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"I was sick of myself": what did their ex-husbands say about the stars
"I was sick of myself": what did their ex-husbands say about the stars

Divorce is a delicate matter, and not all men are ready to walk this path with dignity. We have collected the statements of the ex-husbands of star beauties: stupid, angry or grateful.

Justin Portman

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Natalia Vodianova and Justin Portman divorced in 2011. Neither 10 years of marriage nor three children were able to save the family of the supermodel and the English lord. After their separation, the former spouses remained silent about the reasons for the divorce, but at the end of 2015, the English lord wrote an open letter on his Facebook page.

“My life was no longer in sync with her fashion life. I thought she was ashamed of me. I was becoming to her like an old and outdated Louis Vuitton bag. Then I volunteered for a 28-day course at a rehabilitation center. It quickly became apparent to me that this was not where I should be, but I decided that I should stay there for my family. On the 27th day in the rehabilitation center - it was a traditional day when family and friends visited the patients - my ex-wife told me that she did not miss me at all and was not interested in my returning to the family. I experienced a huge shock, I was in great pain … "- admitted Portman.


Agnia Ditkovskite and other stars who remained friends after the divorce

After the divorce, Agnia Ditkovskite and Alexey Chadov continue to work and rest together. They spend their holidays with their little son Fedor, play a married couple in the play "Stranger", and at the beginning of last year, the actors became the hosts of the reality show "Allies" on STS, where divorced couples also participated. “We had a joint path of 10 years, and during this time we parted, and converged, and at some point we realized that we were destroying each other. After the divorce, it took me two years to reflect on everything and learn how to manage my emotions,”says Chadov.

Ben Affleck

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The acting couple announced their separation the day after the 10th anniversary of their marriage. Later it became known that the reason for the star break was the nanny of Ben and Jennifer's children, Christine Uzunyan. Affleck long denied his connection with the nanny of his children, but still admitted: the 43-year-old actor really "had fun" with the young governess, which he greatly regrets. In February 2016, Jennifer Garner gave her first candid interview with Vanity Fair magazine, where she said that she considers Ben to be the main love of her life.

After her words, Ben himself spoke up. Affleck admitted that now relations with his ex-wife have improved. Ben and Jen often spend time together and with their children, but according to the actor's assurances, they are no longer a couple.

“Jen is a wonderful person, we have a wonderful relationship now. I just saw her this morning,”said the actor.

Alexey Chadov

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Agnia Ditkovskite and Aleksey Chadov met in 2006 on the set of the film "Heat". After 6 years of relationship in 2012, the stars got married, and a year later they had a son, Fedor. The acting couple seemed like a close family, but in the past year, journalists began to suspect that things were not going so smoothly in the family of actors. Alexey and Agnia themselves remained silent.

Alexey was the first to surrender: in an interview with StarHit magazine, the actor admitted that he and his wife really broke up.

“Agnia and I really broke up. At the same time, we have maintained a good relationship - for the sake of our son Fedor. I sincerely wanted to create a happy family, but in life everything seems to be much more complicated. I am immensely grateful to Agnia for her son Fyodor and I will do everything possible and impossible to make him happy,”Chadov told the newspaper's correspondent.

Peter Kislov

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Actor Peter Kislov married Polina Gagarina in 2007, but after three years of marriage, the couple divorced. Peter remembers his ex-wife fondly, because she is the mother of his only child - son Andrey.

"Polina Gagarina and I got married after I came up and said:" I love you. I can't live without you. Be my wife. " We met Polina not then, but now, everything would have turned out completely differently. Polina has changed a lot, and so have I. But I don’t want to return anything, this is such a story that has been and has passed. It seems to me that in our divorce in first of all, I am to blame. She left, but all the actions that preceded this were done by I. But I do not regret anything, I hope, and Polina too. We ate each other a little, because we are very similar ", - said Peter …

Chris Humphreys

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The marriage of Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries lasted only … 72 days! The wife filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable contradictions." For Humphries, this came as a surprise: for several months he tried to return his wife, but in the end he agreed to annul the marriage and large bonuses, insisting that he became a victim of the Kardashian TV show.

“I love my wife and I’m just shocked that she filed for divorce. It all happened so unexpectedly. I want to save this marriage, and I will ask my wife to stay,”the ex-husband of the star admitted to reporters when he learned about the upcoming divorce.

Alan Badoev

ex-husband of Jeanne Badoeva

The first hosts of the popular show "Heads and Tails" were married for 12 years, but in 2012 the couple announced their divorce. The reason is the fading of feelings, but this does not at all prevent them from considering each other close and dear people. Alan himself speaks of his ex-wife with warmth and love:

“Zhanna is a special place in my life, because she gave me a child and created me the way I am. We've been together for 12 years! Starting from the student's bench to the present day. I don't know if there are such couples in our show business who have not lost respect for each other for so many years; couples who, despite everything, remain very significant to each other. I don't think that both in my life and in her life there will be people who will know about us at least part of what we know about each other. I don't know if I can find in someone else such a magic of insane inner beauty, turning into indescribable femininity."

Guy Ritchie

ex-husband of the madonna

Being the husband of a restless Madonna is a difficult and responsible task. But at one time, Guy Ritchie risked "taming" the beauty: in 2000, the lovers got married. True, after 7 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce.

“Having married Madonna, I stepped into a soap opera and lived in it for quite a long time. I would probably be even more eloquent if the marriage with Madonna lasted longer,”the director told American journalists three years after the official divorce.

Ashton Kutcher

ex-husband demi moore

One of the unspoken reasons for the divorce of the Hollywood couple was Ashton's desire to become a father. He understood that in a marriage with Demi he was unlikely to have children, so he hoped that his wife would file for divorce herself. All the quarrels and disagreements prompted the young actor to go "left": after the betrayal, Demi no longer found the strength to try to maintain the relationship.

After the divorce, Ashton Kutcher tweeted: “Throughout my life, I will fondly cherish the memories of the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in our life … Sometimes a union between two people fails."

Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband

Brad Pitt speaks warmly of his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Aniston. But there was a time when he spoke out more harshly and even unpleasantly. So, in an interview, the actor admitted that the period when he was married to Aniston was uninteresting, and he was literally sick of himself!

“I began to realize that I was desperately trying to do a film that showed an interesting life, but my own life was not interesting at all. I think it had something to do with my marriage. He was not really what we tried to make him look like."

Russell Brand

Katy Perry's ex-husband

The marriage of singer Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand lasted just over a year and left a trauma in the soul of the abandoned man.He allows himself to make harsh statements about his wife, with whom he has not communicated for almost 5 years. “The following happened regularly. Everyone said: "Who is this? Yes, this is Katy Perry's husband." You have no idea how infuriated I was, because I was associated with what I hate in my life - with a boring, empty and artificial celebrity, "Russell complains to reporters …

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