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Gianni Versace and other celebrities who are victims of serial killers
Gianni Versace and other celebrities who are victims of serial killers

Of the five shocking stories, only one was fully revealed. The rest of the crimes of which famous people have become victims remain a mystery for many years. The fact remains: in all cases serial killers were at work.

Sharon Tate


Actress and model, assassinated by members of the Charles Manson sect

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The tragedy that happened to the 26-year-old beautiful actress shocked the whole of Hollywood. Sharon, the wife of director Roman Polanski, was stabbed to death by members of the sect of the famous maniac Charles Manson, being in the last month of pregnancy. At the time of the gang attack, there were three more friends in Sharon's house - all became victims of the fanatical crime commune "Family". The brutality of the murder shocked even America, which was accustomed to a lot, and later it turned out that the criminals did not even know who their victims were.

Manson himself and seven members of his sect, who participated in other ritual murders, were sentenced to life. Polanski, who at first talked to reporters about the murder of his pregnant wife, later left America for several years.

Manson himself is now serving a life sentence. Two and a half years ago, Manson announced that he would marry his fan, 26-year-old Afton Barton, but the engagement fell through: the maniac found out that the girl was planning to embalm his body after death and put it up for money.

JonBenet Ramsey


Winner of children's beauty contests

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Marilyn Manson and other stars who were bullies in their youth

As a child, the future Antichrist Brian Hugh Warner was a skinny and inconspicuous couch potato who, instead of school parties, listened to heavy metal in his room. After school, Brian turned into a very successful, but still the same skinny music journalist. Communication with rockers inspired the guy to create his own group, the name of which was the name of the beautiful artist Marilyn Monroe and the terrible killer Charles Manson. But, as it turned out, the provocative name was not enough. And then the beginning king of darkness began to work on himself. For the first major shows, the musician, along with his bandmates, chose simply eccentric outfits: bathing caps, skirts. Later, Manson focused on the dark theme, causing the anger of religious organizations and the parents of his young fans. But in the end, it was the image of a rebel with a dark make-up that brought Manson both success and the love of fans. "Antichrist" and "Satan" was married to the beautiful Dita von Teese, dated actresses Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood, as well as the porn star Stoya.

On December 25, 1996, a terrible tragedy occurred in the family of computer tycoon John Ramsey and his wife Patricia, a former beauty pageant star. On Christmas night, the body of their six-year-old daughter JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of their own home.

On that day, the parents put the girl to bed, and a little later they found a note on the stairs stating that their daughter had been kidnapped, demanding a bail of 118 thousand dollars. JonBenet has held the titles Little Miss Colorado, Tiny Beauty of the Nation, and Cover Girl Colorado. Obviously, the perpetrator deliberately chose this popular baby as a victim. However, the kidnapper never contacted the parents, and later the couple found the girl in the basement, already dead.

It is believed that JonBenet was strangled, and there were also large bruises on her body. The police at first suspected the girl's parents, but after a DNA examination on the traces of blood on the girl's clothes, all suspicions from the spouses disappeared. JonBenet's father hired investigators, but, unfortunately, the killer has not yet been found.

Later, John Ramsey will write The Other Side of Suffering, in which he blames himself for letting his daughter become vulnerable: “Why did we have parties in our house that allowed strangers to come? I will never forgive myself for this … I had to raise all my relatives and friends to their feet, to attract all possible resources to find the killer. He hid in the dark. He is hiding somewhere even now …"

Gianni Versace


Fashion designer


Designer Gianni Versace was killed by two shots to the head on July 15, 1997 by serial killer Andrew Kyunenen. The founder of the fashion house Versace passed away on the doorstep of his villa, where he lived with the fashion designer Antonio d'Amico. The reasons for the brutal massacre still remain a mystery, which Kyunenen took with him to his grave. Two months after the crime, he shot himself on his own yacht when he was surrounded by police. However, it is known that four more people, including his own lover, became victims of the 25-year-old drug dealer.

Since then, many versions of the death of the couturier have been put forward - from revenge of the Italian mafia to involvement in the order of the designer's younger sister Donatella, who inherited her brother's fashion empire.

Elizabeth Short

1924- 1947

Waitress and actress


A simple American girl from a large family crossed the whole country, dreaming of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. But fame found Elizabeth after her painful and terrible death at the hands of a maniac that was never caught. Disfigured and cut in half, Elizabeth's nude body was found on January 15, 1947, in a vacant lot on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The 22-year-old girl's face was also slashed.

Journalists covering the investigation nicknamed the deceased beauty the Black Dahlia, and under such a romantic name the aspiring actress remained in American history. During the investigation of Short's case, more than 60 people, men and women, confessed to the murder of the girl, but their testimony was found to be fake. The mystery of the death of the Black Dahlia still attracts mystery lovers. For example, a private detective from Los Angeles, Steve Hodel, who was a child during a high-profile investigation, studied the case file and came to the conclusion that the killer was … his own father! According to the detective, his father was a serial maniac, and it was the suspicions of his involvement in the Dahlia case that forced Hodel to conduct his own investigation.

The history of the Black Dahlia, among many other artists, was inspired by the musician Marilyn Manson, creating his paintings.

Pier Paolo Pasolini




The author of the cult tapes "The Gospel of Matthew", "The Decameron", "The Canterbury Tales" and the picture released in the year of his death, "Salo, or 120 days of Sodom" fell victim to a group of neo-fascists. A gang of four teenage nationalists, one of whom was never caught, attacked Pasolini on a November night in a suburb of Rome. The director had half of his ribs, jaw and arm broken, ears disfigured, the body of the already deceased Pasolini was crushed by a car … The convicted young people changed their testimony several times later, confusing the investigation.

Pasolini openly expressed his communist views. In particular, in his scandalous film "Salo, or 120 days of Sodom," he presented the leaders of fascist ideology as cruel perverts and rapists. The film tells the story of a group of gay fascists, representatives of high Italian society, who kidnap several Jewish boys and girls and force them to participate in disgusting and cruel orgies.

The director's friends admitted that during the filming he received threats from the Nazis more than once.

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