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Childhood nightmares of Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Nicki Minaj and other stars
Childhood nightmares of Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, Nicki Minaj and other stars

Violence, parental fights, too many adult problems and too little childhood joy - this was the childhood of the heroes of our material. They managed to get out of hell and built their own lives.

Oprah Winfrey

Survived violence at age 9

Oprah Winfrey - this name means success. The path of one of the richest women in the United States is a living embodiment of the American dream. Only now, Oprah's launching pad represented nightmare and the bottom of life. Oprah was born into a family of a maid and a hairdresser, but she rarely saw her parents as a child. Oprah spent the first six years of her life with her grandmother in the village. Thanks to her, she learned to read, studied the Bible. True, for the slightest offense, a rod served as a punishment … After a while, her own mother nevertheless showed interest in the girl and took her to her in the ghetto of Milwaukee. Oprah started going to school (although not as often as required) and socializing with her peers. Carefree childhood? No matter how it is. Nine-year-old Oprah was raped by her cousin, and after the harassment of the brothers, their friends and her own uncle continued.

At the age of 13, Oprah became pregnant (it is not known exactly from whom) and in order to commit suicide, she drank a cleaning agent. As terrible as it may sound, Oprah felt relieved when the baby died immediately after birth. Fate gave a second chance when, after giving birth, she ran away from home to her father. He did everything for his daughter to go to college and get on her feet.

Missy Elliott

Survived violence at age 8
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Charlize Theron and other animal welfare stars

Charlize Theron is a member of an animal rights organization. The star gladly agrees to take part in promotions and photo sessions of the PETA organization in order to remind people of a simple truth: fur looks best on its rightful owners - animals. In her interviews, the actress has repeatedly emphasized that she sees no point in the suffering of living beings for the sake of whim and fashion.

The tough girl who argues with Timbaland himself and betrays brilliant hip-hop, takes care of herself and spits on evil critics and envious people. And he still sees in a dream the end of the world and people on fire. These nightmares remained with her from childhood, in which her father mocked her and her mother. “He constantly beat my mother. And one night he pointed a revolver at both of us and told us to get out of the house right in what we were wearing. " When Missy was eight, her 16-year-old cousin began to rape her. In desperation, Melissa (Missy's full name) sent letters to her idols Michael and Janet Jackson asking them to pick her up from home. Her mother decided to run away on her own when Missy was 13 years old. “At first I lived in constant fear that my father would find and kill us.”

Charlize Theron

Her mother shot her father

Like Missy Elliott, Charlize Theron's father was a chronic alcoholic who beat his wife and pointed a hunting rifle at his daughter. On June 21, 1991, Gerda Theron, during another quarrel, shot and killed her husband in front of her 15-year-old daughter. “I never held a grudge against my mother for what happened - she saved her life and mine,” says Charlize Theron about the tragedy.

Tim Roth

Victimized by a relative

The actor spoke about the trauma he had experienced in 2009 after the release of his directorial debut "War Zone" about incest and domestic violence. As a child, Tim was sexually abused for several years by his paternal grandfather. Moreover, his father was also raped.

Tim admitted that he prefers to feel not a victim, but a fighter who was able to survive this nightmare. He waited a long time for an opportunity to tell about what happened and was looking for a suitable scenario.Working on the film "War Zone" allowed him to survive this pain and release all his demons out. Tim is proud of the film and the fact that the tape was used as a teaching tool.

Queen Latifah

Survived violence at age 9

Looking at the charismatic and cheerful actress and rap singer, it is difficult to imagine that she experienced a similar trauma as a child. Quinn was not even ten when she was raped by a young man looking after her as a babysitter. For about thirty years, she kept this pain and experience and first shared it only in 2009. Latifa admitted that she felt ashamed and blamed herself for everything, so she never told her parents or anyone about it. Now she regrets very much that she did not speak earlier and did not hide the criminal behind bars. The rape left an emotional scar throughout her life. According to the artist, she still does not trust people and cannot build normal relationships with men.

Nicki Minaj

Her father tried to kill her mother

Niki grew up not just in a poor, but also in an extremely dysfunctional family. Her father, an alcoholic and drug addict, beat her mother, and once set fire to the house to deal with his family. As a teenager, Minaj preferred to spend time outside the house, sleeping in the car.

Drew Barrymore

Been addicted to alcohol and drugs since the age of 12

Little Drew woke up famous at the age of six when Steven Spielberg's Alien was released. At the age of nine, the talented baby received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the melodrama Irreconcilable Contradictions, where she played a girl suing her parents who want to divorce. And at the same age, the actress began to smoke … At the age of 11, Drew began to drink regularly, at 12 - smoking "weed", and at the age of 13 she tried cocaine. According to the actress, she had no idea who her first sexual partner was: it all happened at a party, and Drew was too drunk to remember. At the age of 13, Barrymore went to rehab, and the next year she tried to commit suicide … The first step to a new life was the autobiography "Little Lost Girl", which was written by 15-year-old Drew. The revelations have benefited both the emotional state of the actress and her career. In 1995, the film "Boys by the Side" was released, and a year later - Woody Allen's comedy "Everybody Says I Love You", where the grown-up Drew proved to be a serious actress.

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