"Find yourself a man's hobby": 12 most harmful tips for a single girl
"Find yourself a man's hobby": 12 most harmful tips for a single girl

If you don’t have a partner, people around you will probably shower you with valuable directions on how to find one. Do not try to listen to them! Because more often than not, their advice is not only not useful, but also harmful.

"Find yourself a man's hobby": 12 most harmful tips for a single girl

Get down to business

Great advice! Get down to business and stop thinking about men, and they themselves will somehow materialize in the foreseeable present. But you, in fact, before meeting with the adviser, also did not pick your nose, but studied, worked and did other very important and interesting things. And, in fact, you continue to do this, right? Then what do they offer you - to sublimate, or what? Thank you, of course, but single young ladies hardly dream of following the life principles of Anatoly Wasserman.

Spend less time with your girlfriends

Because in the women's company there are no men, of course, which means there is nothing to catch there. Wait a minute! What about friendship? And with whom to talk, with whom to laugh, with whom to drink tea or something stronger, with whom to go shopping, with whom to watch a new film, with whom to share your life in general? If you think about it, the advice sounds something like this: “If you are very hungry, and you have only a piece of bread, throw it away. You don't really want bread anyway, but a steak with blood, right?"

Go on dates all the time

And even if you are not called to them, go anyway. Call yourself. We offer dating sites and apps: finding a gentleman there who is eager to meet is not a problem at all. If you go out on dates every night, quantity will sooner or later grow into quality. Well, for some reason people who want to do you good think so. In fact, this is what happens: firstly, after a week or two, you will feel sick. Any date requires a resource - strength and emotions that you will spend on a stranger. If you are an extrovert, you will hold out a little longer, and if you are an introvert, you will sleep in three days and will come to your senses for a week. Secondly, you will become a man-hater. Because a string of daily unsuccessful dates will turn anyone into a man-hater. And dates will be unsuccessful simply because you cannot agree to every invitation, and you understand that. So what, one wonders, do the advisers want you? Anything good? No. This one.

Get yourself in order

Well, yes, you got out of the trash yesterday, didn't you? It's amazing how tactless people can be when they want to do you good.

Get out of the house

Go to the theater, to the cinema, and … and somewhere else. The fantasy of advisers is usually limited to theater and cinema. The funny thing is that neither in the theater, nor in the cinema, no one meets anyone, they do not go there for this. But if you ask well-wishers where you can really meet a cool guy, they will start telling stories about non-existent girlfriends who have found their destiny … “Oh, well, I don’t remember exactly where, but, in general, they now have three children, and everything is fine!" Very valuable information, thanks, yeah.

Find yourself a "masculine" hobby

It's foolish to try to fish in a swimming pool, we agree. The only problem is that to meddle in the water without knowing the ford is also not very smart. If you are still not interested in boxing, football, fishing or historical reenactment, then you are not very interested. And then we turn on the logic: you start doing something just to get to know a man. You yourself do not like this occupation, but you heroically endure it, clenching your teeth. Attention, the question: what man can fail to notice this? Answer options: 1 - a narcissist (because he is only interested in himself), 2 - a fanatic (because he is interested only in that hobby), 3 - a nerd. What a rich choice, right?

Stop looking for the ideal

Who even told them that you were looking for the perfect man? Who told them that you generally have this very image of the ideal man with whom you compare hypothetical grooms? That's right, no one told them that. They themselves decided so, because you do not agree to meet with alcoholics, mama's sons, psychopaths and infantiles. I thought too much of myself, yes, yes. "Though inferior, but mine" - folk wisdom, which you are invited to follow. I don’t want to, right? That's not necessary.

Change something in yourself

Perhaps this advice could be useful if it had anything to do with what you really want. But, alas, the advice is not about you. This is advice on how to become comfortable for men. The funny thing is that a man is also not so much a man as a spherical horse in a vacuum. He does not exist, and therefore no one knows what he needs. But if you ask a counselor what exactly you should change, it turns out that absolutely everything needs to be changed. How did you live up to your age at all, if everything is wrong in you, huh?

Become more feminine

Oh, this is our favorite advice. Much more feminine, excuse me? If you were born a woman, you are already 100% feminine. Sew on the third breast?

Keep it simple

You’re not the Collatz hypothesis and you’re not methylpropenylenedihydroxycinnamenylacrylic acid. What do people want from you anyway? So that you buy up all Dontsova's detectives and watch Enjoy Movies comedies until they seem funny to you? Relationships are, of course, important, but not enough to change yourself. Especially when degradation is proposed as transformation, not development.

Be cool and independent

Hey, actually, you were like this before you broke up with your boyfriend. She worked, supported herself, took care of her parents, supported friends, set goals and achieved them. Stop treating relationships as serfdom! If a girl meets with someone, this does not mean that she obeys a man and even more so allows him to lead her life.

Just stop getting hung up on it

Just stop giving advice with the word “simple”! Oh, here's another thing: just go to hell!

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