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5 best face moisturizers to look out for
5 best face moisturizers to look out for

Our skin needs hydration every day. It is needed not only by dry skin with noticeable peeling, but also by other types of skin, including oily. Finding out what the perfect moisturizer should be.

5 best face moisturizers to look out for

Who needs a moisturizer?

A moisturizer is a must-have product. Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary not only for dry skin: normal, oily, and combination skin needs hydration.

The thing is that our skin is constantly exposed to stress factors, including wind, smog, dust, overheated air in the apartment, air-conditioned office air and much, much more. All this causes a lack of moisture that needs to be replenished: a moisturizer is best suited for this task.

How to choose a cream depending on your skin type?

There is no universal remedy that is unconditionally suitable for everyone: an intensely moisturizing face cream is suitable for one, for others a light moisturizer will be the best choice, and still others will prefer the fattest cream available in the range.

It is worth choosing a cream based on your skin type - you can determine it by contacting a dermatologist or cosmetologist, or using numerous tests that can be found on the Web.

Dry skin reacts most noticeably to dehydration - a feeling of tightness appears, the skin (especially in the cheeks and nose) is peeling. A similar picture is observed in owners of combination skin, with the only difference that the T-zone suffers from oily sheen when dehydrated. It is more difficult to notice signs of moisture deficiency with oily and normal skin, but this is not a reason to give up hydration.

What is a moisturizer made of?

The main components of any moisturizer are hydro-fixers (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol), which soften the skin and trap moisture from the air. You cannot do without moisture-retaining ingredients - oils and ceramides, which create a film on the skin surface and prevent water evaporation. In addition, the cream may contain vitamins, antioxidants that slow down the aging process, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Do I need to use different creams in summer and winter?

Skin care in winter and summer is different. In winter, when the skin is uncomfortable due to extreme temperature changes, it is exposed to wind, snow and frost, it is advisable to use products with a dense texture, rich in oils and waxes. These ingredients will help preserve the hydrolipid layer on the skin's surface.

In summer, it is worth choosing lighter products - fluids or gels, after application of which no oily film remains on the face. When choosing a moisturizer for oily skin, pay attention to such products. It is very important that summer products contain SPF and protect the skin from the negative effects of the sun's rays.

How to apply the cream correctly?

The cream is applied to the skin cleared of make-up and impurities. Cosmetologists recommend applying a moisturizing cream to slightly damp - after washing or toning - skin: in this case, the moisture present on the surface of the skin will be "locked".

What to Choose: 5 Facial Moisturizers

NIVEA, the universal moisturizer

The blue tin can is a timeless classic from Nivea. Moisturizing face cream with a dense texture contains eucerite, panthenol and glycerin. This greasy, neutral-scent facial moisturizer is especially good in winter - it nourishes and moisturizes, allowing the skin to retain moisture even in bad weather.The tool is suitable not only for the face, but also for the body - in this case, it makes sense to buy the largest jar available in the range.


CeraVe, a moisturizing cream for dry to very dry skin of the face and body of children and adults

The cream provides extreme hydration and is suitable even for very dry skin. This moisturizer for dry skin contains moisture-retaining ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid to help normalize even very dehydrated skin. This hypoallergenic product without sulfates, parabens and fragrances can be used as a moisturizing face cream for dry skin not only for adults, but also for children.


Elizavecca, Aqua Hyaluronic Acid Water Drop Moisturizing Face Cream

This hyaluronic acid moisturizing face cream absorbs quickly and hydrates perfectly. The product applied to the skin turns into water droplets, helping to saturate all cells with moisture: the face after the moisturizer looks healthier. An additional bonus (in addition to the cutest packaging typical for all the products of this Korean brand) is the complex that is part of the cream, containing seven herbal ingredients, thanks to which the hyaluronic moisturizing cream for the face not only cares for the skin, but also heals it.


Pure Line Natura, Aloe Vera Cream-Gel (Moisturizing)

A lightweight, pore-free, organic aloe vera gel that is easy to apply and has great hydration. Pure Line has created a moisturizing face cream that works even for sensitive skin. If needed, this aloe facial moisturizer can provide extra hydration as well, as it can be used as a mask. Apply the product for 10 minutes, and then remove the excess with a napkin - this procedure will definitely appeal to your skin.

"Pure line" Natura

A'PIEU 18 Moisture Cream, moisturizing face cream for normal to dry skin

The product is more suitable for young skin: it smells good, moisturizes the skin without giving it an oily sheen. 18 Moisture cream A'PIEU Moisture Cream contains spinach and broccoli extracts, as well as bergamot oil, which gently nourish the skin and fight inflammation. Moisture cream has a dense texture and is not immediately absorbed, but most of the users who choose it do not consider this to be any serious drawback.

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