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Chest tape and slimming pantaloons: 8 weirdest fashion secrets of the stars
Chest tape and slimming pantaloons: 8 weirdest fashion secrets of the stars

The perfect image on the red carpet requires a lot of effort both from the star herself and from the team of professionals who bring her to the “ball”. And sometimes the most unexpected objects are used!

Chest tape and slimming pantaloons: 8 weirdest fashion secrets of the stars

Beauty secrets of the stars

We've rounded up 8 unexpected celebrity fashion secrets to help them look their best!

Kim Kardashian and masking tape

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Everyone already knows what the secret of the perfect cleavage Kim Kardashian is. At first it was scotch tape, and now a whole fashion empire of comfortable lingerie, which was created by the TV star. Such a business not only allows you to get rich, but also to keep your breasts firmly in a dress.

Tom Cruise and heels

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Tom Cruise, despite high-profile novels and marriages with Hollywood beauties, suffers from his short stature (170 cm). However, Tom nevertheless found a partial solution to this problem: with all his lovers, who, as if they were taller than his height, he appears exclusively in high-heeled shoes.


Kim Kardashian and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

Who would have known about Kim Kardashian now, if at one time Paris Hilton had not introduced her to the right people! And Kim admits it. “She helped me start my career. I totally admit it! I understand that few would like to say: "I became famous thanks to Paris." But it's true,”said Kim. Kardashian and Hilton have been close friends for a long time, but at one point they stopped communicating. What is the reason is still unknown. The girls are trying to renew their relationship, but so far nothing has worked out for them.

Lenny Kravitz and leather pants on a naked body

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Real rockers wear leather pants exclusively on their naked bodies, according to singer Lenny Kravitz. True, once Lenny's habit let down: regular leather trousers cracked at the seam right on the stage, revealing to the enthusiastic fans the most intimate parts of the performer.

Emma Watson and nipple stickers

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You can even wear a sports bra under some dresses, but other outfits do not tolerate even the thinnest bra. In such cases, the stars use silicone nipple stickers. True, some dresses turn out to be too revealing even for such miniature details - for example, Emma Watson's outfit betrayed her fashion secret to all guests of a social event.

Jessica Biel and paper napkins

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Posing for hundreds of photographers at the next film premiere, you can sweat from excitement. True, unexpected sweating can ruin not only the mood, but also an expensive designer outfit. Jessica Biel recommends treating sweat with paper towels. In an interview, the actress admitted that she folds napkins under her armpits, preventing sweat from reaching the dress, and takes them out only before going out on the red carpet.

Nicole Richie and a silicone bra

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A silicone bra is one of the alternatives to masking tape. It allows you to give your breasts a more beautiful shape and "fix" it in this position. But, as practice shows, treacherous dresses are able to demonstrate such a technique.

Taylor Swift and the wonders of push-up

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Taylor Swift is known for her tall height and model parameters, including her small breasts. However, all the girls sometimes want to experiment with their appearance, so during one of the performances, Taylor tried on a serious push-up, which noticeably increased her breasts.

Jennifer Garner and the shapers

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Of course, not only Jennifer Garner is “sinning” with shaping underwear, but probably 9 out of 10 actresses, regardless of the type of figure and volume - this is one of the main secrets of the harmony of the stars.But Jennifer became one of those who secretly slept around: at one of Garner's social events, one awkward movement was enough for the guests to see the corrective underwear that the cunning photographers did not fail to photograph.

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