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How the actors of "Twilight" have changed 9 years after the end of the movie saga
How the actors of "Twilight" have changed 9 years after the end of the movie saga

In November 2012, the last part of the film adaptation of the cult novel by Stephenie Meyer was released in the cinema. Since then, the passions for "Twilight" have subsided, the stars of the saga have long drawn in their fangs and many of the heroes of the franchise are unrecognizable!

In the summer of 2021, the last book of the "twilight saga", "Midnight Sun", was published in Russia. Fans have been waiting for this love story from Edward's perspective for over 12 years! But the film story about the relationship of an ordinary girl and a beautiful vampire ended almost a decade ago. Let's see how the actors who played the characters in the Stephenie Meyer saga have changed during this time.

Robert Pattison

Plays: vampire Edward Cullen

The romantic vampire saga that made the actor a star is a gift that Rob was not very happy with. The paparazzi on duty at the house, awkward interview questions, rumors and a lack of personal life - that's why Pattinson hated his starring role in "Twilight".

After the end of the franchise, he decided to participate only in those projects that are recognized by critics at film festivals. In some films ("Adolescent Age", "Echoes of the Past", "Cosmopolis"), the artist began to appear in parallel with filming in the twilight saga. And this new experience completely captured him. After the end of Twilight, Rob found himself in the Australian independent film Rover and in Cronenberg's Star Map, in which he laughed at the ghostly Hollywood standards of a successful life. Then he starred in Christopher Nolan's own film "Argument". And in 2022 "Batman" will be released. It was with Rob in the title role. Are looking forward to!


Kristen Stewart and other stars, whose wedding fell through on the eve of the celebration

The delight of the fans of "Twilight" was endless when it became known about the novel of the heroes of the saga in real life. The gossips discussed where and when the engagement would take place, and even made bets. But the celebration did not take place: the couple broke up in the spring of 2013, and the reason was the bride's infidelity. Kristen was repeatedly noticed in the arms of the director of "Snow White and the Huntsman" Rupert Sanders, and, apparently, Pattison's patience came to an end.

Having survived the betrayal of his partner in the movie saga Kristen Stewart, Pattinson won the heart of the informal singer FKA twigs. True, even here it did not come to a wedding. For several years now, Rob has been dating British model and actress Suki Waterhouse. But the lovers do not advertise their relationship.

Kristen Stewart

Plays: Bella Swan

No sooner had the first part of "Twilight" been published, when rumors about the romance of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appeared in the press. The stars became the main targets of the paparazzi, who followed their night walks and meetings in bars. But when the actors did reveal the relationship, the hype around them did not subside at all: reporters began to place bets on the place and date of the upcoming wedding.

However, the celebration never happened. In the summer of 2012, Kristen (apparently forgetting that her every step gets to the press) found herself in the arms of director Rupert Sanders, which the whole world learned about the next day. Robert tried to forgive Kristen, who prayed for this, but his kindness was only enough for a few months. In the spring of 2013, they parted completely and irrevocably.

Now the actors don't communicate. Since then, Kristen has switched to girls: since the summer of 2021, rumors have been circulating about her secret wedding with screenwriter Dylan Mayer. Like Robert Pattinson, Stewart often appears in independent films. And in November 2021, a biopic about Princess Diana will be released: with Kristen in the title role.

Taylor lotner

Plays: werewolf Jacob Black

Taylor Lautner has always been friends with sports. He practiced karate as a child and even showed off his martial arts skills in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava by Robert Rodriguez. Therefore, Lautner did not find it difficult to train for Twilight.He easily managed to gain 13.5 kilograms of muscle mass. And if in the first part of the saga his hero has long hair (the actor wore a wig) and a thick sweater, then in the second part the werewolf appears with a short haircut and a perfect torso.

True, since the end of "Twilight" Taylor has lost his former form, and the actor is not doing well with cinema. In addition, he used to meet famous girls: at one time, Taylor Swift even dedicated a song to her lover! But for the past few years, Lautner has been dating a regular California nurse. And he seems happy with how his life is going.

Ashley Greene

Plays: vampire Alice Cullen

Ashley Greene had her first fans even before the release of the first part. Dedicated book fans dedicated countless websites to the actress, and especially stubborn ones came to the shooting and stood outside the fence for hours, hoping to see their idol with at least one eye. But it was only at the premiere of "Twilight" that the actress suddenly realized the scale of the general insanity: "The fans set up a tent camp around the cinema to see us."

Meeting with musician Joe Jonas, the actress did not consider it necessary to hide the relationship, and the photos of the couple did not disappear from the chronicles. Ashley secretly told the whole world about her great love. And then the couple broke up. And if it was pleasant to experience happy moments with the whole world, then reading tearful stories in the press, the heroine of which you are yourself, is a dubious pleasure. And Ashley shut her mouth.

In 2018, the actress married actor and musician Paul Kourie, with whom she is happy to this day. She acts in films from time to time: she has not had any bright roles in recent years.

Cam Gigandet

Plays: vampire James

Best of all on the screen, Cam Gigandet is able to arrange fights (the reason lies in his passion for the Israeli martial art Krav Maga). He won the MTV Movie Awards twice for Best Fight: in 2008 for Never Back Down, in 2009 for Twilight (the famous fight with Robert Pattinson).

Cam made his debut in the fourth season of the popular television series C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, followed by The Young and the Restless and Jack and Bobby, and after filming the TV series Lonely Hearts, Gigande came to real success.

Cam Gigandet is the father of three children. Together with his wife Dominik Geissendorf, he brings up daughter Everly Rae and son Recker, as well as baby Armie. From time to time, the actor acts in films, but more often in rather episodic roles.

Peter Facinelli

Plays: vampire, father of Edward Cullen

Facinelli's film debut took place in 1995. He played the devil in Rebecca Miller's Angela.

The humble Peter does not like to remember his track record, and about the role of Carlisle Cullen, he jokes that he has completely merged with his hero. Although the vampire is eternal 23 years, he is a wise person and has a large family that needs to be surrounded by care and love.

Peter was married to actress Jenny Garth, whom he met on the set of Love Unfinished in 1996. At that time, Jenny was married, and Peter had to work hard to achieve reciprocity. The couple have three daughters, the eldest of whom is 20 years old. Since 2012, the artists have been divorced. Then Peter dated actress Jamie Alexander for several years, but in 2016 this relationship also came to naught.

Elizabeth Reaser

Plays: vampire, mother of Edward Cullen

The actress and her Twilight character have a lot in common. Like Esme, Elizabeth is a staunch vegetarian. Moreover, she is one of the most active members of the PETA animal rights organization. Elizabeth's hobbies are basketball and athletics, despite her height of 159 cm. From time to time, Reaser appears in high-profile films and TV shows. For example, she played a minor role in the cult TV series True Detective, and then starred in Netflix's eerie horror film Haunting of the Hill House.

Kellan Lutz

Plays: vampire Emmett Cullen

At school, Kellan Lutz dreamed of becoming a chemical scientist, and his acting experience was limited to the Christmas production of "Oliver Twist" for the local church.

But after graduation, his life plans changed dramatically. Lutz moved from North Dakota to Los Angeles to live with his father (parents divorced when Kellan was 6 years old and lived separately), and this city turned Kellan's head. He wanted to act in films and dropped out of college.

Lutz climbed the career ladder slowly but surely. First, there were episodes in the series “The Daring and the Beautiful”, “C. S. I. "," The client is always dead "," Eternal summer ". Crazy fame after "Twilight" did not spoil the guy in the least. According to others, he remained the same kind, open and friendly. Kellan is also involved in charity work - raising funds for orphans and victims of natural disasters.

Nicky Reed

Plays: vampire Rosalie Hale

In the life of every person there are fateful meetings. So it happened with Nikki. Shy and not dreaming of fame, the girl met Catherine Hardwig (who directed the first "Twilight"). A friendship struck up between them, and in 2002 the girls wrote the script for the film "Thirteen" together. Friendship with Katherine decided a lot during the selection of candidates for the role of Rosalie Hale.

In early 2015, Nikki divorced singer Paul MacDonald and after just three months she married the hero of another bloody saga - the star of The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder. In July 2017, the couple became parents for the first time. Since then, Nikki has not acted in films. It seems that the beauty has decided to devote herself to the family.

Anna Kendrick

Plays: Jessica Stanley

Anna Kendrick began her career with musicals: at the age of 12, she performed on Broadway in the production of High Society, and so well that she received a nomination for a Tony Theater Award. Becoming an actress, Anna did not give up singing and showed her talent in the musical films "Into the Woods" and, of course, the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy.

Today Kendrick's filmography includes dozens of roles. And even victories in prestigious film awards!

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