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Pedicure? No, you haven't heard: stars whose legs look unkempt
Pedicure? No, you haven't heard: stars whose legs look unkempt

Even the stars do not always have time for pedicure and going to the salons (we understand them!). Therefore, they sometimes appear on carpets with rough heels and unsmiled nails. In general, everything is like ordinary people. Well done, that they are not shy!

Kirsten Dunst

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The actress has rubbed a corn, but continues to wear sandals with a strap in the problem area. Oh, these carpets and sacrifices for the sake of beauty …

Melissa Joan Hart

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Melissa seems to have played soccer, how else can you explain the darkened thumbnails?

Annalynn McCord

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The red carpet and … dirt under the nails - yes, it happens.

Ellen Page

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Jennifer Lawrence and other stars who had alcohol problems

On the set of the dystopia The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (the film was released in 2013) Lawrence … was bored! So I drank. Talking about working on the second part of the fantastic franchise, the actress admitted: there was always a pina colada in her trailer.

Shoes one size larger and clearly self-trimmed nails without a hint of cuticle treatment - in this form, she decided to appear in Ellen's company.

Zoe Kazan

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Regrown nails are our eternal problem. Zoe, apparently, too:))

Helen Hunt

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Helen hoped no one would notice the peeling varnish, but the paparazzi did.

Jemima Khan

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The corns are a long story, and it is not easy to exterminate them, we sympathize with Jemima.

Jennifer Lawrence

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Let's ignore the sandals, which Jennifer's are not in size. She obviously does not neglect the pedicure, but the selection of varnish exactly to the skin tone created an eerie impression that Jen simply does not have nails … Brrrr.

Lara Flynn Boyle

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A daring appearance on the red carpet without shoes would have been spectacular if Lara had not forgotten to do a pedicure …

Katie Holmes

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Poor Keti, her legs clearly need rest and a spa pedicure in the salon.

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