Shyness disappeared: stars who made unexpected confessions about intimate life
Shyness disappeared: stars who made unexpected confessions about intimate life

Many artists are used to discussing everything that happens in their life. Therefore, some of them do not hesitate to share the details of their sexual experiences.

Shyness disappeared: stars who made unexpected confessions about intimate life

Aiza Dolmatova

A young mother is happy in a relationship with Oleg Miami. Instadiva had been married twice before, but found personal happiness only with the singer. Their intimacy happened immediately. “I slept with him on the first date. I just haven't had sex for a long time. He is a lover from God - I can talk about sex with him for hours. I feel so good with Oleg that for the first time I don’t want to prove anything to anyone!” - emphasized the ex-wife of Guf.

Isa and Oleg Miami

Nastya Ivleeva

The host of the show "Heads and Tails" is married to musician Eljay. According to Nastya, size matters to her. "A small penis is a sentence," said instadiva. Ivleeva stressed that she was satisfied with the dignity of her husband. And sex with Aljay turned out to be the best in her life. "Every time - it's some kind of fantasy!" - admitted the star.

Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey

Lyaysan Utyasheva

Pavel Volya's wife also does not hide ardent feelings for her beloved. The titled athlete has repeatedly stated that they have a hectic sex life. “I sometimes get tired at night, but he is insatiable. He has three legs,”Laysan shared.

Laysan and Pavel Volya Image

Julia Kovalchuk and other stars who hide the faces of their children for many years

In 2017, a daughter, Amelia, was born to Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov. Unlike many star couples, parents did not actively share this news in their accounts. The ex-soloist of the "Brilliant" group published a photo from the maternity hospital only for her daughter's third birthday. On all the other photos, only the arms, legs or the shadow of the baby are visible. The couple explain that in this way they protect Amelia from evil people. In addition, Julia and Alexei want their daughter to have a normal childhood - without gadgets, social networks, and even more so the press. The couple decided that they would show the girl when she was at a conscious age and she wanted to. While at public events Kovalchuk and Chumakov appear together, and the girl stays at home with a nanny.

Yulia Kovalchuk

The ex-soloist of the "Brilliant" group has been happy with the singer Alexei Chumakov for 13 years. Spouses believe that variety is important in sex. The artist answered several intimate questions: “- I was lying, that my head hurts so as not to make love? - No. - Have you used adult toys? - Yes. - Made love on camera? - Yes. - You were tied up in bed? - Yes. - Did you download anything on pirate sites? “Yes,” admitted Kovalchuk.

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov

Anita Tsoi

The pop star has been married to Sergei Tsoi for 30 years. The couple were able to maintain a warm relationship and former passion. The performer emphasized that there is still enough intimacy in her life. “I can honestly say that sex has not diminished! On the contrary - cool, there is no fear of getting pregnant! " Anita noted.

Anita and Sergei Tsoi

Yulia Kovalchuk starred in a spicy way. The star posed in a T-shirt and black thongs, showing off a toned figure.

Anita splendidly expressed her opinion about the future daughter-in-law. Choi stressed that she would like to see a Korean woman in this role.

Laysan was photographed with her husband. The spicy photos stunned fans.

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