Beauties with gorgeous breasts! Spicy photos of the wives of Leps, Zhukov and other singers
Beauties with gorgeous breasts! Spicy photos of the wives of Leps, Zhukov and other singers

The whole country knows the husbands of these star beauties. But Anna Leps, Regina Burd, Inna Mikhailova and other ladies are not going to remain in the shadow of their chosen ones. They look great and are happy to show off sexy figures.

Beauties with gorgeous breasts! Spicy photos of the wives of Leps, Zhukov and other singers

Anna Leps (wife of Grigory Leps)

The wife of the performer of the hit "A Glass of Vodka on the Table" is 10 years younger than her chosen one. The age difference does not bother the spouses. Anna admits that she and Gregory have a lot in common.

Anna and Grigory Leps

The spectacular blonde is raising three joint children - the daughters of Eva and Nicole, as well as the son of Ivan. In addition, Anna, together with Grigory, runs a family business - the star couple has their own jewelry house.

Leps always looks great. In everyday life, she prefers feminine outfits that emphasize her chiseled waist. The photographs in a bikini show that the star wife is actively involved in sports, and even young people can envy her figure.

Anna Leps

Inna Mikhailova (wife of Stas Mikhailov)

Inna met the singer in 2006. Then she first came to his concert and was amazed by the energy of the performer. The novel developed rapidly, despite the unfree status of both partners. Stas and Inna broke off past marriages and reunited. They got married in 2010. In marriage, they have two daughters - Ivanna and Maria. The spouses also have adult children from past relationships who spend a lot of time with them.

Inna and Stas Mikhailov

Inna always looks after herself carefully. In public, the wife of the hit "Everything for You" always appears with impeccable styling and makeup. Mikhailova managed to maintain a girlish slender figure, which she gladly demonstrates.

Inna Mikhailova

Marina Gazmanova (wife of Oleg Gazmanov)

Marriage with Oleg became the second for Marina. Before that, the popular blonde was married to Sergei Mavrodi's brother Vyacheslav. In these relations, her son Philip was born, he was later adopted by the performer of the hit "Esaul". From the artist, Marina gave birth to a daughter, Marianne.

Marina and Oleg Gazmanov

The 17-year age difference is not an obstacle for them. They spend a lot of time with each other and love to travel. Marina pleases fans with bright beach photos, in which she looks great.

Marina Gazmanova

Regina Burd (wife of Sergei Zhukov)

Regina is the second wife of the lead singer of the Hands Up! Group. Young people got married in 2007. Together they are raising three children - Nick, Angel and Miron. In the past, Burd was a soloist of the Slivki group, but after marriage she devoted herself to her family.

Regina and Sergey with children

Regina and Sergey are developing a joint business - a chain of confectionery shops. A mother of many children has an excellent figure. She shared a spicy photo in which she appeared naked, only covering herself with a hat. The daring shot caused a stir on the Web.

Regina Burd

Emma Malinina (wife of Alexander Malinin)

The performer of romances and his wife met in 1988. The beauty and sophistication of the girl conquered the musician. He was not at all embarrassed that Emma was divorced and she already had a son from a past relationship. Alexander himself at that time was twice divorced and was in no hurry to propose to his beloved.

Emma and Alexander Malinins

The couple nevertheless got married in 1990. They are raising two common children - Ustinya and Frol. The singer's wife was able to combine motherhood and a successful career. Emma is the owner of a testing clinic in Munich. Raspberries are in great shape and have kept their weight unchanged for many years.

Emma Malinina

The stepdaughter of Stas Mikhailova charmed the fans.

Sergei Zhukov showed an adult daughter living in the United States.

Here you can see what the heirs of Meladze, Leps and other artists look like.

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