“I don’t want to know you!”: Kidman, Hopkins and other stars who abandoned their children
“I don’t want to know you!”: Kidman, Hopkins and other stars who abandoned their children

Some celebrities ignore their own children (less often fathers). Let us recall the most striking cases when loved ones behave like strangers.

Nicole Kidman


Married to Tom Cruise, the actress adopted Connor and Isabella. After the divorce, the children stayed with their father and ended up in the Scientology sect. Cruz does not allow Nicole to see them and does not even allow her to appear at Connor's wedding with another sectarian.

Jackie Chan


The famous actor had a brief affair with former Miss China Elaine Ng. In 1999, Elaine gave birth to a daughter, Etta. In early 2020, Etta announced that she and her girlfriend were kicked out of the house because her parents are homophobes. Jackie Chan did not recognize paternity and did not help. In retaliation, Etta said she "couldn't call him my father."


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Nicole Kidman and other stars who met on the set

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman first met in 1990 on the set of Days of Thunder. Nicole thought that she would not be hired for the role, because she was much taller than the main character, played by Tom Cruise. However, the difference in height did not embarrass either actor or director Tony Scott. Soon, a passion broke out between Nicole and Tom. Cruz divorced his wife Mimi Rogers and in the same 1990 married Kidman. In marriage, Kidman experienced an ectopic pregnancy, after which the couple adopted a daughter, Isabella, and then adopted Connor. Eyes Wide Shut was the beginning of the end for the couple. Filming was hard for them, and in 2001 the actors decided to divorce.

The singer does not maintain a relationship with her father, who left the family when she was two years old. Several years ago, she stated that he "should turn back time and behave differently."

Emma Roberts


Her father, Eric Roberts, left the family when she was little. The actress cannot forgive him for this, but she communicates well with her own aunt - actress Julia Roberts.

Dr. Dre


The singer's eldest daughter Latanya Young was born in a marriage with Lisa Jackson. She once stated that she had not seen her father for over 17 years. In addition, she is raising four children and needs money, but he never tried to help her: "I am not asking for money, I can do everything myself, but I would like to spend time with my father." And he, by the way, never even saw his grandchildren! You might think that Dre's young wife forbids him to communicate with her daughter, but she filed for divorce - and nothing has changed.

Anthony Hopkins


From 1966 to 1972, the actor was married to Petronella Barker, in 1968 they became Abigail's parents. Subsequently, Hopkins married twice more, and the first marriage was declared unsuccessful. In 2018, Abigail admitted that she hadn't spoken to her father for over 20 years. Anthony confirmed these words and said that he did not even know if he had grandchildren. They still avoid each other now.

Ronnie O'Sullivan


One of the most famous snooker players does not communicate with his daughter Taylor-Anne Magnus, born after a short relationship with Sally-Anne Magnus in 1996. Sally-Ann supported Ronnie during the difficult period when his parents were in prison. But she did not get along with the billiard player's mother and was forced to leave for another city.

Two years ago, Taylor-Ann had a daughter, but O'Sullivan did not want to see her.

Tom Jones


The singer's son Joe Jones, according to media reports, lives on a street in New Jersey and comes to spend the night in community shelters for the homeless. The guy's real name is Jonathan Berkeri, and his father's surname doesn't help him in any way. Tom does not communicate with his son and does not even remember his mother in person: at the peak of his career, the singer, according to his own words, had up to 250 women a year.

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