From "Good morning" to "Hello, Andrey!": All Malakhov's shows over 20 years of his career
From "Good morning" to "Hello, Andrey!": All Malakhov's shows over 20 years of his career

Many fans of the scandalous show "Live" do not even remember how it all began. We decided to return to our roots and remember the career path of Andrei Malakhov, which began 20 years ago.

From "Good morning" to "Hello, Andrey!": All Malakhov's shows over 20 years of his career

Andrei Malakhov's childhood was spent in the town of Apatity in the Murmansk region, from where, at the age of 16, he left to conquer Moscow. Malakhov entered the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, and later completed an internship at the University of Michigan in the United States. In 1995, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism Malakhov (with honors!) Began working as a correspondent in news programs, and since 1996 he became the host of the "Good Morning" program on ORT. On the morning air Malakhov worked for 5 years. In 2001, Malakhov's life changed completely - the talk show "Big wash" appeared on the television grid …


Big washing


"Washing" (a variation on the theme of the American "Jerry Springer Show") is the brainchild of Malakhov, who groped for a gold mine and has been successfully playing the format of "true" stories to this day. "Laundry" won against "Windows" in that the stories sounded less absurd and more like the truth.

Another fundamental difference between "Washing" from "Windows" or "My Family", where the private personal lives of the heroes were discussed, was that the clothes of the stars were often shaken up on the air.

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Andrey Malakhov and other stars who hide the faces of their children for many years

TV presenter Andrei Malakhov on his instagram often shares photos with children, but his own son is not among them. Andrei Malakhov and his wife Natalya Shkuleva became the parents of the long-awaited first child three and a half years ago, but they still have not shown the boy. One of the few cases when the TV presenter talked about his son was the release of the talk show "Live", during which the name of the baby was chosen with the help of audience voting. By the way, the boy was named Alexander.

Five evenings


In September 2004, "Washing" was reformatted into "Five Evenings", the slogan of the program read: "Malakhov has become more serious." And in fact, instead of stories about how a young Siberian woman bewitched her husband or a mother-in-law from Alupka bullies her son-in-law, the guests in the studio discussed the presidential elections in America, social benefits and a living wage, sports and politics.

But, of course, even "becoming more serious", Malakhov did not forget to indulge the viewer with the revelations of the stars. In March 2005, even Zemfira appeared at the Five Evenings studio from the promo of her fourth album, Vendetta. The guests of the show at different times were Leonid Yakubovich, Alexander Abdulov, Natasha Koroleva and others.

Lie detector

2010- 2011

An analogue of the American project The Moment of Truth with a cash prize of one million rubles lasted a year on the First Channel. Natalya Shevchenko became the only winner of the psychological project who reached the end in October 2010.

Let them talk

since August 2005

For so many years of stable broadcasts, the show "Let Them Talk" has become a powerful trendsetter. The releases of the show are discussed not only by housewives and the older generation of TV viewers, but Malakhov himself, in addition to jokes, influences the fate of people. We don't think it's worth going into the details of the phenomenon of Diana Shurygina, who in 2017 became the heroine of five episodes of the show. Surprisingly, Diana did not become the guest-record holder in the history of Let Them Talk. Before her, Prokhor Chaliapin managed to keep the audience's interest for several issues, who either married a woman who is 28 years older than him, then divorced her, then announced his engagement with the young mother of his child, then found out that the child was not his.

Both Diana and Prokhor received money for their participation in the show. The Shurygin family earned about 200 thousand rubles for five broadcasts. Prokhor, according to the anonymous former editor of the project, is somewhat smaller. It is also known that actress Lindsay Lohan was paid 600 thousand rubles for an interview with Malakhov.

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“An ordinary citizen can be offered fifteen thousand rubles for a start (this is in addition to paid travel and accommodation),” a former employee of Let the Talk tells about the work of the show. - If he doesn’t agree, the rates will go up. Not to say that editors waste money. 50 thousand - if the story is absolutely "shikardos". Most of the potential heroes, if they are from the provinces, bite at the very opportunity to see Moscow, to get on television."

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Tragic and sometimes creepy stories of ordinary people from all over the country alternate with hot topics. For example, the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, the story of the shot down "drunk" boy Alyosha Shimko, the detention of 10-year-old poet Oscar in the center of Moscow, and more.

In 2017, it became known that Malakhov was leaving not only the post of "show host", but the channel in general.


since September 2012

The show "Tonight" is dedicated to touching stories exclusively of celebrities: Russian musicians, actors, writers and others. For the first time, Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze appeared in the studio as spouses, actor Valentin Gaft met with his adult illegitimate son, the 20th anniversary of the Hands Up! noted musician Sergei Zhukov.

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Andrey Malakhovya Live

since August 2017

Having switched to another channel, Andrey replaced Boris Korchevnikov as the host of the Live TV talk show, who in turn switched to the Spas channel. First of all, the name of the program was changed, and since then it sounds like this: “Andrey Malakhov. Live". In this show, the TV presenter feels like a fish in water - he has no equal in maintaining intrigue and passion in the studio.

Hi Andrew

since December 2017

In November 2017, it became known that a Saturday program was being prepared for production, similar to the show "Tonight", which Malakhov hosted on Channel One. The new program was named "Hello Andrey!" and first aired on December 16 of the same year. Each new issue is dedicated to celebrities - their birthdays and anniversaries, anniversaries, success stories and creative paths. In short, a good evening entertainment show, far from intrigue, scandal and investigation.

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