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An intimate question: "oddities" that are quite normal
An intimate question: "oddities" that are quite normal

Our female body is capable of presenting many frightening surprises. But don't panic!

An intimate question: "oddities" that are quite normal

You recently started taking birth control and your period is not over.

When prescribing any medication, especially hormonal, a doctor's consultation is necessary. If you have prescribed a contraceptive for yourself on your own, then you may not make friends with each other. For example, in your chosen OC (oral contraceptive), the level of the hormone may not be high enough.

Remember the main thing: only a doctor should select contraceptive pills based on a blood test for hormones. If bleeding occurs when taking correctly selected OCs, then the reason may be a violation of the intake (missing pills).

Another cause of bleeding can be cervical erosion. It is a benign condition of the cervix that is common in young women.

You "twitch" there …

It’s like a nervous spasm where parts of your body twitch after a hard day. If you feel this in bed with your man, then it speaks of excitement and an early denouement. If such spasms overtake you in a not so hot environment, then the reason is the same muscle tension. For example, you have been sitting for a long time or straining your pelvic area during fitness or cycling. Favorite skinny jeans can also pinch the nerves, which will "twitch" during relaxation.

There is nothing to worry about if it happens once a day. It's just a muscle or nerve spasm. Many nerve endings are concentrated in the pelvic area, so that all contractions and vibrations are normal. You can even be proud that you are very sensitive.

Your bikini area is severely irritated

Cloudy and viscous discharge will indicate the presence of an infection. If you do without them, then most likely you have an allergy. For example, on synthetic underwear or on household items. Fashionable toilet paper flavors and dyes don't work for your health. By the way, the same applies to perfumed wipes and intimate hygiene products. Your bikini may smell of violet, but it still looks like you are sitting on a thistle.

You groped for the seals there

To find a tumor on your body, even an insignificant one, is not a pleasant find. Perhaps you have every reason to panic, but we hasten to reassure you: everything is fixable. Most likely, you felt a bubble of fluid formed as a result of blockage of the Bartholin glands. These are two glands located on the sides at the entrance to the vagina. They are the ones who are responsible for lubricating during sex, but sometimes they junk. Blockage can result in pea-sized (or larger) balls.

Do not try to press, pick or treat inflammation on your own! If the blisters are painful or tender, your doctor will order an autopsy or a course of antibiotics to rid you of the infection. So breathe out. Stop winding yourself up and calmly and confidently go to the examination.

It's like bubbles coming out of you

It's silent and painless, but it's weird anyway. Strange for you, but not for your body. This is how we are made: our vagina draws in air as we move or do flexion and twisting exercises.

Well, when the exercises take place not in the gym, but in your bedroom, and at the same time your "fitness" partner is especially active, this air that moves in you can make you both blush. But there is nothing to be ashamed about "obscene sounds" during sex. It's just the air that gets into you when you change positions or if your man likes to perform long frictions, almost completely leaving you.

Minimizing this squelching will help exercises to strengthen intimate muscles… For example, hold back while urinating. This will help you to "close" and not let the air out of you.

You all dry

Hormonal abnormalities may be the culprit. For example, a decrease in estrogen levels, which usually occurs after childbirth. Estrogen will not recover while a young mother is breastfeeding, but this is not a cause for concern.

Another one a common cause of dryness is antibiotics.

But even after the cure of thrush (candidiasis), burning and dryness may remain for some time. This is due to recovery from inflammation, when the required amount of its own lactobacilli has not yet formed in the microflora.

You have a thick discharge

Yes, this is very unpleasant, but - how strange! - you are not worried about either itching or redness. Now take a look at your calendar. It seems that the period of ovulation has arrived. And at this time, thick glassy discharge is possible, which indicates your readiness for conception (at least, your uterus thinks so, but you have the right to your opinion). The reason for the discharge is the rupture of the follicle capsule, from which the mature egg comes out. This rupture provokes discharge, which can also be brown.

Your PMS is much more painful

Contrary to common misconceptions, painful premenstrual syndrome is not associated either with age, or with a period of prolonged abstinence, or with hormonal imbalance. Do not rush to associate painful PMS with any of the above symptoms. It is possible that emotional worries about your condition became the cause of your discomfort.

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