Do not be sad! 10 bright comedies for gloomy autumn days
Do not be sad! 10 bright comedies for gloomy autumn days

In the evening after a work - or even a non-work - day, you want to turn on something light and laugh with the characters. Not to think, not to analyze, not to suffer, but to laugh. We've picked 10 great comedies for this evening.

The Nice Guys


Shane Black, author of Kiss Kiss Out and Lethal Weapon, shot a detective thriller with great jokes, real drama, and even with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in the lead roles. Heroes with completely different methods of investigation are forced to unravel the case of the missing girl together. A bunch of ridiculous situations and a great duo Gosling Crow.

"Spy" / Spy


What should a CIA agent look like? Expensive suit, hat, cloak? No, he should look like Melissa McCarthy. When the whole world is in danger, no one but her can save it. Jason Statham and Jude Law are also awesome in this sparkling parody of action spy films.

"Once Upon a Time in Ireland" / The Guard

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Ryan Reynolds and other stars who had a lavish wedding

The actors revealed the details of the celebration only a few months after the celebration. Despite the fact that the secret wedding took place in a narrow circle, the budget for the ceremony was $ 2.5 million. The bride walked to the altar in a dress with gold embroidery from the British brand Marchesa. And on her ring finger glittered a ring with a 12-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond, which cost Ryan $ 2 million.

Women, booze and humor are the three pillars of the life of an Irish police officer, Sergeant Jerry Boyle. He never dreamed of heroism, until one day an FBI agent appeared in the small town of Galway, who called on the hapless law enforcement officer to help him shut down an international gang of drug dealers. Can a cheerful red-haired Irishman and a determined African American work together? After all, the business they undertook will turn out to be as unpredictable as they themselves.

The Heat


Again, the FBI agent and the policeman need to get on the trail of the drug lord. But only this time starring girls - Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy (both are lucky for such roles!). Everything is in order with the chemistry between them, in interviews they said that they constantly laughed on the set, so the film turned out to be funny. You can immediately see when the actors are enjoying the process.

"Girl without complexes" / Trainwreck


Starting with a stand-up, Amy Schumer wrote the script for the comedy "Girl without complexes" and played the main role in it. The film received two Golden Globe nominations. The main character, of course, is also named Amy and has never had a serious relationship. She gets an assignment to write an article about sports physician Aron, and this meeting may well become fateful!

Run Fatboy Run


Dennis is quite a typical guy in his thirties. He is lonely, he has a lousy job and an equally lousy apartment. And also - a son from a woman whom he once abandoned at the altar and still loves. To regain the respect of his beloved woman and show that he is no worse than her rich, handsome, successful and, moreover, a sports boyfriend, Dennis needs only a little: run a 42-kilometer marathon. A certain chain of events makes this run almost the most important event of his not particularly outstanding life.

"Love Not Fit" / Un homme à la hauteur


Imagine that you are meeting a wonderful, sweet, gentle, charming man on the phone, you practically fall in love with him and then you find that he is forty centimeters or even fifty centimeters below you. It would seem that this is just growth, but it turns out that for undersized people everything in this world is difficult - ordering beer in a bar, drawing attention to yourself, and even fighting with your former lover, and that will not work out with dignity!

"Pretend to be my wife" / Just Go with It


Once he escaped from his wedding, Denny came up with the image of a sad husband on the verge of divorce, who helped him frame the girls. And then one day he finds the very one, and there the very one finds a wedding ring in his pocket. And demands that he introduce her to a non-existent wife! How to be? Of course, to invent a fake family, since there is an assistant Katherine with the children at hand.

Hot Fuzz


Police officer Nicholas is transferred from London to a small town, and he struggles to come to terms with a new way of life and a new partner who does not shine brightly. But the town turns out to be not so quiet, there is a lot of work for the cops. Deadly English humor and a funny couple - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - will not let you get bored.

The Proposal


The main character of the film is an iron lady, a harsh boss who is hated by all subordinates. When she faces expulsion to Canada, she decides to get married quickly. A cute assistant comes to hand - and now they are already in Alaska getting to know his family, and his grandmother is getting ready to sew her wedding dress for the bride.

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