Playful hairstyles and "anime heroine": the most striking transformations of Laima Vaikule
Playful hairstyles and "anime heroine": the most striking transformations of Laima Vaikule

The famous artist has become a style icon for many women in the post-Soviet space. Before arriving at a corporate, recognizable image, Laima Vaikule actively experimented with her beauty.

Playful hairstyles and "anime heroine": the most striking transformations of Laima Vaikule

Aristocratic brown-haired woman

Laima's career began in the 80s. She took part in the filming of the program "Melodies of the Outgoing Year", after which she began to appear frequently on television. The young artist from Latvia was noticed by the songwriter Ilya Reznik, and already in 1986 Vaikule, together with Valery Leontyev, performed the song "Vernissage", which became a hit.

At the beginning of her creative career, fans saw Laima as a sophisticated brown-haired woman with a lush styling. For one of the photo sessions, the singer tried on a luxurious look with oriental motives.

Laima Vaikule in an elegant look

Laima Vaikule in an elegant look, Legion-Media

Platinum blonde

By the beginning of the 2000s, the star had eight albums and a collection of hits, including the song "I went to Piccadilly". The artist became a regular guest of the New Wave music competition, which was held in Jurmala. By this time, Vaikule had settled on her favorite shade of hair - a platinum blonde. However, if she usually wore a neat bob, then at one of the events she appeared with a Garson haircut. The pop diva left a slight sloppy styling effect.

Laima Vaikule with hair

Laima Vaikule with "Garson" haircut, Legion-Media

Star with a shock of hair

Laima is an old friend of Alla Pugacheva. The performer of the hit "Iceberg" loves to experiment with hair extensions. During one of the concerts, Alla Borisovna was so moved that she took off her wig, causing the audience to delight. Since then, the actress of the film "I Came and I Talking" has occasionally demonstrated this technique. Succumbed to the trend for hairpieces and Vaikula. In 2005, she appeared in front of photographers with a playful hairstyle. Lime complemented the look with false long eyelashes.

Laima Vaikule in 2005

Laima Vaikule in 2005, Legion-Media

Diva in retro style

The performer of the hit "Wild Tango" is also inspired by the images of the beauties of the past. In 2009, Laima celebrated her 55th birthday. For one of the evenings, she chose an elegant outfit. The star was wearing a translucent black blouse, a jacket embroidered with sequins. The pop diva complemented the look with a shimmery tie and long earrings. The singer has done styling in the style of the 60s with a small volume. The hairstyle emphasized the graceful features of the people's favorite.

Laima Vaikule in 2009

Laima Vaikule in 2009, Legion-Media

Anime heroine

Laima loves to try on non-standard looks. At the music festival "Song of the Year" in 2014, she appeared in a total black outfit. The artist put on a floor-length skirt and a long jacket with a stand-up collar. The singer tried on translucent gloves with lace edges. Vaikule did her hair in two high buns. The styling is popular with fans of Japanese animation.

Lyme tried on an unusual

Lime tried on an unusual "Japanese" look, Legion-Media

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