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Rock climber and eighth-grader: who were the heroines of famous Russian songs
Rock climber and eighth-grader: who were the heroines of famous Russian songs

Every artist, sculptor or musician needs a muse. And many favorite songs by all are dedicated to a woman. To whom - read in our material.

"Rock Climber", Vladimir Vysotsky

“Pulling me out of the crack for the first time, You smiled, my rock-climber ", - these lines are dedicated to the climber Maria Gotovtseva, who was Vysotsky's instructor on the set of the film "Vertical".

Mary alone was worth twenty men! During the filming of the film, a terrible rockfall occurred in the Caucasus mountains. A stone slab fell down from the height. One of the climbers, Georgy Zhivlyuk, died. I needed help with a rescue operation. And then Askold Bitny, also a climber, said: "Thank you guys, you don't need a lot of people upstairs, but we'll take Masha." Vysotsky exclaimed: "Is she really worth twenty men alone ?!" As it turned out, yes, it was.


Maria Gotovtseva had a difficult fate. At the age of 11, she was left an orphan - her mother died under the bombing, followed by her father. At the age of 16, she went to work at the Prozhektor plant, and in her free time she was fond of sports. Having received a ticket to the Caucasus to study mountaineering, Masha did not hesitate for a minute.

At the age of 27, she became the USSR master of sports in mountaineering, one of the most dangerous sports.

The camp of the "Vertical" film crew was located not far from the battle sites of the Second World War.

“The songs that sound in“Vertical”, Vysotsky wrote in the mountains, based on the stories of climbers. He often asked for details, tried to get imbued with the spirit of the mountains, - recalls Maria. - Do you know what he amazed at first of all? He listened amazingly! And the student was amazing. When I was explaining something to Vysotsky, for example, that on the glacier the foot should be put this way and not otherwise, he always asked me to explain why."


Maria took groups to the mountains until the age of 55, after which she retired both from the factory and from sports.

"Eighth Grader", Viktor Tsoi

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For a long time, even Tsoi's best friends did not know that this song was dedicated to a living girl, and not to the singer's fantasy. It turned out that the heroine of the song is a designer from St. Petersburg Jenny Yasnets. Jenny then studied at the Leningrad Art School. Serova, entered immediately after the eighth grade. “For the first time I saw Tsoi at the Avtovo metro station, we were walking with my friend, artist Andrei Medvedev, for his birthday and met him,” Jenny said especially for Cosmo. - It was summer, everything was green. Andrey was friends with him, and he introduced us, said: "This is my student, an eighth-grader." Choi was very tall, handsome, all in black. He invited us to his concert in a rock club."

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Jenny was 15 then, and Tsoi was 20. After some time, the light heard the song "Eighth Grader", but even then Jenny did not understand the "hint". “I found out many years later,” Jenny recalls. - Andrei Medvedev told me that Tsoi came to him, gave him a cassette with this song for his birthday and said that the song was dedicated to me. Of course, I was shocked, but very happy. We were friends with Tsoi: I always went to his concerts, I really like his songs, he came to my birthday, and we often saw each other in Andrey's workshop. We even watched the video together with our mutual friend Sergei Firsov, because then almost no one had a tape recorder."

Jenny admits that she doesn't have much in common with the lyric heroine, except that then her parents really wanted her to be home at ten, and she was late.

Jenny now works as an interior designer in St. Petersburg, she has her own studio.

"17 years", Chaif

- Vladimir Shakhrin sang to his wife Elena.

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He met her at the construction college in the gym. “I saw her dancing on a balance beam, doing some kind of gymnastic exercises.I was struck by this grace and charm, I began to look after her so actively enough, we had a whirlwind romance, which was carefully watched by the whole hostel and our entire institution. That was in 1976 …"


And he wrote the song after 17 years of marriage! The couple have two daughters.

"Ugly Elsa", "Crematorium"

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Armen Grigoryan, the leader of the "Crematorium" group, said that almost all of his early songs were dedicated to specific people. So it was with Elsa - such a pretentious name was borne by a frequenter of the Moscow bar "Yama", where Grigoryan himself often visited. She often ran to a nearby store for vodka and, despite her lifestyle, never "threw" - she always returned with change and a bottle.

Why then "ugly"? Grigoryan said that this definition does not refer to her, but the image is borrowed from a completely different story. Once Armen Grigoryan with friends and the writer Venedikt Erofeev was resting with a friend. Everyone got drunk, the landlady fell asleep, and the men fished fish out of her aquarium with impunity and fried them. When the hostess woke up, she was beside herself with rage. Grigoryan recalled how she stood, hugging the aquarium, and tapping on the walls with long nails.

In honor of her, a line appeared: "Like an animal, you scratch the glass with your claws."

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