Love lives for 3 years? Ivleeva, Galich and 5 more stars, whose marriages quickly fell apart
Love lives for 3 years? Ivleeva, Galich and 5 more stars, whose marriages quickly fell apart

The heroes of our collection, in a sense, confirmed the catch phrase that love lives for three years - their marriages did not last long.

Love lives for 3 years? Ivleeva, Galich and 5 more stars, whose marriages quickly fell apart

Has this ever happened to you - you look at a happy, just married couple, and in your head flashes: "For how long?" This is because strong, happy marriages are worth their weight in gold today. Few spouses manage to keep love. In the past few months alone, several stellar marriages have rapidly collapsed. They will be discussed in our material.

Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey

Have been married for 2 years and 4 months
Nastya Ivleeva and Aljay divorce

The relationship between Nastya and Alexei (Elj's real name, - ed.) Began in 2018 and developed quite rapidly. In the spring of 2019, the guys went to the registry office, and they made such a decision spontaneously, literally in between. “A friend put me up to him, said:“Look, everything fits together: you love her, it’s her birthday, you’re at home, your family is nearby, friends, what moment could be better?” I thought - everything really fits! "- Aljay admitted in one of the interviews. In September of the same year, they staged a magnificent celebration right in the courtyard of their house (the cost of which is estimated at 50 million rubles and which they will now have to share).

At the beginning of 2021, rumors spread about the separation of the couple, and, unfortunately, by the summer they were confirmed. The couple admitted that they simply lost themselves in this marriage. In the last months of family life, Nastya caught herself thinking that she wanted solitude and dreamed of the opportunity to do her own business. In spite of everything, Nastya and Alexey parted as friends.

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Ida Galich and Alan Basiev

Have been married for 2 years and 7 months
Ida Galich and Alan Basiev divorce

The story of Ida and Alan is in a sense similar to the previous one. The guys fell in love and decided to get married very quickly, literally in a few months. A magnificent celebration took place in May 2018 - the whole color of Russian show business was walking at the wedding. In February 2020, Ida and Alan became the parents of their son Leon, and it seemed that they were not happier in the world. But by the end of the year, subscribers began to notice that something was wrong in the family. Galich reassured: she and her husband just decided to take a break from each other. Alas, the rest ended with a final breakup. The couple broke up in December 2020, and filed for divorce in June 2021.

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Evgenia Loza and Anton Batyrev

Have been married for 9 months
Evgenia Loza and Evgeny Batyrev

In August 2019, actress Yevgenia Loza, who prefers not to share the details of her personal life, unexpectedly admitted that she was married. Anton Batyrev became her chosen one, and together they looked very cool. But Zhenya's fans did not have time to rejoice at such joyful changes in her life, as she announced the divorce in May 2020. The actress said that she and her ex-husband turned out to be different people, and that's all.

Later Evgeniya gave a little more information: “The divorce was difficult. It seems to me that he is such for everyone and always. This is not to say that we just took and divorced suddenly. There were a number of reasons for this. Now I don't communicate with Anton. At that time, Batyrev was already happy in a new relationship, and Loza noted that this did not bother her.

Dina Nemtsova and Dmitry Matevosov

Have been married for 7 months
Dina Nemtsova and Dmitry

Dina Nemtsova and Dmitry Matevosov have been together since school. As soon as the girl turned 18, she received a marriage proposal from her beloved. In August 2020, the guys got married. While skeptics continued to insist that Nemtsova and Matevosov were still too young for marriage, they got married in March 2021. And two months later … divorced. There were no intelligible comments.Dina only noted at length that the reasons were weighty, and her family supported her.

“She and I really turned out to be very different and with very different views on the institution of the family. The most interesting thing is that neither my friends, nor my family, nor I could understand the real reason, and I don't care. That is, there are many small factors that led to the divorce. We all accepted them, but, frankly speaking, they don’t pull for divorce, although at this age, perhaps, they do,”Dmitry later reasoned, also without making his statements clear.

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Emin Agalarov and Alena Gavrilova

Have been married for 1 year and 10 months
Emin Agalarov and Alena Gavrilova

Persona stars

After the divorce from Leyla Aliyeva, Emin did not advertise his relationship, therefore, he said little about Alena Gavrilova, when she became his girlfriend. We could only be content with the fact that these two looked really very beautiful. Their wedding in July 2018 was a pleasant surprise for fans. After five months, the couple became parents. Alas, in a covid year, this union did not pass the test of strength: in May 2020, Emin announced his separation from his wife. Alena simply disappeared from social networks, from which many folded the opinion that for her this news was also a surprise. The posts that followed after a while indirectly confirmed this. Be that as it may, it seems that the ex-spouses managed to maintain a warm relationship. And Agalarov not so long ago announced that he would like to marry again. Maybe on Alena again? All jokes aside - there were such rumors.

Ivan Telegin and Pelageya

Have been married for 3 years and 4 months
Ivan Telegin and Pelageya


The relationship between Ivan Telegin and Pelageya began with a scandal. They also ended with them. For the sake of the singer, the hockey player left his wife and small child. Their relationship developed rapidly, and very quickly, in the summer of 2016, the lovers got married. In January 2017, Pelageya gave birth to a daughter, Taisia. And already at the beginning of 2019, rumors began to appear about discord in the family. By the end of the year, they were confirmed: the singer officially confirmed that she and her husband were at odds with her. There was no need to voice the reason - she showed herself. It turned out that Pelageya, like Telegin's first wife, became a victim of treason. The hockey player simply fell in love and left his family. The divorce did not work out peacefully: the artist had to literally win the alimony for her daughter.

Andrey Arshavin and Alisa Kazmina

Have been married for 2 years and four months
Andrey Arshavin and Alisa Kazmina

A similar situation occurred in the situation with Arshavin and Kazmina. For the sake of Alice, the footballer left Yulia Baranovskaya, who was pregnant at that time with their third child. The lovers got married in September 2016, already in February 2017 became the parents of their daughter Yesenia, and in October they announced a divorce. However, the break did not take place, and the couple lived together for some time. And then everything was done on the knurled one: Alice accused Andrey of treason (that's a surprise!) And filed for divorce. Alas, the divorce proceedings are not in favor of Kazmina. Arshavin is doing everything to pay the ex-wife as little money as possible, he rewrote the house to his mother in advance, and forgot about his daughter altogether. Alice, on the other hand, has a black streak in her life: now she is experiencing serious health problems.

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