Pregnant stars love to get naked! Candid photos of Nyusha, Samoilova and others
Pregnant stars love to get naked! Candid photos of Nyusha, Samoilova and others

Waiting for a baby is not at all a reason to give up spicy outfits. Oksana Samoilova, Alesya Kafelnikova, Nyusha and other stellar Russians have proved this with their examples.

Pregnant stars love to get naked! Candid photos of Nyusha, Samoilova and others

Oksana Samoilova

It's hard to believe, but Djigan's wife is a mother of four children. The popular fashion model and blogger gave birth to three daughters from the rapper - Ariela, Leia and Maya. The fourth pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for Oksana and her chosen one. The couple were delighted when they found out the gender of the future baby. It turned out to be a long-awaited boy. Samoilova anxiously awaited the birth of David and posed in tiny swimsuits on the beaches.

Oksana Samoilova during pregnancy with her son David Dzhigan's wife in position starred in bold bikinis

Natalia Podolskaya

The Eurovision 2005 star is married to Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. He has an eldest son, Nikita, from Christina Orbakaite. In the marriage of the singer with Podolskaya, two more heirs were born - Artemy and Ivan. The pop diva did not try to hide her enlarged belly under hoodies. On the contrary, she showed off the changed forms in bright swimsuits. Favorite models of Natalia - one-piece with a variegated print and a retro scarlet bikini.


Oksana Samoilova and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Oksana Samoilova is a mother of four children. The birth of the youngest heir, the son of David, was not easy for the blogger: first, several hours of labor, then an emergency caesarean section and a long wait for a meeting with her son - the boy was immediately taken to the intensive care unit after birth. In a recent interview, Oksana said: “Do I still want to be pregnant? No! This, of course, everything is beautiful and cute, but I like babies in my arms much more than in my belly.” Perhaps the star is still disingenuous. Oksana was lucky with genetics. She quickly recovers from childbirth.

Natalia Podolskaya during pregnancy with her second son Ivan The singer emphasized her tummy with bright beach outfits

Yulianna Karaulova

The singer is in a civil marriage with sound producer Andrey Cherny. They met at the "Star Factory - 5", where Julianna participated. The performer of the hit "Vneorbitnye" is in no hurry with the wedding, although she received a marriage proposal. The couple had a son, Alexander. The ex-soloist of the 5sta Family group showed off her body in her underwear during pregnancy. The star also starred topless, showing off her enlarged breasts.

Graduate Yulianna Karaulova posed topless

Galina Bob

The actress of the series "Deffchonki" met her future husband on the set of the sitcom, which made her famous. Director Sergei Koryagin is 18 years older than his wife, which does not interfere with their happiness. Galina raised her sons Leo and Andrei when she found out about her third pregnancy. It turned out that she was expecting a girl. The daughter was named Margarita. A mother of many children in a position boasted of a new figure, and also starred naked. Bob's belly is decorated with a drawing in the form of a globe.

Galina Bob - mother of many children The actress starred naked during pregnancy Click and watch

Alesya Kafelnikova

The top model is happy in a relationship with businessman Georgy Petrishin, the former fiancé of actress Svetlana Khodchenkova. Alesya is active in social networks, but for a while she disappeared from sight. The catwalk star explained her disappearance. She unveiled pregnancy in a sparkling top and blue boyfriend jeans. Kafelnikova also starred in a milky outfit with feathers that drew attention to her tummy. “Few people know, but I have always dreamed of being a young mother,” the beauty shared. She gave birth to a daughter, Kiara.

Alesya Kafelnikova while waiting for her daughter Kiara The model hid the pregnancy for a long time


Nyusha chose Igor Sivov, the chief adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation, as her husband. He has two sons from a past relationship. In a marriage with Nyusha, a charming daughter appeared. The girl received an unusual name - Simba. The artist happily bared herself during her first pregnancy. The star originally declassified the second - in the clip "Heaven knows". At the end of the video, a young mother appeared naked.She soon confirmed the position, starring in a neon mini, and then in a top and panties.

Nyusha during pregnancy Simba
The singer before the birth of Simba starred in transparent underwear

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