Husbands, children and divorces: the secrets of the personal life of Olga Orlova and other "Brilliant"
Husbands, children and divorces: the secrets of the personal life of Olga Orlova and other "Brilliant"

The Russian counterpart Spice Girls was at its peak in the late 90s and early 2000s. Curvy beauties with sweet voices have captivated millions of men. We learned how the ex-members of the bright female collective live now.

Husbands, children and divorces: the secrets of the personal life of Olga Orlova and other "Brilliant"

Olga Orlova

The singer in 1995 entered the first lineup of the sexual trio. She was accompanied by Polina Iodis and Varvara Koroleva. Olga's debut took place in the first video of the group "There, Only There". The star was the author of many songs, including "Cha-cha-cha" and "Chao, bambino!" After five years of successful performances, the producers said goodbye to the soloist because of her pregnancy.

Olga Orlova was the first soloist of the collective

Orlova gave birth to her husband, businessman Alexander Karmanov, a son, Artyom, but their relationship did not work out. The blonde began to develop a solo career, and then became the co-host of the show "Dom-2" on the TNT channel. Now the miniature beauty hides the chosen one, with whom she has an idyll. "I'm happy! I have everything I need for this. My parents are alive, I have a wonderful son, whom I am proud of! I am absolutely happy as a woman, because next to me is a man whom I could only dream of,”she assured.

Olga Orlova with her son and pets Image

Ksenia Novikova and other stars who, when divorced, could not share the children

Ksenia Novikova knows firsthand what litigation for children is. In 2011, the singer began a fight with her former lover Andrei Sereda for the sons of Miron and Bogdan. After parting, the former lovers raised their children together. Once Andrey took his sons for the weekend and disappeared. It turned out that Sereda took the boys abroad. Novikova did not understand how he managed to do this, because she had the children's passports. Ksenia, with the help of the police, managed to return Miron and Bogdan. She went to court and won the case. The boys stayed with their mother.

Ksenia Novikova

In 1999, Ksenia Novikova, who had previously acted as a backing vocalist, was admitted to the group's soloists. Ksenia was in all three "golden compositions" of the group and spent eight years in it. She is the author of the lyrics for the song “And I Fled All The Way,” which is considered the “calling card” of The Brilliant.

Ksenia Novikova was the soloist of the group for 8 years

Novikova had a difficult relationship with the opposite sex. In her first marriage, with Andrei Sereda, she gave birth to two sons - Miron and Bogdan. The father of the artist's children took the kids to London by deception. Mother tried to reunite with them for a long time. The star, who survived the separation from the heirs, created the charitable foundation Our Meaning of Life. The marriage with Alexei Sorokin also ended in divorce.

Ksenia Novikova fought for sons

Yulia Kovalchuk

The pop diva in 2001 became the soloist of the group, in which she previously performed as a dancer. She toured with colleagues for six years. During this period, four dozen songs were recorded. Julia waited until the end of the contract and took up her solo career.

Julia Kovalchuk is married to Alexei Chumakov

For five years Kovalchuk met with colleague Alexei Chumakov, who became her devoted husband. The couple are raising their daughter Amelia, who is hidden from the fans. The musicians adore the girl and each other. "One Love. Only a true man can make a woman look at him like that for many years,”the young mother said.

Julia Kovalchuk is happily married

Anna Semenovich

Anna became famous as a professional skater. She tried her hand at being a TV presenter and once interviewed The Brilliant. Soon, the girl received an offer to become part of the group and left the Muz-TV channel. The former athlete made sacrifices for her dream job. “When I passed the casting, they dyed me red and made a square. I was horrified, to be honest, but the producers said: it will be so and nothing else,”said the platinum blonde.

Anna Semenovich with colleagues

Semenovich continues to perform solo. She twisted passionate novels, but has not yet gone to the registry office.The singer was only 40 years old thinking about marriage and motherhood. “I would like to start a new life for myself and give birth to children. I'm finally ripe for this. Everyone has their own time for this … It's good that health allows you to give birth to a child and create a family. I hope that the Universe's plans for me coincide with mine,”the artist expressed hope.

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Natalia Friske

The late Zhanna Friske left the group in 2003 for a solo voyage in show business. In 2007, her younger sister decided to try her hand at the "Brilliant". Spectacular Natalya was initially inspired by a new project, but stayed in the team for less than a year.

Natalia and Zhanna Friske

Natalia and Zhanna Friske, Legion-media

In 2013, Friske married an employee of the Ministry of Emergencies, Sergei Vshivkov. The older sister was already struggling with cancer at that moment and was unable to attend the wedding. The couple built a business in Sri Lanka, but it went bankrupt. Soon, their relationship came to naught.

Natalia Friske with her ex-husband

“I came to divorce myself. But I have been preparing for this for a year. And then I just went and applied - that's all! " - admitted a relative of the late pop star. Instadiva works as a permanent makeup artist. She met a new love in the face of a blue-eyed handsome man named Alexander.

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Earlier, Natalia Friske boasted of a successful face plastic. Anna Semenovich in a daring outfit with a slit from the hip charmed men. Naked Olga Orlova in the Seychelles made a splash.

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