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Lost a lot: celebrities who lost weight
Lost a lot: celebrities who lost weight

Many girls want to lose weight, but thinness does not suit everyone. And the stars are no exception. See which celebrity still needs to know when to stop in diet experiments.


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Not so long ago, we published a large article about how Adele lost weight. Almost a month has passed since the release of that article, but the new pictures of the singer simply shocked us - the girl became even slimmer. Against the background of such thinness, the star's facial features have become too huge, which makes her seem unhealthy. But let's be honest, Adele really looks unhealthy. We hope the singer will stop following an extreme diet, because very soon we will simply not see her.

Renee Zellweger

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Yes, we still can't forget the puffy Renee Zellweger from The Diary of Bridget Jones. Indeed, this beauty was so good with voluminous forms that it is hard for us to believe when Rene lost a lot of weight (one might even say, extremely). We understand that at the same time the actress got carried away with plastic surgeries and fillers, so Rene looked rather strange. But now everything is fine with "Bridget Jones" - she got in shape, leaving behind her strict diets.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie and other stars who do not communicate with their parents

Angelina Jolie's childhood can hardly be called happy. Jolie's parents - actors Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight - divorced when the baby was one year old. This influenced his father's career in the most favorable way: a year later he received an Oscar for Returning Home, and the mother, forced to take care of two children alone (Jolie has an older brother, James), had to forget about stellar ambitions. Angelina hated her father and gave up the surname Voight in favor of her middle name, Jolie. Having become popular, she only once tried to get close to him: Angie invited her father to play the role of her on-screen dad in the action movie "Lara Croft - Tomb Raider", but the attempt ended with Voight declaring: "My daughter is not very healthy mentally." Jolie finally broke up with the idea of ​​making peace with her parent. She also did not invite her father to her wedding to Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie has always looked stunning, but about 7 years ago, the actress began to lose weight dramatically. This is connected not with the fact that the star sees herself as being too slim, but more with what she had to go through: the struggle with cancer, endless quarrels with Brad Pitt, which eventually led to a divorce. All this greatly influenced the appearance of the actress. I would like the star to put her life in order in the near future and be able to return to its former forms.

Tara Reed

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The American Pie star used to be a pretty seductive girl with curvaceous curves, but unfortunately, Reed has lost a lot of weight now. The actress is so tormented by diets that she has already begun to resemble a mummy more than a living healthy person. Apparently, Tara does not notice this, since she continues to adhere to these diets. We hope that the actress will soon come to her senses and understand that such metamorphoses at 44 (and at any other age) are not a good idea.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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Not so long ago, these lovely chubby twins were adored by everyone. But at some point, the Olsen sisters got so carried away with diets that they quickly crossed the line, saying "bye!" her beautiful figures and chubby cheeks. Agree, before the girls looked healthier and livelier than now?

Alena Shishkova


Alena Shishkova has always had a slender, fit body. But not so long ago, the girl, apparently, decided that she was not slim enough, and took up herself. Now fans of the star are afraid for the health of the model, who admitted that she cannot gain weight in any way, even hard training in the gym does not give significant results. We wish Alena good luck in this difficult struggle, and we hope that she will prevail over her body!

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