - they will still be useful to you.


A shabby carpet can be used. Cut it into pieces and make soft pads for the legs of the furniture. So you will save the floor from minor damage if you want to rearrange the apartment or remove furniture.

Shower curtain

Have you decided to change your old curtain? Fine! But do not rush to throw it away. It can be used to make a rug or picnic tablecloth. Alternatively, if you have cats or dogs, sew a pet bed from the curtain.


Nylon tights don't last long, but they can make a great rag. The torn item can be used to polish lacquered furniture. Squeeze the cloth and rub the shiny surface thoroughly. The furniture will shine like new.

Hanger with clips

You make the mistake of throwing away plastic hangers right away. The clamps from the hanger can be safely used on the farm. For example, for drying laundry or for storing bulk products in bags.


A disposable old razor is the best alternative to a roll cleaner. Take any knitted or woolen item and carefully cut off the piles of caked pile. Voila, now your favorite sweater looks like it was the day you bought it.

Mesh for vegetables

Do children throw toys around all the time? There is a way out - put all the children's toys in the vegetable net. Wash it with soap and water and dry it completely. It is convenient to dry toys in the net. Just hang them on a hook in the bathroom and wait for the water to drain completely.

Surprisingly, a five-liter bottle can also be useful in everyday life

Surprisingly, a five-liter bottle can also be useful in everyday life.

Plastic bottle

Surprisingly, a five-liter bottle can also be useful in everyday life. Cut off the edges of the bottle and leave only the central part - you get a convenient container for general cleaning of the house. Place bottles of detergent, sponges, brushes, and rags in your carrier.

Old candles

Is the candle burned out to the middle? Make a new candle out of an almost burned out candle. What do you need:

  • the remainder of the candle;
  • a glass jar the size of a new candle;
  • thin cord or thread for a wick;
  • plastic container, which is not a pity;
  • tea spoon.

Place the cinders in a plastic container and microwave the container for a minute. Take out the melted wax, stir it and put it back in the microwave for another minute. Once the wax has dissolved to a liquid consistency, pour it into a glass jar. Place the wick in the center of the candle ahead of time. Lower the lace in a few minutes. To freeze the candle, put it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Old T-shirts

Many people use old things for cleaning floors, but we know a better way. For example, if you are into handicrafts, make a wicker decoration or bath mat out of a T-shirt. You can also wrap fragile dishes in a T-shirt when moving. Wrap it in several layers of fabric so as not to worry about the safety of expensive things.

Hair ties

Stretched hair ties can be given a second life. For example, use them to store food in bags or secure the wires so they don't get tangled. And one more life hack - if you are packing a suitcase, put things on a roll and secure them with an elastic band.

Plastic containers

Do not throw away small containers such as yoghurts or processed cheese. They can store small items that are usually randomly scattered around the apartment. Nails, invisibles, rubber bands, threads, buttons and other little things will fit in small plastic containers. And in spring, containers are suitable for growing seedlings.


Even the best quality towels lose their appearance and absorbency.But do not rush to say goodbye to them. Terry cloth will perfectly polish forks, spoons and glass or crystal dishes.

Here's what else you can do from old things or how to use coffee grounds in your home. Tricky life hacks will help you manage your household easily and easily.

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