Big eyes and plump lips: what the actress of the TV series "Youth" looked like in childhood
Big eyes and plump lips: what the actress of the TV series "Youth" looked like in childhood

The famous beauties delighted viewers with their performance in the Bears hockey series. Natalia Rudova, Ekaterina Klimova and other actresses became famous as adults. What were they like in childhood?

Big eyes and plump lips: what the actress of the TV series "Youth" looked like in childhood

Ekaterina Klimova

The TV star appeared in the series in the role of the director of the hockey club "Bears" Victoria Kashtanova. The actress delights fans with her beauty and style.

Ekaterina was born in Moscow into the family of a housewife and an artist, but together with her older sister, she grew up without a father. The man was serving time for manslaughter. In infancy, Klimova looked like a chubby child, but her signature look was noticeable even then.

Ekaterina now

The future actress has shown talent since childhood. She took part in amateur performances with pleasure. Ekaterina entered the Shchepkinskoye School on the first try and graduated from the school with honors. Klimova admitted that her mother raised her in severity.

“To be honest, no one was talking to me. I had a fairly standard Soviet childhood. Mom worked as an accountant at the Thalmann factory. We were in kindergarten for five days, every summer for three months we went to the pioneer camp on vouchers from the same factory,”said Ekaterina.

Ekaterina with her mother as a child

Natalia Rudova

The actress played the role of the wife of one of the hockey players Natalia Zhdanova. The bitchy beauty was simultaneously having an affair with his brother.

Rudova was born in Uzbekistan and spent her childhood in Kazakhstan. But in fact, Natalya is a hereditary Petersburg woman. Her grandmother lived in Leningrad and moved to a hot country during the blockade.

Natalia now

After the divorce of her parents, Natalya with her mother and sister moved to the Ivanovo region. The girl was fighting - she loved active games and often walked with broken knees. Once the future actress almost died. She fell off the swing and suffered a severe concussion.

“When they say to me:“Natasha, let's go to nature”. I say I don’t need to. I need the steppe, sand and sea. I love Aktau. I wouldn't trade it for anything in my life. The best time that I had was my childhood,”Natalya admitted.

Rudova's acting talent was revealed in the seventh grade. Then she began to attend a theater club and actively participated in school performances. Natalia is often suspected of lip correction. Looking at the children's photos, it becomes clear that she got her spectacular appearance by nature.

Natalia as a child

Anna Mikhailovskaya

The actress played the daughter of the head of the local traffic police Yana. Her heroine married a talented hockey player Andrei Kislyak.

Anna was born in Moscow into the family of a flight attendant and a graduate of the Civil Engineering University. Since childhood, her mother taught the girl to always look perfect: choose clothes and do makeup.

Mikhailovskaya was an excellent student at school and was going to follow in her father's footsteps. She was a professional choreographer and received the title of Candidate Master of Sports in Sports Dance. At the dance classes, the schoolgirl was noticed by the producers and invited to shoot in the series "The Most Beautiful".

Anna ce

Over the years, Anna has hardly changed. She now looks younger than her age. Mikhailovskaya admitted that in childhood she did not realize that she was attractive. “Until the age of 13, I definitely considered myself ugly. Only when I went to dance in another studio and saw the interest of older boys in me, I thought that maybe I’m not that ugly,”said the actress.

Anna as a child

Yana Koshkina

The actress played the role of Natalia Rudova's on-screen friend Svetlana Savchuk. The girls communicated thanks to their husbands who play in the same hockey team.

Yana was born in St. Petersburg.As a child, the future star of the Once Upon a Time in Russia show was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. Already in her school years, Yana received her first role in the TV series "OBZH". After that, she decided to enter the Academy of Theater Arts.

Yana now

One of the sexiest Russian actresses admitted that she did not think about her attractiveness. “I spent all my childhood up to the age of 14 in the gym, doing rhythmic gymnastics and thinking only about sports results. There was no time to make up especially, if only for competitions where bright makeup was needed. And even at the age of 15-16, having entered the Theater Academy, I did not think about beauty. Only in the second year, when an object of sighing appeared, began to pay attention to how I looked,”said Koshkina.

As a child, Yana had thick brown hair. The girl wore two ponytails and even then had full lips.

Yana in the series

Yana in the TV series "OBZH", Still from video

Julia Margulis

The actress got the role of the leader of Marina's support group. Her heroine met with the captain of the "Bears" Yegor Shchukin.

Julia was born in Kazan. She was fond of vocals and performed on stage, but dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Later, the girl decided that she would become an actress, and entered the Kazan Theater School, and then at the RATI GITIS. Margulis took part in the "People's Artist - 3" competition and made her debut in an episode of the "Univer" series.

Julia now

“I have been studying singing and dancing since childhood. And when I grew up, I realized that I wanted to play in a movie. Over time, there was a desire to combine these three facets, and I turned out to be a kind of musical actor,”Yulia admitted.

Julia in the series

Julia in the TV series "Univer", Still from video

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