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Jacqueline Kennedy: the tragedy and love of the American queen
Jacqueline Kennedy: the tragedy and love of the American queen

She was admired, envied and imitated. She was never forgiven for mistakes, but they often condescendingly closed their eyes to them. She was called the American queen.

Jack and jackie

They were a beautiful couple. The perfect match for thousands of Americans. They smiled from the covers of magazines, held hands and even kissed in joint photos. They were even called almost the same (in America, Jackie is a diminutive for Jacqueline). They became heroes of American hearts, happy lovers who I wanted to watch without stopping.

In life, it was not like that.


Jacqueline met John F. Kennedy at a reception in 1952. They got married a year later. And a year later, Jacqueline Kennedy had her first nervous breakdown. She dreamed of a cozy family nest, but it turned out that she had to fit into the large Kennedy clan. Jacqueline Kennedy was too sophisticated, too educated and too educated compared to John's sisters. They disliked her, and communication with them was given to Jackie with great difficulty.


The second reason for Jacqueline Kennedy's sadness was the loving John, who was by no means a faithful husband. His endless intrigues and romances haunted her. A few years after the wedding, Jackie announced to her father-in-law that she was going to file for divorce. Joe found reasons to dissuade her. More about the divorce, Jacqueline Kennedy did not speak.

Did she love her husband? Yes. Jacqueline Kennedy supported him in all his endeavors, was his faithful companion and assistant. Jackie has always looked amazing. Everything she put on immediately became fashionable. She had an amazing innate sense of style that allowed her to be sophisticated even in the simplest things. When John became president, Jackie turned the White House into a fairytale palace. She led excursions on it for journalists, and ordinary Americans clung to their TV screens to see a woman who works a miracle.

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For John himself, his wife was a mystery that he never managed to solve. He understood that she was head and shoulders above all the women with whom he had affairs. Perhaps John F. Kennedy would not have become half of what he has become if Jackie had not been with him. And he knew it.

Despite all their differences, Jack and Jackie had a lot in common. They liked the same performances, they read the same books. They both knew how to put the interlocutor into a stupor with an unexpected question and discourage with a witty answer. Together they were invincible. Probably, this was the key to their success.

Shots fired in Dallas

And then thunder struck. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a shock to the whole of America. Jacqueline, in her pink Chanel suit stained with the president's blood, has become a symbol of the sorrow of an entire country. She showed everyone how to handle grief with dignity that was beyond her ability.

In public, Jacqueline Kennedy was superb. She perfectly played the role of the president's widow, although in fact she almost did not realize what she was doing.

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In the fall of 1963, Jacqueline turned into a robot that mechanically performed learned movements. Eyewitnesses of those events, close to Jacqueline, recall that she was crushed by the death of her husband. The life that she so carefully built changed overnight.

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But it was necessary to move on. She got out of a severe depression not without the help of pills, doctors and loved ones. One such person was Robert Kennedy.

Was there Bobby?

Jacqueline is credited with a huge number of novels with a wide variety of men. But none of them excited the minds of her fans and opponents as much as the romance with Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of the late John. There is no documentary evidence of this connection.But every year there are more and more rumors, ambiguous quotes and supposedly reliable memories. It is unlikely that we will ever know the truth. One way or another, many of Jacqueline Kennedy's contemporaries believe that she was the only woman Bobby loved. And this despite the fact that he has a wife, Ethel, and eleven children! Jackie is credited with the phrase she allegedly uttered when talking about Bobby: "For him, I would stick my hand in the fire." This is very much like Jacqueline Kennedy - this passionate nature, always ready to take risks for the sake of those she loved.

Jackie and Bobby were very close after the death of John F. Kennedy. Robert did his best to support his brother's widow, and she helped him with almost the same dedication as she had helped Jack before.

They drifted apart when Robert entered the presidential race. The close contact with Jackie did not play into the hands of Bobby's political image. They say she was very upset by their breakup. It was then that the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis appeared on its horizon. He "hunted" for Jacqueline like an outlandish bird, and was ready to do anything to get her. Many still blame Onassis for the death of Robert Kennedy.


Bobby, like his older brother, was shot dead under unclear circumstances. After the assassination attempt, Bobby was still alive for almost a whole day. He died as a result of the shutdown of the apparatus that kept him alive. Interestingly, Jacqueline made the decision to disconnect.

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