Childbirth contrary to tradition: how Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana became mothers
Childbirth contrary to tradition: how Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana became mothers

The birth of a new member of the royal family is an important event. Recently, the traditions of British monarchs have changed. Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Meghan Markle became mothers in different conditions.

Childbirth contrary to tradition: how Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana became mothers

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

The Queen Mother became the mother of two daughters. In April 1926, the future Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, was born. The birth was difficult: the king's wife had to undergo a caesarean section. The house where Lilibeth first found herself in her mother's arms was located in the residence of the Earl of Strathmore in Brewton Street, Mayfair. It was rebuilt into offices, but a commemorative plaque has been preserved on the building.

George VI, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and little Elizabeth II

George VI, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Little Elizabeth II, Legion-Media

The second birth of the Queen Mother was much easier. In 1930, the Duchess of York gave birth to Princess Margaret. The sister of Elizabeth II became the first member of the ruling family, who was born in Scotland, relatively close to the crown in 300 years. She was born in a castle located near the village of Glams, in Angus County.

Princess Margaret with her older sister and mother

Princess Margaret with older sister and mother, Legion-Media


Meghan Markle and other stars who live in luxury homes

Prince Harry and Meghan Mark settled in a luxurious mansion in California worth $ 14.5 million. Meghan and Harry's American mansions include 16 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, games room, gym, library and a private tea room.

Elizabeth II

Prince Philip's wife first became a mother in November 1948. The birth lasted 30 hours, but Prince Charles was born naturally. At this time, the husband of Elizabeth II carelessly played squash and swam in the pool. However, it is worth noting that she herself asked the Duke of Edinburgh not to be with her that day.

Elizabeth II looks at Little Prince Charles

Elizabeth II looks at Little Prince Charles, Legion-Media

The Queen's daughter was born in August 1950. Then Buckingham Palace was under restoration, and therefore Her Majesty decided to give birth in the London residence of the monarchs Clarence House. Thus, Princess Anne became the queen's only child born outside the palace. The birth of Prince Andrew in 1960 also marked a special distinction. This is the first heir, whom Her Majesty gave birth to already in the status of a queen.

Prince Philip and Elizabeth II with their children, Charles and Princess Anne

Prince Philip and Elizabeth II with children, Charles and Princess Anne, Legion-Media

The youngest son of Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, was born in 1964. This time, she went against tradition and allowed Philip to be present at the birth. Prince Philip held his wife's hand.

“The fact is that at that time she was very fond of women's magazines, which emphasized the importance of having the baby's dad also attend the birth. Elizabeth really liked this idea. This is how Prince Philip became the first "royal" father in modern history to witness the birth of his child,”said the royal biographer Ingrid Seward.

Her Majesty and Prince Edward

Her Majesty and Prince Edward, Legion-Media

Princess Diana

From an early age, the queen of human hearts doted on children. The marriage to Prince Charles did not work out the way she dreamed. But the birth of sons brought a lot of joy to Lady Dee's life. The princess refused to give birth to her first child in the palace, but trusted the doctors at St. Mary's Hospital. And for good reason. Diana had to choose a date so that Charles didn't have to miss a polo game. The doctors used stimulation at the request of the princess, although experts insisted otherwise. Diana was constantly nauseous, they wanted to have a cesarean section for her.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Little William

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Little William, Legion-Media

“The mother's temperature jumped sharply, so the doctors were seriously worried about the baby's health.Eventually an epidural was administered and she gave birth on her own. No surgery or forceps was needed,”said biographer Andrew Morton. So in June 1982, Diana became the mother of Prince William.

The birth of his brother was easier for the princess. For the first six hours she read the book while Charles sat in the chair next to her. Then the Princess of Wales asked to put an ice cube in her mouth and lubricate her lips with a moisturizing balm. In this setting, Prince Harry was born in September 1984.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the Little Prince Harry

Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the Little Prince Harry, Legion-Media

Kate Middleton

Princess Diana's first grandson, Prince George, was born on July 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm. The birth was hard for Kate, it lasted 12 hours. The Duchess of Cambridge was in St. Mary's Hospital. “I was haunted by the smell of rot. I was really sick. I didn't eat what I had to eat, and yet my body was still able to take all the good things out of my body and grow new life. It's mesmerizing,”Kate said.

Dukes of Cambridge with newborn first child

Dukes of Cambridge with newborn firstborn, Legion-Media

Two years later, in May 2015, George's sister, Princess Charlotte, was born. This time, the whole process took only two hours and was easy. Happy parents drank a bottle of champagne. The Dukes of Cambridge welcomed their third child in April 2018. The boy became the largest in the couple - 3, 827 kilograms. Prince William was present at the birth of the first child, and Kate herself used the technique of hypnorods.

“Everything I did, I did for myself. Meditation, deep breathing and the like - everything that is taught in hypnorods - I really felt the power in it, and I suppose it helped me to take control of everything,”explained Middleton.

Dukes of Cambridge with children: George, Louis and Charlotte

Dukes of Cambridge with children: George, Louis and Charlotte, Legion-Media

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's wife gave birth to two children. The Duchess of Sussex, during her stay in the royal family, announced different views on childbirth and raising babies. Megan said in February 2018 that she is expecting a son, but intends to be guided by a "flexible approach to gender." Archie was born at London's Portland Hospital in Westminster in May 2019. Parents gave up the title of courtesy for their son and did not pose near the hospital, as their loved ones did.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with little Archie

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Little Archie, Legion-Media

In June 2021, Meghan and Harry became mom and dad for the second time. The Duchess of Sussex was under the supervision of doctors at the city hospital Santa Barbara Cottage, founded by 50 women. Prince William's brother and his beloved refused paid services. The newborn girl was named Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor - in honor of Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. It is curious that the full name of the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

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