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Valentin Gaft, Marlon Brando and other stars whose children committed suicide
Valentin Gaft, Marlon Brando and other stars whose children committed suicide

Often, children of creative people inherit from their parents not only talent, but also painful sensitivity, which leads to tragedy …

Valentin Gaft

The actor's daughter Olga Eliseeva hanged herself at the age of 29

The heiress of the famous actor was a ballerina and danced in the Kremlin ballet - she took over her passion for this profession from her mother, Inna, a former ballerina. But dancing is the only thing that binds women together. In September 2009, Olga hanged herself, unable to withstand total control from the oppressive mother. It was because of the imperious nature of the woman that the actor once parted with her.

Marlon Brando's daughter

Actor Shane Brando's daughter shot herself at 25

Brando's daughter, one of the actor's 11 children, committed suicide in 1995. The reason was the tragedy: her older brother Christian Devi Brando shot the father of the girl's unborn child when she was pregnant. The woman could not cope with the loss of her beloved. Before her death, she told the writer Peter Menso that this terrible event happened at the behest of Marlon Brando: according to her version, he persuaded his son to murder, because he believed that his daughter was mistreated. By the way, almost all of Marlon Brando's children were unhappy in their personal lives.


Marlon Brando and other stars who have a terrible personality

Marlon Brando has acted in films for over 60 years, but over the years his character has become worse, and with it his behavior. Francis Ford Coppola recalled that he sometimes came to the set of Apocalypse Now drunk.

Valery Zolotukhin

Son Sergei Zolotukhin hanged himself at the age of 27

In 2007, 5 years before his own death, the famous actor lost his son. The lead singer of the Dead Dolphins rock group hanged himself at home. The young musician was an extremely sensitive person, but at the same time he had warm relations with his parents, friends and bandmates, he did not speak about death and his depressed state with his loved ones. Sergei did not leave a suicide note.

Sergey Suponev

Son Kirill Suponev hanged himself at 28
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Legendary TV presenter Sergei Suponev, who invented the programs "Starry Hour" and "Call of the Jungle", died in 2001 - Suponev crashed on a snowmobile while rolling on the ice. The place of the host of the intellectual show for teenagers "The Finest Hour" was offered to his son, but he refused, although, like his father, he worked on television. Kirill also played drums in the rock group "Romeo Must Die". Suponev Jr. hanged himself in 2013 without leaving a note. The relatives of the young man suggest that Kirill's decision was also influenced by the persistent pain of the loss of his father.

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