Inspiration from cosmonaut Elena Serova
Inspiration from cosmonaut Elena Serova

While we are trying to wake up and start the next working week, Elena Serova conquers the Universe at the same time. Serova is another woman who conquered an airless space and reflected sexist questions from journalists about her flight into space.

Inspiration from cosmonaut Elena Serova

Can a woman fly into outer space on a par with a man? Even 50 years ago, this idea was something of an exoticism. And today, despite the fact that the "weaker sex" succeeds in many areas better than men, they are reluctant to trust them in the starry space. For comparison: in the entire international history of the conquest of the Universe, 58 women and 494 men went on a flight. At the same time, girls are not only forced, like their male colleagues, to go through tests by overload and weightlessness, but also to face misunderstanding. A man-astronaut is at least the norm, as a maximum - a hero and a symbol of courage, a woman-astronaut is rather an exception to the rule and a subject of close study.

Last year, director Alfonso CuarĂ³n tried to change the stereotype in the film "Gravity", where the heroine of Sandra Bullock became the only survivor of a spaceship disaster. A real woman, 38, faced prejudice this year Elena Serova, which on September 26 flew into space for 170 days together with American Barry Wilmore and Russian Alexander Samokutyaev. Elena became the fourth woman in the history of our country (after Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Savitskaya and Elena Kondakova) to conquer the Universe, and the first woman to land on the ISS. She prepared for the flight for 8 years and went through the same loads and tests as men., - admits Serov to the newspaper Trud. But it seems that not this statistics will go down in history, but how the beauty rebuffed the journalists who tried to see the fragile muslin young lady behind the impregnable and brave heroine. It didn't work out!

When Serova was asked how she was going to take care of her hair and what hairstyles to braid in outer space, she asked to forward this question to her colleagues: for some reason they were not interested in how they were going through separation from their family and whether they would use cosmetics in airless space.

And later, in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Elena emphasized:.

The life of Serova does not differ from the life of other modern women who are fighting for a place under the sun in the male world, while creating a family hearth and caring for children. Elena found her happiness with former test cosmonaut Mark Serov and is raising 11-year-old daughter Elena. And when asked by Rossiyskaya Gazeta about working with her husband, she says:.

For Elena, the conquest of space is an old dream. Her passion for flying was instilled in her by her father, a military pilot, who often took the girl with him to the airfield. At school, she was fond of astronomy, and after graduation she entered the Moscow Aviation Institute. Then she worked as an engineer, and then got into the main operational group of the Mission Control Center.

Serova's step into airless space definitely marks a move in favor of space girls. After Elena left Earth, the head of the Federal Space Agency Oleg Ostapenko said at a press conference that he did not exclude a completely female crew:.

And now women who have just begun mastering the profession of an astronaut are preparing for a flight from Russia - Anna Kirina and Sarah Brighton. Former radio host Anna Kirina from Novosibirsk was selected as a result of an open competition for a flight into space. And the British singer Sarah Brightman herself decided to train in Star City and gave $ 52 million for the opportunity to join the space dream team.True, they will be able to conquer space not earlier than in 3-4 years, which will go on intensive training. Girls, you are just space!

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