Marry a billionaire! Personal life of Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and other actresses
Marry a billionaire! Personal life of Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and other actresses

These actresses have made a brilliant career in film and make great money. The beauties managed to win the hearts of influential businessmen. Now their life has become even more interesting.

Marry a billionaire! Personal life of Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and other actresses

Daria Poverennova

After meeting with her second husband, the life of the star of the series "Bourgeois's Birthday" turned into a fairy tale. Daria's chosen one was businessman Andrei Sharonov. The man holds the post of chairman of the board of directors of an oil company and, according to Forbes, has a multimillion-dollar fortune. The businessman first saw Daria at the play and immediately fell in love. “Andrei then came with a bouquet of snow-white gladioli of such beauty, which I have never seen in my life! Well, then - joint gatherings at home, conversations until the morning, laughter, champagne, jokes, songs with a guitar, "Poverennova said.

According to the artist, she was attracted not by the impressive state of her boyfriend, but by his correct outlook on life. Daria noted that after meeting Andrei, she understood what a relationship with a man should be. The lovers lived in a civil marriage for eight years, and in 2021 they officially registered the relationship.

Actress with her husband

Irina Medvedeva

The star of the sketch show "Six Frames" found her happiness and moved to the capital of France after her second marriage. The actress and her future chosen one met through a mutual friend. A friend from France asked Medvedev to conduct a tour of Moscow for businessman Guillaume Boucher, who flew to the capital for several days. Irina agreed. Guillaume was so fascinated by his Russian guide that he wrote the actress on his phone as his future wife. After a two-year romance, the lovers tied the knot in 2018. The couple signed in Paris, and then held a wedding ceremony in Moscow. In 2019, they had a son. Irina moved to her husband's homeland, and now she flies to Russia only for work.


Steven Spielberg and other stars who studied at the university in unusual specialties

In 2002, the famous filmmaker went to the University of California at Long Beach and completed his studies he began over forty years ago! He became a Bachelor of Arts. His supervisor said that Spielberg's diploma was long, well-written, and free of errors.

Actress with her husband

Anna Kovalchuk

After the divorce from her first husband, Anatoly Ilchenko, the actress did not plan to re-establish a serious relationship. But after a few months she met a civil servant Oleg Kapustin. The man offered Kovalchuk his hand and heart, but she did not believe in the seriousness of his intentions. They lived together for a while. In 2007, the star of the series "Secrets of the Investigation" and a wealthy businessman played a luxurious wedding on the English Embankment in St. Petersburg. As a wedding gift, the husband gave Anna a diamond ring, he also presented her with a luxurious car and a thoroughbred horse, so that the artist would do her favorite hobby in her free time - horse riding. In 2009, the couple had a son, Dobrynya. Kovalchuk loves his mother-in-law. A relative often helps spouses with housework and pampers them with homemade cakes.

Actress with her husband and daughter from her first marriage

Salma Hayek

The star of the film "Bandidas" in 2009 married businessman François-Henri Pinault, whose fortune is estimated at $ 7 billion. Salma's spouse runs a corporation that owns the brands Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent. The lovers met in Venice, and after a year of their romance, the actress became pregnant with her daughter Valentina. In 2009, a few years after the birth of their daughter, Hayek and Pino formalized their relationship. The couple played a magnificent wedding in the city where they met. The actress is often reproached for choosing a profitable party for herself.However, the film star said that she appreciates his fatherly qualities and sense of humor in her husband. The husband insisted that she not quit her job, but continued to act in films.

“My husband likes my independence. He always supported me and wanted me to continue to build a career. And I think that our marriage is based on this understanding,”said Hayek.

Actress with her husband

Eva Longoria

The actress found her happiness on the third try. Since 2016, Eva has been married to the owner of the largest television empire in Mexico, Jose Antonio Baston. The husband helped the Desperate Housewives star get rid of depression after a failed relationship and, according to the actress, changed her character. Before meeting her lover, Longoria did not think about children, but only after the wedding she first became a mother. In 2017, she gave birth to her son Santiago. In a relationship with a businessman, the film star values ​​mutual understanding and the ability to support each other. “The secret of our marriage is simple - mutual respect. We support each other in our goals and dreams,”said Longoria.

Actress with her husband and son

Kate Capshaw

The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom star found her happiness on her second try. In 1984, Kate took part in the filming of the cult film, where she met the famous director Steven Spielberg. Even then, he was a millionaire thanks to the cult film "Jaws". During the work on the film, feelings flared up between the actress and the director. But Capshaw refused to continue the relationship because Spielberg was married to Amy Irving. After a while, the director divorced and proposed to his beloved. The couple got married in 1991. The star devoted herself to the family. Kate gave birth to Stephen three children - son Sawyer and daughters Sasha and Destry, and later the couple had two adoptive children - Theo and Michaela. For the sake of her husband, the artist renounced her faith and converted to Judaism. Spouses spend huge sums on donations to help supporters of same-sex marriage.

Actress with her husband

Actress with her husband, Legion-Media

Daria Poverennova showed herself during the "beauty injections".

Salma Hayek boasted an impressive neckline at the Film Awards.

Eva Longoria showed a figure in a bikini.

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