Dukan, Kremlevka and others: why protein diets are evil
Dukan, Kremlevka and others: why protein diets are evil

New diets appear every day, but most of the girls stay true to the old and "tried". One of the most popular is still the "protein diet". Millions are losing weight on them, despite the fact that nutritionists around the world are sounding the alarm.

Dukan, Kremlevka and others: why protein diets are evil!

What is the problem here? The answer is simple: striving for quick and easy weight loss, people just as quickly and quickly deprive themselves of health. We talked about the pros and cons of protein diets with nutritionist-nutritionist, head of the department of the Rakhat clinic Jamilya Atabieva.

The essence of protein diets

The essence of any protein diet (Kremlin, Ducan and others) is an increase in the amount of proteins (proteins) and a sharp decrease or complete rejection of carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are the building blocks for absolutely all organs and tissues, and they are certainly necessary for our body. But do we need so much protein? Let's figure it out. The daily protein intake for an ordinary person is 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. To make it clearer, let's give an example: in 100 g of chicken breast - 29, 55 g of protein; 100 g of beef - 26, 33 100 g of protein; in an average portion of cottage cheese - about 13 g of protein. An ordinary person does not need more than this norm. Moreover, everything that the body receives in excess - it simply does not assimilate.

Pros of protein diets

Why is everyone so fond of protein diets? The Kremlin diet and the Dukan diet are among the most popular among Russian women. They undoubtedly have a lot of advantages:

  • rapid weight loss due to fat mass (in 2-3 weeks you can lose about 5-9 kg);
  • a varied menu, because proteins are vegetable (legumes, nuts, seeds, mushrooms) and animals (fish, poultry, not fatty meat);
  • almost complete absence of a feeling of hunger due to the fact that protein in the format of these diets can be consumed in large quantities;
  • beautiful muscle relief, provided that you play sports.

Dangers of protein diets

A sharp increase in the amount of proteins threatens serious dangers for the female body., Salt deposition (hello, gout), an increase in cholesterol levels and, as a result, an increase in the risk of stroke and heart attack. Against the background of protein diets, the gastrointestinal tract suffers greatly: due to the almost complete absence of fiber, the intestinal microflora is disturbed and appear. The body simply cannot digest too much protein, and the remaining protein begins to rot in the intestines, poisoning the entire body.

In addition to problems within the body, expect also "external" troubles. During a protein diet, a violation of carbohydrate metabolism occurs, so it will become your faithful companion.

Another unpleasant "bonus" is a decrease in efficiency. During a protein diet, the brain does not receive the glucose it needs, you become nervous, irritable and inattentive. Hey, !

"I will drink vitamins!" - you will say. But here, too, not everything is so simple. Even if the body receives the substances it lacks from vitamin complexes and dietary supplements, it will not be able to assimilate them for a reason.

But that's not all. Due to a lack of fat, menstruation occurs (it may even stop menstruation), and due to protein breakdown products, too much nitrogen is formed, which is deposited in the genital tract (which can lead to). Not the most pleasant prospects, agree?

Who are protein diets suitable for?

Protein diets are suitable only for absolutely healthy people. And then no more than 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, the harm from such diets is many times greater than their benefit. It sounds trite and old as the world, but the best thing for the body is a balanced diet. A person should receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals from food, and for this, proteins, fats and carbohydrates must be present in our diet.

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