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You are my addiction: 5 star couples tied by love, alcohol and drugs
You are my addiction: 5 star couples tied by love, alcohol and drugs

The main secret of a happy relationship is shared hobbies. The heroes of our collection had not just a hobby, but an addiction - one for two. True, their stories - without a happy ending …

You are my addiction: 5 star couples tied by love, alcohol and drugs

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

Were together from 2005 to 2007

In 2005, at a party on the occasion of her thirty-first birthday, the supermodel met punk musician Pete Doherty. Pete was five years younger than Moss and by the age of 26 (at that time) had a scandalous reputation. Doherty was even kicked out of his own band, The Libertines, for disorderly conduct and drugs. Friends and mom of the model Linda were against such a union, but Kate fell in love.

The relationship was stormy. Kate Moss tried to cure Doherty of drug addiction, and he actively resisted, periodically raising his hand to the model. Kate continued to treat him, gradually yielding to the persuasion of her beloved to try dangerous entertainment again.

Kate Moss returned to drugs and lost many contracts. Feeling guilty, Pete agreed to rehab, but after undergoing treatment, he returned to old habits.

Kate decided to leave. Pete explained their frustration in his own way: "It's because I could not shower diamonds on her, and my penis is too small." It took a little while, and rumors spread that Pete and Moss were back together.

In April 2007, Doherty announced that he and Kate were engaged. The couple decided to follow a special diet to prepare for the baby's birth, but as soon as Kate left Pete, he returned to his old habits again. In July 2007, the couple broke up completely: this time, Kate was sobered by Pete's betrayal. Immediately after the breakup, she kicked her lover out of the house, and in one of his interviews he called Kate "an old wallet." But nevertheless, he confessed his love and begged her to return. Moss didn’t come back, but she turned down the interest she was supposed to receive from songs she co-recorded with Pete. Moss also offered to pay for Pete's next treatment and bought him a fifth anti-heroin implant.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Were married from 1992 to 2007

In 1989, Whitney met New Edition rapper Bobby Brown, whose marriage literally ruined the singer. The couple got married in 1992, and this was a special year in Houston's career and life. The film "The Bodyguard" was released, which was destined to become a cult movie along with the song I Will Always Love You. In the same year, Whitney went down the aisle with Bobby Brown, followed by 14 long years of scandals and beatings …

At the time of their acquaintance, Whitney was more popular than her boyfriend, and after "The Bodyguard" the artist was assigned the status of an icon, which could not but irritate her young husband. Whitney adored Bobby, and in their relationship, she never relegated him to the background. She was not embarrassed either by his reputation as a bully and a rake, or by three children from former women whom he refused to support. As Whitney later admitted, she had fun with her lover - this is the whole secret. But the fun did not last long.

Bobby regularly beat Whitney, but she, despite developing anorexia nervosa, continued to justify her beloved and patiently wait for him from prison after another fight or accusation of drunk driving. In 1996, while Bobby was in prison, Houston had a miscarriage (at that time, a daughter, Christina, was already growing in the family). Why didn't Whitney leave? It was love, and also - Bobby Brown put his wife on drugs. “Whatever to do - if only with him. He was my drug himself! " - Whitney admitted many years later on the Oprah Winfrey show. Yes, and it was easier for both to smooth out conflicts and put up with them "high".

Houston decided to file for divorce only in 2006 - after another fight, which was already witnessed by the couple's adult daughter.Whitney got rid of her husband, but not from the addictions that she acquired in marriage with him. Six years later, the singer was gone …

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Sibyl

Were married from 2007 to 2009

Amy became a discovery in the world of music, but, having achieved success, the artist quickly rolled down, succumbing to her passions. Between performances and recordings of songs, Winehouse was treated with varying degrees of drug and alcohol addiction. And the fact that the singer acquired destructive habits, the family and fans blamed her longtime boyfriend, the slacker Blake Fielder-Sibyl, whom Amy met in 2003, the year of the release of her debut album Frank. Journalists who followed the singer's life claimed that it was Blake who suggested that his beloved use crack cocaine and heroin together.

In 2007, the guys got married and instead of a honeymoon went to a rehab clinic, from where Amy fled five days later.

In 2008, Blake was sentenced to 27 months in prison for assaulting a pub owner in Hoxton. In prison, Blake Fielder began divorce proceedings, but the separation still did not save Amy from alcoholism.

Amy, 27, died of alcohol poisoning in 2011, and Blake … In the same year, he was again imprisoned for burglary. At that time, the young man was already remarried and even managed to become the boy's father, but this circumstance did not change Blake's habits. In 2012, he experienced a coma due to an overdose.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Were married from 1992 to 1994

52-year-old Courtney has a life full of dangerous adventures behind her shoulders, and one of them is her marriage to the leader of the cult rock group Nirvana. Both were playing grunge, hanging out and expanding their minds. According to rumors, even pregnancy did not help Courtney overcome drug addiction, which the artist developed in her youth. Courtney was almost deprived of her parental rights, accusing her of the fact that the expectant mother, even in the position of … used heroin! Dad, however, did not lag behind. A year after the birth of his daughter, the musician, while under the influence of heroin, shot himself in the mouth with a shotgun. Cobain's body lay in an empty house for three days - all this time his wife and relatives were looking for him in Los Angeles, where he was undergoing treatment for addiction in a clinic, from which he fled to his home in Seattle.

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen

Were together from 1977 to 1978

Nancy from New York, a girl groupie, crossed the ocean in 1977 with one goal - to surrender to all the members of the British punk group Sex Pistols, of which Syd was a member. Despite the fact that there were five musicians in the team, Nancy managed to carry out her plan with only three - in fact, on Side her sex marathon ended, as the guys fell in love with each other. Heroin and Nancy were Sid's two main addictions, and the girl happily shared his passion.

But the bandmates did not like Vicious's habits or his girlfriend, but all attempts to protect Sid from drugs and Nancy were in vain. In the end, it was heroin that put an end to the scandalous love story of punks.

On October 12, 1978, Vicious woke up in a hotel room in New York and found Nancy in the bathroom with his own knife stuck in the stomach. The day before, the couple had been taking heroin, and Sid had no recollection of what happened after he and Nancy had injected. There were no signs of a struggle and a break-in in the room, and the shocked Sid first confessed to the police, whom he himself called, that most likely he did it. Later, Vicious, who was under arrest, began to deny his guilt, and his relatives, who were witnesses, suggested that the killer could be one of the drug dealers who came to the room that night. Vicious, in their opinion, was only a witness to the tragedy, but he could not remember anything at all.

And yet, in the absence of other suspects and, in general, any evidence, the court found Vicious guilty. But he did not live to see the verdict: at first he made an unsuccessful suicide attempt, and then died of an overdose.Vicious's friends and mother claimed that Syd took the double dose on purpose in order to still commit suicide.

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