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This is overkill! Unsuccessful photoshopped stars - 20 photos where they don't look like themselves
This is overkill! Unsuccessful photoshopped stars - 20 photos where they don't look like themselves

Remove wrinkles, retouch veins or even out the skin a little: we all understand that gloss is gloss. But there is a limit to everything!

1. Kate Winslet

bad photoshop photo

Fotodom / Rex Features

unsuccessful photoshop photo before and after

The actress has said more than once that she will not do plastic surgery and injections, she will not go on a diet and torture herself with training, as she supports the idea of ​​natural aging. It's not very clear why her cover photo underwent such an obvious retouch … Kate looks great in real life (even in paparazzi shots!).

2. Kourtney Kardashian

bad photoshop stars photo

Life and Style magazine

bad photoshop stars photo

OK! Magazine

After the birth of her son Mason, Courtney posted a photo on her Instagram, where she was holding the baby in her arms. In the photo he is only 7 days old! Naturally, Courtney could not lose weight in such a short period after giving birth, but for the cover of the magazine, her image was photographed as if she was not pregnant at all. What for? Unclear.

3. Britney Spears

unsuccessful photoshop stars examples with photos



Kate Winslet and other stars who are pissed off about their roles

Kate Winslet loves the movie Titanic itself, but is not very happy with her role: "In every scene, I thought, 'What, really? Is she really going to do this?' And also my American accent, I can't listen! Many actors are very critical of themselves, and I am no exception."

Britney herself posted unretouched photos from the filming of the advertising campaign to the network to dispel the myth of ideal bodies. “In fact, I look like an ordinary person, the specialists processed the photos for advertising posters, they even removed the tattoo!” - wrote the star.

4. Kim Kardashian

unsuccessful photoshop kim kardashian photo

Complex magazine got it wrong by accident: instead of a retouched photo, it accompanied an article about Kim with real pictures. A few hours later, the photo was replaced and a scandal erupted. Even Kim herself intervened: “I insist on real photographs. I have full thighs and have cellulite. And I have nothing to be ashamed of,”she said.

5. Avril Lavigne

bad photoshop avril lavigne photos

Maxim / Ben Scott

The singer's hand disappears behind her hair … Oops! So thin? No, as it turned out, initially Avril was standing with his hands on his waist and spreading his elbows to the sides, just for a better reading of the titles on the cover, they decided to move his hand. It turned out what happened …

6. Beyonce

bad photoshop in photo magazines

Fotodom / Rex Features

unsuccessful photoshop in photo magazines before and after

Harpers Bazaar / Terry Richardson

The singer is rightfully proud of her appetizing forms, and it is completely unclear why, with the help of Photoshop, she was “painted” such a gap between the thighs.

7. Lady Gaga

Image Image

Vogue / Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

On the cover of the magazine we see one Lady Gaga, and on the video, which simultaneously appeared on the website of the publication, is completely different. And how could this happen?

8. Prince George

examples of failed photoshop in magazines

Fotodom / Rex Features

examples of failed photoshop in magazines before and after

Us weekly

When George was still young, one magazine decided that with gray eyes he would be even more beautiful, so they changed his color. The reaction of the royal court remained unknown …

9. Kate Middleton

examples of unsuccessful photoshop in photo magazines examples of unsuccessful photoshop in magazines a selection of photos


The prince's mother also got it: etching the image of William of Cambridge from a photograph, the retouchers at the same time reduced the Duchess's waist! The magazine had to publicly apologize to the star for the unsuccessful photoshop.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

bad photoshop on the cover photo

GQ / Alasdair McLellan

It remained a mystery why the original photo of the editorial office of the magazine did not suit, but after the appearance of a real photo of Jennifer on the network, the fans were outraged: why was their favorite so redrawn that she simply could not be recognized? We don't understand either.

11. Mariah Carey


bad photoshop on the cover

bad photoshop on the cover of the magazine

Def jam recordings

And here there is no one to blame: the singer herself gave the go-ahead for the retouching of the picture. Mariah, we love you for who you are!

12. Kristen Stewart

bad photoshop on the cover of a photo magazine

Glamor / Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Guess the riddle: where did Kristen's left hand disappear to?

13. Fergie

unsuccessful photoshop selection

Glamor / Matthias Vriens-McGrath

The singer's fans noticed that Fergie's legs are of different thicknesses. And we didn't even notice …

14. Ashlee Simpson

unsuccessful photoshop stars compilation unsuccessful photoshop selection of photos

Complete woman

Believe it is true. The photo on the left and on the cover is the same girl. I want to cry! Why did the editorial board of the magazine do that?

15. Demi Moore

bad photoshop demi moore

W Magazine

Not only did the tabloids write that this body wasn’t Demi, but simply “photoshopped” her head to the model who participated in the show in this outfit, but there is also trouble with her hip!

16. Gwyneth Paltrow

bad photoshop gwyneth paltrow photos

Fotodom / Rex Features

This is how editors see the star. Unexpected, right?

17. Sarah-Jessica Parker

unsuccessful photoshop Sarah-Jessica Parker

This is not Sarah, this is some kind of cyber monster! Another example of bad photoshop in magazines.

18. Tina Fey

unsuccessful photoshop tina fey


Five-year-old Tina was slashed on the cheek with a knife by an intruder. The actress deliberately does not mask the scar, considering it part of her personality. However, this did not stop the retouchers - they smoothed Tina's skin to a flawless doll-like state.

19. Kerry Washington

unsuccessful photoshop Kerry Washington

Kerry, is that really you?

20. Zooey Deschanel

bad photoshop zooey deschanel

Aerobatics for a retoucher: with a slight movement of the hand, Zoe turns into … Jared Leto ?!

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