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Games over: 10 most expensive toys in the world
Games over: 10 most expensive toys in the world

When we were little, we dreamed that we would grow up and buy a whole toy store. We have grown up and we have new aspirations. But just look at these toys! True, their prices are not at all childish, but they are real works of art.

Madame Alexander Eloise

$ 5 million

If it seems to you that the Barbie from your childhood was dear, then look at this baby. Crafted by a designer and the full namesake of her creation, the doll wears clothes from Christian Dior, fur from Oscar de la Renta and accessories from Katherine Baumann, adorned with Swarovski crystals and 9-carat diamonds. There are only five such dolls, each of which wears its own jewelry, and one even has a dog made in the same style. It is a pity, there is hardly a child who can afford this.

Lamborghini Aventador LP

$ 4.8 million

Who loved to play carpet racing as a child? Yes, yes, this is not a typo: such a model costs 12 times more than the original. It took the craftsmen 500 hours to complete the work. The model is one-eighth of the Lamborghini Pope. It is adorned with gold, platinum and diamonds. Honestly, it's better to buy yourself a real one for only $ 400 thousand.

Shimansky soccer ball

$ 2.59 million

This is definitely not the ball with which you can play football with the boys in the yard. Why so expensive? It's simple: 2640 black diamonds, 6620 white diamonds, 3500 African diamonds and 3 months of painstaking work - that's what this toy consists of. Shimansky is a South African jewelry company that usually works with diamonds and tanzanites. The ball weighs just over 2 kg and was created in honor of the 2010 world football championship.

Teddy bear by Steiff in Louis Vuitton clothes

$ 2.1 million

A touching furry bear in an elegant raincoat was sold by Jessie Kim of Korea for $ 2.1 million at an auction in Monaco in 2000. He now "lives" at the Teddy Bear Museum in Korea. The fashionista is wearing a Louis Vuitton raincoat and hat. The exposition consists not only of a bear, but also includes luggage with belongings, which he may need on the road.

Rubik's Cube

$ 1.5 million

Lovers of puzzle solving, if they were given this miracle in their hands, would have to add squares consisting of amethysts, emeralds and rubies - no stickers! The cube itself is made entirely of gold and, although it looks more like a piece of jewelry, it is fully functional. That is, it really can be folded.

Golden rocking horse

$ 1.28 million

The horse was a gift to the Japanese imperial family in honor of the birth of their son, Prince Akishino. It is not known whether the Japanese monarch was impressed by such a gift, and it is unlikely that he was allowed to swing on it. Jewelry house Ginza Tanaka created a toy horse weighing 30 kg, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought copies for themselves for only $ 600 thousand.

Diamond barbie

$ 300 thousand

Many girls wanted their perfect Barbie. Australian designer Stefano Canturi created one of these dolls. The beauty wears a strapless evening gown and a choker embellished with a one-carat pink square diamond. The doll was auctioned for $ 302,500, making it the most expensive Barbie ever sold in the world. The funds went to support the Breast Cancer Research Organization.

Titania's palace

$256 500
Image Image Image Image

Here's a dollhouse! It took 15 years to make it, but the details will not leave anyone indifferent. The palace has 18 rooms, and it itself consists of 3000 pieces. The palace was built by Sir Neville Wilkinson, who was asked by his own daughter to build a house for the fairies in their garden. What can I say, the house turned out to be great!

Teddy bears by Steiff

$ 195 thousand

This is not one bear, but a whole limited edition, and this gives hope that the bear can still be bought one day. Although now only 41% of plush friends are sold. Instead of buttons, they have real sapphires, and their mouth is made of real gold. The most expensive toy was purchased for $ 195,000.

18K Nintendo console

$ 30 thousand

The box was sold on eBay for $ 30,000. It is not very clear since when people who can easily shell out $ 30 thousand like that, shop on eBay, but this is a matter of taste. The screen is surrounded by diamonds and the start button is inlaid with a jewel.

Transformer costume

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron - several generations of children have grown up on cartoons and films about transformers, because these characters appeared back in 1984. And, of course, many adults continue to love the world of intelligent robots. For them, the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry came up with a toy for just one million dollars in 2015: a transformer suit. It is almost four meters high, weighs five tons, and the car can move at a speed of up to 16 km per hour.




It's nice, playing Monopoly, to imagine that the money is real, and you are really a millionaire and the owner of factories and ships. But there is a game that is really meant for oligarchs: in 1988, jeweler Sidney Mobell created the gold Monopoly. The dice alone is estimated at 10 thousand dollars, the game itself is worth two million - and that's just the price of the materials! “It took me a year to complete the work. It's not just a game, it's a work of art,”says Mobell about his brainchild.

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