Rating of the best lip balms up to 500 rubles - we choose proven products
Rating of the best lip balms up to 500 rubles - we choose proven products

Choosing a quality lip balm is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It doesn't have to be expensive or smell good - it's much more important to pay attention to its other characteristics. You can find an excellent and affordable product in our selection - each "jar" will cost you around 500 rubles.

EOS pineapple passionfruit

Completely natural composition, pleasant to the touch spherical bottle, bright fruity aroma and very comfortable application. The balm is not greasy at all, while it moisturizes the lips well enough and gives a delicate shine. The special texture of the product ensures even distribution and economical consumption - one such jar will last for a very long time.

MIXIT tropical balm

If your lips are constantly drying, pay attention to this remedy. It is very dense in consistency, but when it comes into contact with the skin, it warms up and spreads quickly. The balm smoothes the surface of the lips well, removing cracks and wrinkles. One of the main advantages is that the product does not spread beyond the contour and does not leave an oily sheen. A pleasant bonus is the sweetish fruity aroma.

MIXIT tropical scrub

By the way, the balm works much more efficiently when used in tandem with a scrub. It prepares the lips for application by exfoliating and softening them. By the way, after using the scrub, the lips become visually plump and brighter.

LIBREDERM hyaluronic 3d filler,

And this balm not only smoothes and moisturizes the lips, but with regular use gives them additional volume - and no injections are needed. Achieve this result allows the complex of hyaluronic acids in the composition of the product. Of course, you shouldn't expect an effect like Angelina Jolie's - however, your lips will become a little more plump.

PURE PAW PAW with aroma

This balm won us over with its magical aroma, but this is not the main thing. A thick, dense product perfectly nourishes the skin of the lips and does not require frequent renewal. One small pea is enough for application - it spreads very easily over the lips and does not leave a sticky feeling. Soft, comfortable, pleasant and very tasty balm - what else is needed for complete happiness ?!

FRUDIA blueberry hydrating honey

You can forget about dryness and flaking with this balm - immediately after use, the surface of the lips is smoothed, and the feeling of tightness disappears. We really like that the effect of the product lasts long enough, and it does not need to be constantly updated. You can apply the balm with a brush or with your finger - choose whichever is more convenient for you.

LUMENE raspberry lip balm

If you rarely use lipsticks or gloss, we advise you to pay special attention to this balm. It not only perfectly moisturizes the skin, but also gives the lips a beautiful pink tint and a delicate glow. And it also has an original packaging and a delicious berry aroma - we cannot fail to note this!

WELEDA everon lip balm

If you prefer balms in sticks, then you will definitely like this one. You can always take the product with you or use it on the go. Convenient application, easy distribution and long-lasting effect. The balm shines on the lips, but in moderation, does not stick, while sufficiently moisturizing. Its natural composition is a huge plus.


This unusual balm moisturizes well and copes with micro-cracks on the lips. It is easy to apply thanks to its pleasant, slightly oily consistency. The main feature of the product is the presence of menthol in the composition. It cools the skin, which is very important in summer, and gives the lips extra volume.

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