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Sweep up marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks on the body
Sweep up marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks on the body

The problem of stretch marks becomes especially relevant during the beach season, when the white stripes on the hips and belly cannot be hidden behind the stripes of the swimsuit. If you are uncomfortable with stretch marks, we will show you how to get rid of them.

Sweep up marks: 5 ways to get rid of stretch marks on the body

Stretch marks are not dangerous to your health, but they still don't look very pretty. We will tell you how to make them more invisible with the help of cosmetics or cosmetic procedures. Contents of the article 1. What are stretch marks and how do they appear 2. How to get rid of stretch marks on the thighs and other places 2.1 Cosmetics 2.2 Chemical peelings 2.3 Apparatus treatment 2.4 Ablation with a fractional CO2 laser 2.5 Microneedle radio frequency exposure technique 2.6 High-intensity focused ultrasound (Ultraformer) 2.7 Home care 2.8 Fractional radio frequency resurfacing + plasma therapy 2.9 Elimination of stretch marks: video Hide

Do you have stretch marks on your skin? If so, you probably wondered how to remove stretch marks on the hips, abdomen, chest and other parts of the body? These stripes, of course, do not pose any danger to health, but they do not look very aesthetically pleasing, so it is quite logical that you are not happy with their appearance. We can't stand them either! In this article, we tried to figure out what stretch marks are, where they come from, how to make them less noticeable (spoiler: you can't remove 100%, but you can mask it), and also asked the experts what the cosmetology market now offers in terms of combating striae (this is the second name for stretch marks, from the Latin word meaning "strip").

What are stretch marks and how do they appear

At their core, stretch marks are scars. They appear when the body, for some reason, rapidly increases in volume, and the skin cannot cope with this growth, it simply does not keep pace with it, the structure of collagen, which is responsible for its elasticity, is disturbed. Micro-tears appear, which are then overgrown with connective tissue. Not every person's skin is prone to stretch marks, some do without them. It is known that hormonal fluctuations and heredity play a role - if someone in your family has stretch marks, there is a chance that you may develop them at some time in your life.

When do stretch marks appear? We have already said that they are preceded by rapid growth. This can happen during:

  • growth spikes that occur during puberty (puberty).
  • pregnancy, as without it. The body increases in volume, the belly, the chest grow, the hips become wider, in general, there is freedom for stretch marks here.
  • fast weight gain or weight loss, and not very fast either - both women and men who are obese often have striae.
  • strength training course. Imagine, bodybuilders also have stretch marks, the muscles of athletes can grow too quickly, and as a result, you can see characteristic stripes on their skin.
  • some diseases (Cushing's disease, Marfan syndrome). We hope this is not your case.

Also, sometimes striae can occur due to the intake of a large amount of corticosteroids or after the installation of implants in the breast (it is logical, because the skin is stretched). Accordingly, depending on the reason, you can see in yourself (or not in yourself) stretch marks on the skin of the hips, chest, abdomen or even arms in the area of ​​the biceps and triceps, if you are engaged in bodybuilding.


Most often, stretch marks at the first time after appearance have a dark color: red, brown, up to black, purple. They can be slightly bulging and itchy - in fact, like any future scar. They fade over time, and may even fade until they are completely invisible.Experts say that you need to start working with stretch marks the sooner the better, because while they are in the initial stage, there is a chance to help the skin regenerate. When micro-tears have already been replaced by connective tissue, it is very difficult to do something with them.

Before we move on to the next point, we note that it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely destroy stretch marks, like any scars, they remain forever, you can only make them not so obvious. There is also no way to get rid of stretch marks that works for everyone - you may have to try several methods before you find one that actually works. And the last - stretch marks do not harm your health in any way, their appearance is completely normal, and you can remove them or not remove them, it all depends only on your desire. There is absolutely nothing terrible about them.

How to get rid of stretch marks on the hips and other places

So, you have firmly decided to part with stretch marks or prevent them from appearing. What remedies can help?

Let's start with prevention. Bad news: All sorts of traditional methods like almond or olive oil, vitamin E, cocoa or coconut butter don't really work. Maybe they have some kind of effect, but research has not confirmed it. The good news: there are drugs for prevention, and these are cosmetics with hyaluronic acid or centella. Both stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, and if there is more of it, then its structure is mechanically more difficult to break. Accordingly, if you smear the places where the skin is stretched the most with such means, there is a chance that there will be fewer or no stretch marks.

If stretch marks have already appeared, "catch" them at the very beginning, we have already said that the sooner you start to fight them, the more imperceptible they will be later. There are several methods here as well.

Cosmetical tools

From what medicinal cosmetics offers, preparations with retinoids or (again) hyaluronic acid will help you. Keep in mind that retinoids are contraindicated in pregnancy. Yes, and when breastfeeding, it is better to consult a doctor.

If you use creams or ointments, remember three simple rules:

  • Apply cream or ointment to fresh stretch marks. On those that have already turned white, it may not work.
  • Do not just smear the stretch marks, but rub cream or ointment into them with massaging movements.
  • Use a cream or ointment all the time, every day, do not miss "sessions". The result will not be noticeable right away, but do not be discouraged - skin regeneration will still proceed, albeit not quickly.

If you plan to sunbathe, be prepared for the fact that stretch marks on the thighs and other visible places will become more visible, there is no melanin in the connective tissue that forms them, which means that there is nothing to change the color under the sun. If you are ashamed of stretch marks, you can cover them with a swimsuit (for example, choose a one-piece) or disguise them with self-tanning.

Chemical peels

In the course of chemical peeling, various acids act on the skin, which remove dead particles, and living ones provoke the production of collagen. Thus, in the stretch marks area, new healthy skin is formed, which, although it does not completely tighten them, still partially hides them. In fact, chemical peeling is a burn with subsequent regeneration, so it is better not to do it at home, but to consult a specialist. Most often, for stretch marks, they use acids such as glycolic, retinoic, phenolic (for deep peeling), succinic and others.


Hardware treatment

There are a lot of options here. For example, you can treat stretch marks with a laser (of course, not by yourself, but with the help of a doctor) - in this case, part of the skin evaporates under the influence of the laser, and the rest begins to regenerate rapidly. The effect is similar to that of a chemical peel, but stronger and, accordingly, more traumatic. But the result is better - the skin is smoother, stretch marks are not so visible.Laser therapy is suitable for all skin types. As for the number of sessions, usually three to five are enough.

Microdermabrasion is an improved version of mechanical peeling. The device smoothes the skin by grinding it with microcrystals, making stretch marks scars smoother and more invisible. As with a laser, multiple treatments are likely to be required.

Ultrasound is one of the most painless options for getting rid of stretch marks. Under its influence, the skin is not damaged, but the regenerative processes are started in full.

Microneedling - the effect on the skin with the finest needles. Again, it starts the process of skin renewal, which means that stretch marks due to the new young epidermis surrounding them become less noticeable. Usually, after the needles, the skin is additionally treated with products containing collagen.

After each of the procedures, be sure to ask the doctor what you can and cannot do so that the effect you need does not come to naught. In some cases, you cannot sunbathe, overheat the skin, you may need to change your usual cosmetics.

To make it clearer for you what procedures for getting rid of stretch marks are now offered by the cosmetology market, we asked two experts to tell you about them.

Sergey Barsukov, cosmetologist-dermatologist of the Romanov beauty and health center: “Stretch marks or stretch marks on the body are a complex problem associated with hormonal imbalance and mechanical stretching of the skin. Pregnancy is a classic example. This can also happen when you first gain a lot, and then lose weight. Damaged skin at the level of the reticular layer of the dermis does not have time to recover, the "gap" is filled with connective tissue. This is how stretch marks appear. Paradoxically, these injuries can be treated with other injuries. To restore the normal structure of the dermis, it is necessary to activate the regeneration processes in the desired area. This can be done by damaging the skin, but it is necessary that this happens exactly at the level of the reticular layer of the dermis, where the problem is. The dermatologist-cosmetologist has several effective procedures in his arsenal that will help get rid of the hated stretch marks on the body. I would recommend paying attention to the three most effective in my opinion."

Fractional CO2 laser ablation

The method is effective, but quite traumatic, as there is fractional (point) vaporization (evaporation) of the skin, including the epidermis, which performs a protective function. In this regard, a long rehabilitation period awaits you, the appearance of redness and peeling at the site of laser exposure. Careful care (antibacterial and restorative agents) and avoidance of sun exposure (tanning) are required due to the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Microneedle radio frequency exposure technique

Another very effective method, and devoid of the disadvantages of a CO2 laser in terms of intense damage to the epidermis. The rehabilitation period is not as long and more comfortable. The procedure is quite painful, but it gives visible results immediately.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (Ultraformer)

A relatively new technique for solving the problem of stretch marks. Perfectly renews the dermis, while at the same time giving the skin tone, elasticity, and also providing a powerful lipolytic effect. The procedure is almost painless, the rehabilitation period is practically absent, since there is no damage to the epidermis, which is undoubtedly a huge plus.

Home care

You cannot get rid of stretch marks on your own, but you can take preventive measures! For example, to improve microcirculation, it is recommended to do massage and take a contrast shower regularly. You should also take dietary supplements to improve trophism and metabolism (vitamins, antioxidants, micro- and macroelements).If the appearance of stretch marks is associated with hormonal disorders, then hormone replacement therapy is needed (this issue is resolved only with a doctor).

Anastasia Shestakova, dermatologist, cosmetologist, laser therapist, doctor at the Lazer Jazz clinic: "The favorite localization of striae in women is on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, in the waist and on the mammary glands, and in men and athletes, stretch marks are in the shoulder girdle and hips. Striae are exclusively cosmetic: the skin in this place is different in color (from bluish-purple to whitish) and relief: atrophic (retracted), hypertrophic (convex) or inormotrophic (flush with the skin). It is advisable to start therapy for stretch marks while they are still "young", that is, up to 6 months, and in the absence of contraindications ".


Fractional radiofrequency resurfacing + plasma therapy

One of the most effective schemes for treating stretch marks is Fractor + plasma therapy. Fraktora is a fractional radiofrequency resurfacing, which, in combination with autoplasma, gives the effect of smoothing the relief, texture and smoothing the clear border between the skin and stretch marks. The device has several types of nozzles with different lengths and number of needles, which allows you to control the depth and area of ​​exposure. The effect appears after the very first session, but to consolidate the result, you should take a course. It consists of 4-6 fractions in combination with 5-6 plasma therapy sessions. Regularity - once every 30-45 days.

This is a universal procedure, that is, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and phototype (in the absence of medical contraindications). Fraktora differs from other technologies in that it is approved by the FDA and is the most effective procedure among all fractional needle technologies in Russia.

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