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Age is not a hindrance to style: how to create a successful image in categories 30, 40, 50+
Age is not a hindrance to style: how to create a successful image in categories 30, 40, 50+

Style coach Roman Medny reveals the secrets of a spectacular wardrobe at any age and draws attention to details that should be emphasized.

Age is not a hindrance to style: how to create a successful image in categories 30, 40, 50+ Roman Medny

Roman Medny Stylist, style coach

I am often asked questions like "What kind of shoes can fit this bag?" or "How to complement this intricate blue-violet dress?" And sometimes I am frankly at a loss, because for me, in composing an image, it is of paramount importance who will carry this image:

- What does the woman who chose this dress look like?

- How old is she?

- Where does she plan to appear in it?

Depending on the answers to these questions, the combination options can be very diverse.

Today I would like to draw your attention to such an aspect as age.

I chose three women of a similar type, two of them are Italian, the third also has dark skin, bright eyes and dark hair. The mood in their images is also similar - they all love brightness and extravagance, but at the same time the same techniques at different ages are played in completely different ways.

Let's start with the flowers. The recommended palette for them is approximately the same, but can you tell that Alexa and Anna look the same in these similar dresses?

Image Image Image

Monica Bellucci and other stars who love to be naked

In the action movie Shoot Them, Monica Bellucci starred nude in a bed scene with Clive Owen. Fans of the actress and model remember the sexy yet aesthetic scenes from Mozart in the Jungle. Monica's heroine deftly climbed onto her lover and took off her clothes. In the film "Irreversible", the star again boldly threw off her clothes for bed scenes with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel. This tape is famous for the unprecedented rape scene that went down in the history of world cinema. Bellucci was also naked for the paintings "The Brotherhood of the Wolf", "How Much Do You Cost?", "Love: Instructions for Use", "Abuse" and others.

It is unlikely that anyone would argue with the fact that Anya's mother did better with a black dress. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • the silhouette is graphic and tends to the classic hourglass;
  • the texture of the hair continues the texture of the dress, but at the same time stands out in color;
  • accent in the form of red varnish in manicure and pedicure successfully sets off the black satin, giving the color additional depth.

Alexa also looks charming, but the charm is in a different kind:

  • textured hair in the absence of bright accents gives the image a slight negligence;
  • she sacrifices her figure in order to focus on the arms and shoulders;
  • swap the images and Anna will look ridiculous and Alexa will look bored.

One more example. Three images of Eva.


Here, Eva tried to create a look in the style of a ledyk, but added textures so as not to look boring. Did the texture help? No, it didn’t help. Around the age of 40, an improperly chosen ice lick can frankly add age and greatly simplify the natural type.


Here is another interpretation of the style "a la garcon": wide trousers, a loose blouse and a contrasting textured accent in the form of a necklace of feathers. It looks stylish and appropriate, visibly refreshes the appearance, you might even think that Eva is not a natural type, but gamine, but the following photo is able to dispel these doubts.


The playful accessory makes the exterior look rough, emphasizes age, and is more suitable for the urban madman than for the style icon. Well, extravagance is a spice that needs to be added tastefully, especially in middle age.

But after 50 it can be poured in buckets!


A contrasting combination of bright colors, total bows, an abundance of accents, from which the eyes run up, like in the Turkish market - these are the main features of Anna's style.This really reveals her as a bright and extraordinary personality, absolutely beyond age. Only the knees sometimes give it away, but if they are closed, then everything is great.


Spectacular wide dresses and jackets with rich details make her interpretation of the garcon not boring.


The combination of several contrasting prints in one look looks great. But when Eva, who is 15 years younger, tries to do the same, it looks ridiculous.


Alexa with large arrays of contrasting prints also has certain difficulties - she looks a little vulgar.


But neat accents, on the contrary, are more than appropriate.

Image Image

Therefore, to the question of what to wear with a dress of a complex blue-violet shade, I would answer this way.

Up to 30


A girl under 30 should use color as a bright base in order to create a harmonious combination. We muffle purple with rich khaki, add a light accent in the form of leopard ballerinas and take inspiration from subcultures, choosing accessories. Unexpected rhymes (legs and a bracelet with stakes) will add character to the image, and in order not to add age, we take a bag and a hat from the casual arsenal.

In this form, you can light up in a street fashion blog, wander about on business, and go to a club in the evening. You will be remembered everywhere, that's for sure!



A woman about 30 trying to sculpt a casual dress out of such a dress does not respect herself. It will look ridiculous. It will turn out to be either the British queen, if you choose everything to match, or pankuha, if you are inspired by the first image. Therefore, it is better to use it as a cocktail.

Let's add a trendy sleeveless jacket, original, but not flashy shoes, and an extravagant decoration under the jacket. If you don't have enough spirit, you can just have a long chain. So as not to think that she has been dressing up for a long time - watches and nails, knocking out a little in tone, which will certainly catch the eye. Makeup is better with a haze, inspired by the example of Monica Bellucci - it always works!



But a woman after 50 can create a very elegant casual look. A milky coat with golden pearlescent accents and a lightweight scarf with a print as a finishing touch. Everything is in cosmic harmony, and nothing is lost. It is pleasant to look at such an image and wonder how subtly connections between things of different styles can be manifested.

Clearly understood?

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