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Tangerines are the head of everything: 3 magic recipes for the New Year
Tangerines are the head of everything: 3 magic recipes for the New Year

The scent of tangerines - a bitter citrus scent - will always be something magical. Of course, you can just put them in a slide on a platter, or you can show your imagination and surprise your guests.

Tangerines are the head of everything: 3 magic recipes for the New Year

Tangerine cake "Mikan"

from the pastry chef "Grand European Express" Ilyana Chernysheva



Cooli tangerine

  • puree "tangerine" - 300 g
  • passion fruit puree - 50 g
  • sugar - 130 g
  • gelatin - 10 g

Cooking method:

Bring mashed potatoes with sugar to a boil, remove from heat, add presoaked and squeezed gelatin. Pour into molds and allow to harden.

Chocolate dacquoise

  • sugar - 190 g
  • protein - 200 g
  • almond flour - 190 g
  • high-quality flour - 40 g
  • cocoa - 30 g

Cooking method:

Beat the protein, gradually add sugar. Mix dry ingredients separately. Then beat the protein, gently pouring in portions.

Spread over a silicone mat and bake for 10 minutes at 165 degrees.

Chocolate mousse

  • angles sauce - 250 g
  • chocolate - 350 g
  • tangerine zest - 1 pc.
  • cream 35% - 400 g

Cooking method:

Melt the chocolate, add the tangerine zest and combine with warm anglaise sauce. Then whip the cream separately and combine with the chocolate mass.

Pour chocolate mousse into a silicone mold, put tangerine coolies, again mousse and chocolate dacquoise. We put it in the freezer. Cover the frozen cake with orange glaze, decorate with a leaf and put on a base of chocolate shortbread dough.

Mandarina asesina cocktail

from the chef bartender of Cevicheria Latinos Stasi Kolesnikov



  • white rum on jalapenos - 20 g
  • aged rum - 30 g
  • fresh basil - 4 leaves
  • lime juice - 20 g
  • sugar syrup - 20 g
  • tangerine - 2 slices

Cooking method:

The method is shake. Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well. After drain. Decorate with a "cup" of burnt, twisted lime rind with slices of tangerine soaked in jalapeno marinade.

Mandarin tart

from the restaurant "Pub Lo Picasso"


Ingredients for 5 servings:

  • p \ f Biscuit Tangerine Cake 350 g
  • p \ f Ganache Sholokadny on Mandarin cake 200 g
  • tangerines 50 g
  • granulated sugar 15 g
  • tangerines 150 g
  • granulated sugar 60 g
  • chicken egg 2 pcs
  • almond flour 50 g
  • wheat flour 15 g
  • baking powder 2 g

Beat sugar and eggs. Mix wheat flour, almond flour and baking powder. Boil the tangerines and chop with a blender until puree. Add the flour mixture to the sugar-egg mixture and mix thoroughly, then add the tangerine puree. Divide the resulting dough into 2 parts, pour into molds and bake the cakes in the oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

  • cream 33% - 50 g
  • white chocolate 28% - 100 g
  • liqueur Cointreau - 50 g
  • tangerines on a branch - 50 g

Bring the cream to a boil, then add the chocolate and mix. Finally add Cointreau liqueur and mandarin pulp.

Combine the finished biscuits with a gonache, then divide into equal parts. Garnish the top of each portion with a peeled tangerine wedge. Sprinkle each wedge with granulated sugar and burn until caramelized.

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