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Below the skirting board! 6 ways to increase blood pressure without medication
Below the skirting board! 6 ways to increase blood pressure without medication

Low blood pressure may not be accompanied by any unpleasant and painful symptoms and be a variant of the norm. But this does not always happen: for some, low pressure is not normal at all, and its fall requires immediate action.

Below the skirting board! 6 ways to increase blood pressure without medication

Figured out what can help build up blood pressure quickly and found 6 working methods. Contents of the article 1. What pressure is considered low and why it is dangerous 2. 6 simple ways to help increase blood pressure 2.1 Eat salty 2.2 Drink water 2.3 Take a contrast shower 2.4 Drink coffee 2.5 Change your position 2.6 Try breathing exercises Hide

Blood pressure is one of the important parameters that can be measured to assess the state of health. The indicators measured with a tonometer depend on the pressure of the blood flow on the walls of blood vessels at different points in the contraction of the myocardium - the heart muscle.

Pressure readings of 120 to 80 are considered normal. Small fluctuations, within 10-15 points, are possible, and more serious deviations in one direction or another may become a cause for concern and additional examination.

A condition in which the pressure indicators exceed the norm by 20 or more points is called hypertension. This condition is dangerous to your health and can cause serious problems such as a stroke. There are many ways to lower blood pressure, both with and without medication. But what if the pressure is much less than normal?

What pressure is considered low and how dangerous it is

Low blood pressure is said when indicators for a long time do not exceed 100 to 60. Hypotension can be physiological, that is, it is simply a feature of a person associated with his heredity or lifestyle. In addition, it can be caused by taking certain medications, such as diuretics, - after stopping the use of drugs, the pressure indicators will return to normal. And, finally, low blood pressure may indicate that not everything is in order in the body.

Among the most common symptoms of low blood pressure are:

  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • severe sleepiness.

If other symptoms are added to these symptoms, for example, difficulty breathing, a shaky gait, vision problems, sticky sweat, confusion, this is a reason for an urgent visit to a doctor, no initiative is suitable here.

If the situation is less serious and the discomfort due to low pressure is limited to weakness and dizziness, then you can try to correct the situation yourself.

6 easy ways to boost your blood pressure

Eat salty


People who suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure are usually advised to limit their salt intake. We usually eat too much of it anyway, and therefore eating less salt is very beneficial.

With low blood pressure, the situation is the opposite - the use of salt will help to raise it. This is not about eating everything with the maximum amount of salt - try this trick once. Constantly raising the pressure with something salty is definitely not worth it, it can provoke serious heart problems.

Drink some water


It is likely that your blood pressure has dropped due to not drinking enough water. Consuming a lot of fluids is, in principle, important for health, and a lack of it can lead not only to the principle of hypotension, but also to other problems. If you see that the pressure has decreased, try drinking a glass of water - experience shows that this can work.

By the way, try to combine these two tricks: drink a bag of salted nuts with a glass of water.

Take a contrast shower


An emergency way to increase blood pressure is to take a contrast shower.Alternate between warm and cool water, but do not overdo it, the shower should not be very hot or very cold.

Have a coffee


Strong coffee has a tonic effect, and therefore, most likely, even a small cup will help raise the dropped pressure. True, there is a caveat: the coffee method will work only for those who do not drink coffee very often. It will not work for avid coffee lovers, they have already developed resistance to the action of caffeine and coffee will not have the expected effect on them.

Change your pose


Try changing the position of the body and legs so that the volume of blood in the lower extremities decreases and the pressure increases. For example, cross your legs or cross your legs strongly at the hips.

A similar effect can be expected from compression stockings, which are often prescribed for those who suffer from varicose veins. Try putting them on (it's not easy) and the pressure will go up a bit. Please note that not everyone can wear compression stockings: in some forms of heart failure, they may be contraindicated, and therefore it is imperative to consult a doctor before using them.

Try breathing exercises


Take advantage of the Indian breathing practice - pranayama. It is definitely not necessary to master all exercises to increase pressure, just one is enough. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your nose. This exercise is called bhastrika: practice it for 5-10 minutes and it will help increase your blood pressure.

Again, all of these methods are suitable for situations where low blood pressure causes only discomfort and is not life threatening. It is dangerous to prescribe any medication for yourself or ignore alarming symptoms - in such cases, you need to see a doctor, and not try to cope on your own.

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