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Don't even try: how diet pills destroy health
Don't even try: how diet pills destroy health

Summer, beaches and open clothes - all this once again makes us think about the figure and getting rid of excess weight. There are a great many ways to lose weight: diet, sports, massage, or maybe some kind of medicine will do?

Don't even try: how diet pills destroy health

The idea of ​​taking diet pills can seem tempting, especially if the manufacturer promises quick results. There has always been a demand for such drugs: buyers in all countries are looking for an easy way to lose those extra pounds, without really thinking about the consequences of using such drugs. The pandemic also contributed. The Russians, forced to stay at home, work at home, study at home and eat at home too, began to gain weight abruptly. It was difficult to dump it (again at home), and therefore the idea of ​​buying magic pills at the pharmacy seemed to many to be just excellent. Russians in 2020 became interested in weight loss products in various forms almost a third more often than before the pandemic.

It is not difficult to buy diet pills now, if you wish. Most of the products are sold without a prescription in pharmacies, and some can even be bought in a large supermarket. Let's try to figure out what diet pills are, how they work and what effect is supposed to be achieved with their help.

There are several types of pills, each of which has its own properties and consequences for the body.


Taking such pills suppresses your appetite, you really start to eat less, and due to this, the weight will begin to decrease. Sounds great, but as soon as you take the recommended course, the weight will immediately return and bring additional pounds with it.

What is inside?

In fact, such pills are fraught with a bunch of side effects, ranging from a change in skin tone to disruption of the nervous system. People who overeat and feel that they should limit their food intake is best to stop and think about why they are eating so much. There is usually some kind of psychological trigger. In this case, it is worth contacting a specialist, a psychologist will help you understand yourself, and a nutritionist will help you adjust your diet.

One of the victims of diet pills was singer Billie Eilish, who began using drugs at the age of 13. The dance teacher insisted that a girl needs to lose weight in order to continue dancing. The result of the admission was low self-esteem, enuresis, the need for sessions with a psychotherapist in order to learn to accept yourself for who you are.


Usually these pills are prescribed by a doctor if the patient has metabolic problems (he is suffering from constipation). These are over-the-counter drugs and anyone can buy them, but they can be very dangerous and will definitely not get you fat.

What is inside?

The uncontrolled use of such drugs is addictive and, as a result, leads to disruption of the intestines - this means that it will simply stop working on its own, and therefore, without eating these pills, you simply cannot go to the toilet.


Such drugs are designed to remove excess fluid from the body and relieve us of edema. Usually, a course of diuretics is prescribed for people with serious illnesses. A healthy person does not need such funds, they will only disrupt the water-salt metabolism, and the fat, as it was, will remain in place. Diuretics and laxatives are often used by those with eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.

What is inside?

Due to the lack of moisture, the cells of our body will begin to suffer from dehydration. Imagine that you stop drinking water on a hot summer day. As a result, this will lead to fainting and overheating of the body.

Preparations based on microcrystalline cellulose


These are the least dangerous drugs of all. Microcrystalline cellulose will not harm, but it will not be beneficial as such.

What is inside?

Once in the body, such pills swell and relieve you of hunger. A similar action occurs when you eat vegetables or green salad. The only difference is that there is no fiber in the tablets, which will get rid of toxins and take away excess water.

Instead of buying pills, it is better to buy vegetables, berries and fruits for the same money. The fiber in these foods can help reduce hunger and lose weight. In addition, fiber is much more beneficial for digestion than microcrystalline cellulose.

I will add that in addition to proper and healthy nutrition, physical activity is also necessary. If you are thinking about a miracle diet pill, remember that if the pills were a really effective remedy that does not harm the body, then any doctor would not fail to use and advise them to patients. But usually such recommendations are not given by doctors, but by charlatans who can hardly be trusted.

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