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What happened to the performers of one hit - Alice Mon, Roerich, Vlasova and others
What happened to the performers of one hit - Alice Mon, Roerich, Vlasova and others

Today you will probably immediately sing lines from songs like "Ladoshka", "Music plays on the ship" or "I am at your feet." Do you know where the performers of these immortal hits are today? Cosmo set out to find out.

What happened to the performers of one hit - Alice Mon, Roerich, Vlasova and others

To these songs we fell in love, experienced partings, danced at family parties and discos. Some performers of these hits, such as Valentina Legkostupova ("Yagoda-raspberry") or Alexander Barykin ("I will drive the bike for a long time"), alas, are no longer with us. And many continue to perform with compositions that once glorified them throughout the country. But first things first.

Yana - "Lonely Dove"

Yana Yana

The debut and only disc of the singer Yana in 1998 became super popular. Largely - thanks to the song with heartfelt lines "Lonely dove on the cornice outside the window."

The artist tried to consolidate her success with the track "Roses", but it failed. In 2001, Yana tried to return with the soundtrack to the film "The Right to Choose", but no one noticed her appearance.

And then marriage, the birth of Dasha's daughter, and Yana disappears from the radar for several years. In 2012, she returned and since then has occasionally released new songs. Of course, her work has very few listeners today. For example, a song released in April 2021 has only 1,400 plays. But the singer does not give up and continues to do what she loves.

Svetlana Roerich - "Ladoshki"

Svetlana Roerich Svetlana Roerich

The hit "Two palms - gentle cats" in the mid-90s sounded from every iron. For its performer Svetlana Roerich, this was not glory that fell from the sky, but the result of long and hard work. "Ladoshki" appeared in the artist's repertoire after the release of the first album, therefore, having heard how people accept the composition at concerts, Roerich made it the title of her second album. And he took off.

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Alas, the action was one-time: the third album did not have such a success, and by the beginning of the 2000s, Svetlana had stopped her concert activities. In 2011, she tried to return, but there was no loud comeback. Today Roerich is the owner of her own PR agency, PR director of two charitable foundations and a blogger who positions himself as a time manager for children and their parents. Sometimes the artist recalls the past and performs at private holidays or City Days.

Olga Zarubina - "Music plays on the ship"

Olga Zarubina Olga Zarubina

In the early 80s, aspiring singer Olga Zarubina made great strides, performing in VIA "Muzyka". In 1983, she married the then little-known singer Alexander Malinin, but the marriage did not work out. Immediately after the birth of her daughter Kira, in 1985, the couple broke up, and Olga continued to build a career. And in 1987 she woke up famous when she released the song "Music plays on the ship."

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Against the background of popularity, Zarubina switched to cinema, then she was caught singing to a soundtrack, and by the early 90s Olga, desperate to build a successful career in her native country, emigrated with her second husband and daughter to the United States. Like many other heroes of our collection, at the beginning of the tenth years the artist tried to return to the stage, but the matter did not go further than retro concerts, although Zarubina recorded and records new songs. Today, however, Olga still sometimes performs and even tours.

Group "Sweet Dream" - "On a white blanket in January"

Sergey Vasyuta Sweet Dreams

The group "Sweet Dream" has existed since 1990, but the artists did not work out anything more popular than the hit "On the White Blanket of January". The song is 30 years old, but even today people listen to it with pleasure, so the band does not stop touring. Since 1992, Sergei Vasyuta has been the soloist in the group.

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Fun fact: in 2000, information appeared that Vasyuta could not cope with a busy touring schedule, so he was looking for a double for himself to perform abroad.And the information was soon confirmed! Today Sergey copes with the loads on his own (or is hiding something from us).

Alice Mon - "Diamond"

alice mon alice mon

Alice Mon became famous 10 years before the release of the song "Almaz". In 1988, she released the song "Plantain", gained all-Union popularity, but could not keep it and disappeared from the radar. The reason for this is the jealous husband-producer, who raised his hand to her. Tired of enduring beatings, Alice fled to her native Irkutsk region, and one could forget about fame.

After 10 years, she returned with renewed vigor. The song "Almaz" and the super expensive clip shot for it in Miami helped to regain its former glory.

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Alas, the artist was again unlucky with the producer: this time she was left with nothing because of his financial machinations. Even the four albums released after "Almaz" did not help to maintain fame. In 2017, Mon reminded of herself by appearing on the "10 Years Younger" program, then auditioned for the "One to One" show, and began recording new songs. Like many stars of the 90s, now she performs mainly at retro concerts.

Natalia Vlasova - "I am at your feet"

Natalia Vlasova Natalia Vlasova

Natalia Vlasova has been writing songs since the age of 17. "I am at your feet" is the first composition recorded at the studio. And immediately such a success! The songwriter sent it to Moscow, and Natasha was immediately offered to sign a contract. In 1999, the composition falls on the "Song of the Year", and Vlasova wakes up famous.

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All these years, Natalia does not stop creating and releasing new songs, but for a wide audience she was lost. In 2016, Vlasova wanted to loudly declare herself with a new concert program, but she could not find her former success. In 2020, however, the artist's 10th anniversary album was released.

Larisa Chernikova - "I love you, Dima" ("Airplane in love")

Larisa Chernikova Larisa Chernikova

The life of Larisa Chernikova began like a fairy tale: she married happily and for love. Spouse Andrei Chernikov was a businessman and gladly financed the promotion of the beautiful wife on stage. In 1995, her first album, Lone Wolf, was released, and in 1996 everything collapsed: the singer's husband was killed. Some inexplicable debts were immediately hanged on Larisa, they began to threaten, but she was able to get out of this abyss and continued to sing. In 1997, she decided to change direction and released the perky song "I love you, Dima", which became a hit overnight.

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Then Chernikova released a lot of good tracks that the public loved, but none of them overshadowed "Airplane in Love". At the beginning of the 2000s, Larisa decided to radically change her life: she met an American on the Internet and decided to move to the United States, where she lived for more than 10 years - she gave birth to a son, became interested in animal husbandry and mantras. In 2017, she even released the Om Law album, where she sang mantras in Sanskrit. Now Larisa lives in Russia and sometimes goes on tour with concerts.

Mr. Credo - "Medlyak"

Mr. Credo Mr. Credo Mr. Credo

In the early 2000s, Alexander Makhonin and Olesya Slukina from the Mister Credo group blew up radio stations and dance floors with their heartfelt song Medlyak. Even today, 20 years later, covers are created for the composition, it still plays at school discos.

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Alas, such a bright start did not bring further superpopularity. The group released a few more cool songs like "Flock of White Swans", but then they went into the shadows. Nevertheless, Olesya and Alexander continue to tour the country from time to time. In addition, Slukina teaches at the Tchaikovsky Music School, and is also a soloist of the military orchestra of the Ural District of the Russian National Guard troops. The artist is married and has a daughter. There is practically no information about Makhonin (except for rumors about drug addiction), but his colleague in the group notes: "Alexander is doing well, he travels a lot."

Of course, we have not told about all the performers of one hit. Do you like the selection? Vote for the release of the second part - and we will continue to be nostalgic!

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