The effect has not been proven! 4 diets that can hurt you
The effect has not been proven! 4 diets that can hurt you

Every year, new diets appear that become popular. But some of them have no scientific basis, or even completely harmful! Scientists talk about which meal plans are nearly impossible to test - and which ones shouldn't be bothered at all.

The effect has not been proven! 4 diets that can hurt you

Mono diet

It is based on a simple rule: eat foods from only one group. For example, meat or fruits, or even reduce the diet to one potato or chicken.

Obviously, the principle of losing weight on this diet is simple: pretty quickly, you will become imbued with aversion to monotony and will eat less. If you pull yourself together and eat 12 medium apples a day, you will receive only 900-1000 calories, which is less than the usual diet of an adult.

In addition, no food group has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. So it's not worth trying.

Charcoal detox

The idea of ​​removing "garbage" from the body is not new and is constantly growing in new ways. On a charcoal detox, a person drinks drinks with charcoal and … is he getting healthier before our eyes? Far from it!

Remember when people take activated charcoal: in case of poisoning or drug overdose. Yes, it helps, but the weight loss is not due to its action! In addition, charcoal removes nutrients from the body, so there is no benefit from this detox.

Intermittent fasting

The principle of this diet: you can eat literally everything for several hours a day, then go hungry. Usually the day is divided into segments of 8-16 hours, where the longer period is fasting.

It is believed that during the time when the body receives only water, metabolic processes are activated. There are positive effects in getting rid of excess fat and lowering cholesterol. But scientists have not yet proven this in large studies, and the success of interval eating is largely associated with a decrease in calorie intake.

Low calorie diet

There are quite a few of them, and they differ in the allowed number of calories: for example, 800 per day (versus the usual 1400-2000). It would seem that nothing complicated: eat less - lose weight faster. But the body simply has nowhere to replenish the lack of energy, and if you eat in this mode for more than a week, you can feel bad. Any restrictions should be discussed with your doctor.

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