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Mysterious murder at the Hinterkaifeke farm: a mysterious crime in Germany
Mysterious murder at the Hinterkaifeke farm: a mysterious crime in Germany

On April 4, 1922, on the Hinterkaifeck farm, located between Ingolstadt and Schrobenhausen in Bavaria, the bodies of everyone living on the farm were found: the owner of the farm and his wife, their daughter and her two children, as well as a maid who had recently come to them to work. There were bad rumors about the Gruber family that lived there, but none of the villagers could even think that someone would deal with them so cruelly. The murder looked all the more terrible because, judging by the evidence found, the killer not only lived on this farm for several days after the crime, but had also sat in the attic for months before that.

Mysterious murder at the Hinterkaifeke farm: a mysterious crime in Germany

Everyone in the village knew about the Gruber. They were a wealthy family, but with a bad reputation. The father of the family, Andreas Gruber, was a cruel and rude man, so the workers on the farm did not stay long. Although everyone wanted money, few were willing to endure Andreas' harsh temper. Cecilia Gruber, his wife, used to be the owner of Hinterkaifeke - she inherited the farm from her husband. From him, she left two children: Martin and Cecilia. Soon the couple had a daughter, Victoria. She was not the only child, but the only one survived to adulthood - the rest of the children died in the absence of proper care.

Victoria grew up with Cecilia the Younger. She was a quiet girl who sang in the church choir. Andreas did not deny himself the pleasure of making fun of both girls, and when Victoria turned 16, he forced her to enter into a relationship with him. No one knew about this, because the family lived as hermits, and the locals preferred not to pry into other people's affairs.

Cecilia the Younger got married and left. At the age of 27, Victoria also found herself a husband - Karl Gabriel. According to rumors, he married solely for the sake of a share of the land, but upon learning of the incestuous relationship between his wife and father-in-law, he dropped everything and went to the front. A month later, Victoria gave birth to a daughter, Cecilia.

In the end, Victoria broke down and told about incest in confession. Gruber was sentenced to a year in hard labor, and she herself was imprisoned for a month. However, when Andreas returned, everything was resumed. Once their neighbor Lorenz Schlittenbauer wooed Victoria - his wife died then, he had sex with Victoria several times in the barn and decided, probably, that his farm still needs a mistress, besides, he is a respected non-poor man. But Andreas refused to marry his daughter, claiming that he "fondled her himself." When it turned out that Victoria was pregnant, she persuaded Lorenz to recognize the child as her own, but she never got married, and Gruber was named his guardian. So Lorenz was forced to pay child support until the child came of age, not even being sure that he was from him.

The baby was named Joseph. Unfortunately, he was unwell, grew poorly and was often ill. For the villagers, this served as a signal that Joseph was born as a result of an unnatural relationship between Victoria and her father.

Footprints and ghosts

Shortly before the murder, Victoria was seized with anxiety. She repeated that she felt that the farm was being watched. She saw the silhouette of a man, but could not find out who it was. Andreas also noticed oddities: footprints in the snow around the house, rustling in the attic (and when he got up, no one was there), flashing torches … Once he found a Munich newspaper, which no one in the family subscribed to. He also lost his keys.

On March 31, a couple of days before the murder, the maid Maria arrived at the farm. The previous one asked for a calculation when she began to suspect that a ghost was in charge of the house.



For several days, nothing was heard about the Gruber, but life was in full swing on the farm: smoke poured out of the chimney, sounds were heard, someone walked … But after several people with whom Andreas had appointments, they could not get inside, their neighbor Lorenz became worried and called the police.

The bodies of all six were found in a house that was in perfect order. Little Joseph was killed in his cradle, Maria - in her bed, the rest were piled up in a heap by the barn and obviously dead for a long time. All residents of the farm were killed in one way - hitting the head with a hoe. At the same time, nothing of the valuable things and money, which was in abundance on the farm, was not lost. Cynologists with dogs were able to take the trail of the criminal, but lost him at the edge of the forest.

The police interviewed about a hundred suspects, chief among whom were a neighbor of the Lorenz farm, whom Victoria had deceived and, possibly, her ex-husband, who allegedly died at the front, could in fact be alive. In 2007, the students of the police academy, as a practice, again investigated the case, found a new suspect, but out of respect for their relatives, they did not disclose their name.

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