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Love after the grave: brides of famous maniacs who fell in love with them after their arrest
Love after the grave: brides of famous maniacs who fell in love with them after their arrest

The underworld knows more than one case when free girls, far from criminals, had sincere relationships with serial killers and sex maniacs.

Natalia Pichushkina

Bride of "Bitsa Maniac" Alexander Pichushkin
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Natalia hides her exact age and real name - the girl is unhappy with the fame that fell on her after her engagement to the serial killer Pichushkin, who has 49 lives. The release of the show "New Russian Sensations" on NTV in 2014 was dedicated to the maniac's wedding, but the marriage never took place. In the summer of 2016, the journalists of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper managed to talk to the girl and find out the reasons for the spat. In an interview, Natalya admitted that after the release of the program, the colony administration "cut off" her correspondence with Pichushkin, but she still loves him. It was with the correspondence that a simple Natasha's romance with a maniac began. From her youth, the girl was interested in the psychology of people who decided to kill. “These are people with a different worldview. It's interesting with them. They are different, different from the gray mass. They are better and smarter than any of us,”the girl says. In high school, she read the biography of Chikatilo, and in high school she began to correspond with convicts for one murder, but she soon got tired of it. Natalia dreamed of communicating and personally meeting not with a "one-time" killer, but with a real maniac. And her dream has come true! “For a very long time I was looking for the exact address (of the colony where Pichushkin is serving his sentence -.). As a result, I wrote. He replied. Correspondence ensued. After 2 years, I realized that I was in love. My joy knew no bounds,”Natasha told her love story.

Doreen Laoy

The wife of the "night stalker" Richard Ramirez
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Glory and other stars who became parents early

Nastya Slanevskaya became a star by accident. In 2002, director Sergei Kalvarsky noticed a girl at karaoke. So Anastasia turned into a singer Slava. At the age of 17, Anastasia Slanevskaya became pregnant. The father of Alexandra's daughter, Konstantin Morozov, was engaged in business, but he and Slava had different views on life. Soon after the birth of Sasha in 1999, the couple broke up, but Slava did everything possible so that her child did not need anything. Now Anastasia already has two children: the eldest Alexandra and the youngest Antonina, who was born in 2011 from businessman Anatoly Danilitsky. Young Sasha already has a serious relationship, but Slava is not afraid that her daughter will repeat her fate. The singer is sure that she will be a great grandmother.

The story of Natalia Pichushkina excites, but in fact it is not uncommon for the prison world. For example, the killer of thirteen people, Richard Ramirez, married one of his female fans in 1996. The wedding took place in a dating chamber, however, family life did not work out: due to numerous violations of order and indecent behavior, Ramirez was less and less banned from visiting visitors. Ramirez broke into homes in California at night, "playing" his brutal murders and violence with satanic rituals.

Carol Ann Boone

The wife of the "nylon killer" Ted Bundy
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The exact number of victims of a murderer, rapist, cannibal and necrophile is unknown - the figure ranges from 26 to 100 (the maniac himself confessed to 30 murders). For four years from 1974 to 1978, his savage crimes kept the east coast of the United States at bay. Bundy’s trial was the first in US history to be televised nationwide and covered by journalists from around the world. Every American was ready to personally deal with a sadist, but not the fearless Carol Ann Boone, Bundy's former colleague and single mother. She began dating Bundy about a year before his arrest and knew nothing about the murders.But even when the whole world learned about Bundy and the murderer was sentenced to death, the woman did not leave her beloved. Shortly before the final announcement of the death sentence, Bundy and Carol Ann declared themselves husband and wife in the courtroom (there was no official ceremony).

Veronica Copmton and Christine Kizuka

Brides of the Hillside Stranglers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono

Angelo Buono


Kenneth Bianchi


Veronica Copmton

The duo's serial killers are also known to have found love in prison - both of them. For two years from 1977 to 1979, Bianchi and Buono tortured 12 girls, but such a "track record" did not stop their brides, whose relationship began, as in past stories, already in prison. Moreover, Veronica Copmton, Kenneth Bianchi's girlfriend, not only confused the investigation, testifying in the case of her lover, but even tried to commit a crime in the style of "Hillside Stranglers" on her own to convince the police that the real maniacs were still at large. For this, the girl also received a prison sentence. The bride of the second maniac, Angelo Buono, a single mother with many children, nevertheless became his wife. The killer married his fan in 1986, already serving a life sentence.

Anna Ericsson and Tammy Ruth Saccoman

Menendez brothers' wives
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Anna Ericsson


Eric Menendez and Tammy Ruth Saccoman

Lyle and Eric Menendez weren't serial killers, but their one-off crime shocked America: In 1994, 21-year-old Lyle and 18-year-old Eric shot their parents with shotguns to gain free access to their money. Young people were sentenced to life imprisonment, during which they acquired the status of married men. Lyle got married to his pen-girl, model Anna Eriksson. In 2001, Anna filed for divorce, accusing her husband of correspondence with another. Eric became the husband of a woman named Tammy, who, in conversations with the press, described her relationship with the killer as a romance that she "waited all her life", and did not think that someday something like this would happen to her in reality (in fact, few the girls are planning to get married in the visiting room of the maximum security colony). In 2005, the girl published a book about her romance with Eric Menedes and officially took his last name. The brothers are still serving time.

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