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Dream hair: 6 rules style icons follow
Dream hair: 6 rules style icons follow

Yes, heredity plays a role, but without these life hacks, hair will never look perfect. Calm down: everything is very simple!

Dream hair: 6 rules style icons follow

1. Trust the haircut and coloring only to the pros

For a hairstyle to look luxurious, it must correspond to your type, face oval, hair structure, take into account the rate of their growth and the methods of styling that are convenient for you. A professional stylist always takes all factors into account before proposing a new shape or color to you. Therefore, do not skimp on the hairdresser.

2. My head, as the masters advise

With cool water (maximum - water at room temperature) and observing the sequence: wet hair, pour shampoo in the palms, lather it in the palms, apply to the hair roots, massage, quickly distribute over the entire length and rinse. And only so!

3. First, conditioner, then shampoo

The hair will be easy to comb, but will not become greasy and dirty faster. But they will shine!

4. Cleanse your scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. In order to efficiently and safely clean the root zones from styling microparticles, dirt, dust and other unpleasant things, once a week they moisten a cotton swab with tea tree oil and, dividing the hair into a parting, pass over the entire surface of the scalp. And it will be even better if you take a peeling for the scalp and use it a couple of times a month.

5. Brush less often

The less you fiddle with your hair, the healthier and more beautiful it is. All these myths about 100 brushing a day are out of date! Trichologists are convinced: the less often you touch your hair, the better.

6. Give up chemistry

Organic products not only do not harm the hair, but also take care of it, making it denser, thicker and shinier. They cope with the task not worse, but better than chemical ones, so there is no reason to make a different choice.

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