Cuties: what Diana, Markle, Middleton and other wives of princes looked like in childhood
Cuties: what Diana, Markle, Middleton and other wives of princes looked like in childhood

The beloved heirs of the British throne grew up active girls. Fate paved the way for them to the palace.

Cuties: what Diana, Markle, Middleton and other wives of princes looked like in childhood

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Princess Diana, Legion-Media

William and Harry's mother was born in Sandringham, Norfolk, home to the royal family's favorite estate. Spencer's parents divorced when she was eight years old. She stayed with her father, sisters and brother. Regardless, the princess of Wales's nanny describes her as a happy child. Mary Clarke said that Diana loved going to the beach in Norfolk, visiting village fairs and playing with her friend Annabelle Fox, who lived nearby in Anmer Hall, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's country residence is now.

“Diana loved being on the street, she loved all her pets: guinea pigs and a dog. She was happy. She liked it when her friends were around. She was a great swimmer … "- recalls Clarke.

Diana with her brother Charles

Diana with her brother Charles,


Meghan Markle and other stars who live in luxury homes

Prince Harry and Meghan Mark settled in a luxurious mansion in California worth $ 14.5 million. Meghan and Harry's American mansions include 16 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, games room, gym, library and a private tea room.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Legion-Media

The Duchess of Cambridge was born and raised in Reading, Berkshire. When Kate was two years old, her parents moved to Jordan, where her father Michael was transferred to work. The Middletons lived in Amman for two years and returned to England. In their home country, they founded Party Pieces, a company selling party supplies. The successful business made Kate's family millionaires. However, her love for nature and simple things remained unchanged.

William's wife also tries to bring up her children down to earth. The whole family often spends time at Anmer Hall, where, like Diana, they go to the beach and the local pool.

Kate with her father Michael

Kate with her father Michael,

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, Legion-Media

Prince Harry's wife was born in Los Angeles. Her mother, Doria, worked part-time at a television studio, and her father, Thomas, was a director of photography. Megan's family did not have enough money. The parent of the former actress went to work almost immediately after giving birth. Markle was raised by Jannet's maternal grandmother. As a child, the future Duchess of Sussex practiced yoga and saw examples of strong women in front of her. From here, she developed feminist views.

“I was born in Los Angeles and grew up as a girl who believes that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach, or a few avocados,” Megan says of herself.

Megan was raised by her mother and grandmother

Meghan was raised by her mom and grandmother, Legion-Media

Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla-Parker Bowles

Camilla-Parker Bowles, Legion-Media

The mistress of Prince Charles, who later became his wife, belongs to the gentry noble family. She was born in London, but most of the time she lived on a luxurious estate in Sussex. The cost of Camilla's parental home is estimated at $ 2 million. The future duchess was close with her father, British Army Major Bruce Shand. In his spare time, he took his daughter to hunt foxes.

Camilla is a fan of her distant relative, Alice Kappel, who had a secret relationship with King Edward VII. At the age of ten, Parker Bowles told her classmates: “My great-great-grandmother was the king's mistress. We are almost monarchs! " Ironically, Camilla herself became the mistress of the heir to the throne.

Camilla grew up in the circle of the British aristocracy

Camilla grew up in the circle of the British aristocracy, Still from video

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, Legion-Media

Mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie was born in London in the family of Major Ronald Ferguson.After her parents divorced, Sarah lived with her father on their farm in Dammer, Hampshire. Like Diana, she adored animals. Ferguson especially enjoyed horseback riding. In equestrian sports, the future Duchess of York was very successful. She participated in competitions and often won. However, Sarah chose publishing as her profession.

Sarah has a similar childhood with Diana

Sarah has a similar childhood to Diana,

Kate Middleton turned to the British. The Duchess's appearance amazed her subjects.

Princess Diana has become a trendsetter. She has influenced many of today's famous women.

Meghan Markle settled in a mansion in Montecito after moving from the UK to America. Here you can see the interiors of the house where the former actress lives with her husband Harry and son Archie.

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