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Kim Kardashian, Yoko Ono and Queen Victoria are the stars who made men themselves
Kim Kardashian, Yoko Ono and Queen Victoria are the stars who made men themselves

Is it humiliating to run after men? But our famous heroines did not think so and ended up getting married!

Kim Kardashian


Former spouses Kim and Kanye met at a party with friends in 2004, when both were trying to break into the stars of the first echelon: Kanye in the field of hip-hop, and Kim worked as a stylist for Paris Hilton. The guys became friends, but the spark broke out only two years later. Kanye was then dating designer Alexis Pfeiffer and was seriously considering marriage. In 2009, Kanye was already dating the model Amber Rose, but the rapper was still thinking about his longtime girlfriend. Later, Amber Rose admitted that Kim secretly tried to seduce Kanye: “She called him, sent him candid photos. I wrote to her and asked her to stop it. There was no answer. " But, as we know, Kim then achieved her goal.

Yoko Ono

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Kim Kardashian and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

Who would have known about Kim Kardashian now, if at one time Paris Hilton had not introduced her to the right people! And Kim admits it. “She helped me start my career. I totally admit it! I understand that few would like to say: "I became famous thanks to Paris." But it's true,”said Kim. Kardashian and Hilton have been close friends for a long time, but at one point they stopped communicating. What is the reason is still unknown. The girls are trying to renew their relationship, but so far nothing has worked out for them.

The founder of the legendary The Beatles, John Lennon, met artist Yoko Ono at an exhibition in 1966. John was married, and Yoko, wanting to attract attention, sat for hours on his porch, sending letters with threats. Fans of The Beatles blamed Yoko for the breakup of the group - the team ceased to exist a year after Lennon began dating an eccentric Japanese woman. In fact, this is not the case: the split happened long before John and Yoko met, but only after meeting this woman, the musician was finally convinced that he wanted to move in a different direction. Lennon would later say: “She is a teacher and I am a student. I am a famous person who is thought to know everything, but she is my teacher, she taught me everything I know. She already knew everything, when I didn’t know a damn thing, when I was a man from nowhere. She is my Don Juan. Next to Yoko, I became free. Her closeness made me a whole person. I was only half without her."

Halle Berry


Berry met her first husband in 1992 when baseball player David Justice approached the actress for an autograph. She was so fascinated by her fan that she herself invited him to become her husband after only six months of the relationship. The next three years of family life, Berry was afraid for her health and life … David opened his hands and humiliated the young actress, and Berry more than once regretted her proposal and finally decided to divorce.

Queen Victoria


18-year-old Victoria became Queen of England in the summer of 1837, and then, naturally, the young ruler was still unmarried. She was burdened by the obligation to live in the same palace with her mother, as it should be for the girls of those times. Fortunately for the young queen, she had been interested in the attractive Duke Albert for a year, whom she described in her diary as having good teeth and a beautiful nose. Without thinking twice, Victoria invited her beau to visit, and just five days after Albert arrived in Windsor, the Queen invited him to play a wedding. Albert was happy to intermarry with the queen, but not at all because of the title of bride. Victoria's marriage actually turned out well: the couple lived happily together for more than 20 years, and after the death of young Albert from typhoid fever (the prince died at 42), Victoria was in mourning for the rest of her life.



In 2005, after 4 years of romance with motocross racer Carey Hart, the singer decided to hint at the marriage herself. Well, how to hint … At the race in California, Pink came to cheer for her beloved with a poster. The sign on one side of the banner said, "Will you marry me?" The other read: "I'm not kidding!" The stands of the fans, where Pink was sitting, supported the bride, and the next year the artist became a legal wife. The guys are still together and are raising a daughter, however, in 2008 the couple went through a serious disagreement.

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